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PS1 Forwarder Creator
Last Updated2020/12/06
TypeForwarders and Virtual Console Injectors

PS1 Forwarder Creator is a standalone program that allows you to make independent Retroarch CIAs for your favorite PS1 games, using the PCSX-Rearmed core without having to install Retroarch or anything besides the generated CIA.

User guide

Only PBP and CHD files are supported, there are some emulator options you can change.

A bios is not required, but is highly recommended. To use a bios you need to copy the bios file in the same folder as this program.

Compatible bios files are:

  • psxonpsp660.bin
  • scph101.bin
  • scph5501.bin
  • scph7001.bin
  • scph1001.bin

If you copy more than one bios file, the previous list shows the priority order.

There are some quick presets which can help if you don't know how to tweak the emulator options:

  • Quality - Makes no sacrifices and provides full quality while trying to speed things at least a little. Simple 2D games should run fine.
  • Safe - Good middle ground between speed and quality, only makes the necessary sacrifices to ensure good compatibility and speed.
  • Fast - Sacrifices some quality to run fast but not going too far. Most games should run well with this preset.
  • Turbo - Things start to get ugly here, but at least the games run fast, right?
  • Max Speed - Doesn't care about quality at all, speed is all that matters.

If you enable the second memory card this will be created in the sdmc:/retroarch/forwarders folder and will be shared among the games, this is useful for games that can use other games save files (like Resident Evil 2 if you prefer to have the Leon and Claire discs separated).

Games that have Libcrypt copy protection will need SBI files if aren't patched. If you put your SBI file alongside the game, the creator will detect it and add it automatically (indicated by the "+ Single SBI" next to the selected game name) as long as it has the same name as the game.

If the game is a multidisc PBP you have to append an underscore and the number of disc the SBI file corresponds to at the end (e.g. if the PBP is named "Final Fantasy IX (EUR).pbp" the SBI files should be named "Final Fantasy IX (EUR)", "Final Fantasy IX (EUR)", etc...). You'll know if the creator detected your SBI's if it says "+ Multi SBI" next to the selected game name.


Q. Why only PBP and CHD?

PBP files are compressed and can store more than one disc. CHD has enhanced compression, but it lack multidisc support.

Q. How do I create PBP files?

You can use PSX2PSP, Impaler PSX or POPSConv, the internet is full of tutorials about how to use those programs.

POPSConv can't create multidisc PBP files though.

Q. How do I create CHD files?

You have to use chdman which is part of MAME, there are tutorials of how to do it on the internet.

Q. How do I change discs?

Tap the touchscreen to open the emulator menu and go to the Change Disc option, once there open the lid, change the disc number and close the lid.

Q. Hey, the Change Disc option isn't there.

If the option is missing then the PBP you used only has a single disc.

Q. What is the difference between analog and dualshock?

Analog refers to the PlayStation Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110) or the Dual Analog Controller (SCPH-1150 or SCPH-1180) with the green led lit (Flighstick mode).

Dualshock refers to the DualShock Controller (SCPH-1200) or the Dual Analog Controller with the red led lit.

Q. The option to change controller type is missing in the Controls menu.

That can only be changed in the creator.

Q. <insert game name> doesn't run well.

Not every game is gonna run full speed, refer to this thread for the compatibility list and advice about how to get better performance.

Q. The game doesn't boot at all and kicks me back to the home menu.

Official PBP's from PSN don't work. Try creating your own PBP's.



B - PS1 Cross

A - PS1 Circle

Y - PS1 Square

X - PS1 Triangle

L - PS1 L1

R - PS1 R1

ZL - PS1 L2

ZR - PS1 R2

Left Touch - PS1 L3

Right Touch PS1 R3

Start - PS1 Start

Select - PS1 Select

The 3DS touchscreen contains 2 extra buttons at the top left and top right, if you touch top center both touch buttons will be pressed at the same time.

You can enable the option Show Touchscreen buttons in the creator to show an overlay at the screen.




New 2DS XL - Crash Bandicoot - PS1 Test (Giovanni Nigro)


For new 3DS only, old 3DS is not strong enough to emulate PS1 at playble speed.



  • Updated pcsx-rearmed core to nightly nov 27 (commit 4bc5e35).
  • Added new core setting "threaded rendering" to the emulator options menu.


  • Updated pcsx-rearmed core to nightly sep 10 (commit 2791420).
  • Added the new core setting "hi-res downscaling" to the emulator options menu.
  • Adjusted presets to be less aggressive based on the optimization the core has received.
  • Adjusted retroarch settings to use core aspect ratio.
  • Fixed strange behavior of the banner preview if windows dpi settings wasn't 100%.
  • Changed autohotkey script compilation to 64bit (32bit systems were never supported to begin with because makerom.exe is 64bit only).


  • Adjusted smdh flags to make ps1 cia's unable to run on old 3ds (new 3ds exclusive flag).
  • Fixed chd creation.


  • Updated pcsx-rearmed core to nightly mar 3 (commit 8fda5dd).
  • Added new emulator option to adjust the newly added cd access method option.
  • Adjusted retroarch autosave interval to 60 seconds (it was disabled before).
  • Moved core version to a edit box for easy visibility.


  • Updated pcsx-rearmed core to nightly feb 21 (commit 3eb0739).
  • Inform which specific bios is being used if more than 1 is present.
  • Indicate specific core version (that way I can update the core independently from the forwarder creator).


  • Broke cia creation for pbp, hopefully it's fixed now.


  • Reworked sbi support, it should work with single disc pbp now.
  • Removed debug message used to test sbi support (oops).


  • Added chd support.
  • Exposed more emulator options.
  • Added emulation settings presets.
  • Added sbi support (for libcrypt games).
  • Show touch buttons is now enabled by default.
  • Clean temporary files immediately after using them to reduce free space needed to create large cias.
  • Updated 3dstool and makerom.
  • Also removed ctrtool (not needed anymore).


  • Fixed psxonpsp660.bin bios detection.
  • And the hle bios too.
  • Adjusted smdh flags to hide the "save backup data" option on the 3ds menu as it isn't supported.
  • "core disk options" was still being displayed when navigating the menu, changed to "change disc".
  • Changed "open/close disc tray" to "open/close lid".
  • Removed option to set circlepad as dpad.
  • Allow remapping controls from the forwarder itself.
  • Added touch buttons to compensate for the missing L3/R3 buttons.
  • Added optional bottom screen image to show touch buttons.
  • Slight adjust to the banner sound.


  • Initial release.

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