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Last Updated2016/03/12
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PHBankManager is a 3DS homebrew that allows user to have multiple bank files that are able to be renamed with a computer or 3DS homebrew, and used offline in both .3dsx and .cia format. Currently it supports up to 20 bank files (30 Pokemon in 100 boxes for 20 bank files = 60,000 total Pokemon slots).

Note that it is not affiliated with PHBank and its creator.


Note: Always make sure to backup your original bank file at /pk/bank/bank/ before using PHBankManager for the first time.



  • Get the latest PHBank.3dsx.
  • Merge the /3ds/ folder from the zip with the one on the root of your SD card.
  • Get the latest pkbrew.
  • Copy the /pk/ folder from the zip onto the root of your SD card.

How to install:

  • Unzip the PHBankManager zip file.
  • Merge the /3ds/ folder in the zip with the /3ds/ folder on the root of your SD card.
  • Copy the /bankManager/ folder from the zip to the SD root.
  • Launch your homebrew loader, and run PHBankManager.



  • Get the latest PHBank.cia.
  • Install the cia file from the zip.
  • Get the latest pkbrew.
  • Copy the /pk/ folder from the zip onto the root of your SD card.

How to install:

  • Unzip the PHBankManager zip file and copy the PHBankManager.cia to your SD card.
  • Launch your favorite CIA installer, and install the PHBankManager.cia.

User guide

If you have already used PHBank, then your bank will automatically be used with PHBankManager and other bank files you create.

If you have never used PHBank, then PHBankManager will create a new bank file for you on startup.

For over 20 bank files you can easily implement this adjustment, however an obscene number of, say, 10,000 bank files will need more adjustments made, but it is still doable (Not that anyone will need to go this high).


B - Create a new bank file

Up/Down - Choose the bank file you wish to use

A - Select the bank file to open PHBank with (3dsx version will run the selected back, cia version will launch installed phbank cia)

Start - Exit without selection

Known issues

For some reason, creating a new bank file saves a temp file to your SD card (In /3ds/PHBankManager/ for 3dsx users, and / for cia users). The permatemp file has a numerical name that is nine digits long, and is zero bytes large. These files are not used with PHBankManager, and do nothing, so deleting them is okay. Or keep them if you enjoy seeing all the numbers.


Thanks to Rinnegatamante for the lpp-3ds source and samples on how to use it, as well as Gocario for PHBank.

Special thanks to /u/ItsProfOak AKA CollectorTogami for testing the Alpha version of this script, as well as inquring about it.

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