Minicraft3DS - The Multiplayer Update

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Minicraft3DS - The Multiplayer Update
Last Updated2018/02/08

Minicraft 3DS Homebrew Edition - The Multiplayer Update is a continuation of DavidSM64's Minicraft 3DS with bugfixes, varies improvements and a new multiplayer mode.

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In this new version you can play together in one world using local wireless multiplayer.

The maximum supported amount of players is 8 (tested by the author).

The character customization is basically recolors for now.


D-Pad or Circle Pad - Move

A/B - Attack, Use items

X/Y - Open your inventory, Use a workbench


minicraft3dsand3.png minicraft3dsand4.png

minicraft3dsand5.png minicraft3dsand6.png

minicraft3dsand7.png minicraft3dsand8.png



  • Fix Multiplayer for more than 2 players.
    • At least on Citra and quite hacky.
    • Join Menu still shows wrong player count, but this affects nothing.


  • Local Multiplayer (Tested with 2 Players, in theory supports up to 8).
  • Character Customization.
  • Technical: New Save File Format, this means old saves with NOT work.
  • From previously unreleased Versions:
    • Seasons and Weather.
    • Code for NPCs and Quests (very much a WIP).
    • New Tiles and Items.


  • Fixed Sound stopping issues (can't speak for the cia builds, currently have no 3DS to install them on).


  • Added new Boss to Dungeon.
    • Surrounded by a magical Barrier, break all Magic Crytals in the Dungeon to destroy it.
    • Currently drops new Items, but they have no use yet.
  • Map now needs to be discovered.
    • Increases savefile size to about 180kB.
  • Arrows shot by the player now drop to Itemform if they hit a wall.
  • Made Mainmenu BG animated.
  • Reworked Tilesheet.
    • Yes, I broke texturepacks AGAIN (should hopefully be the last time that happens).
    • No more autocoloring for Maptiles (hopefully this makes some of you happy).
    • Sepperate sprites for every type of tile.
  • Fixed smdh and Icon+Title in Homebrew Launcher.


  • Added 3 passive mobs: Sheep, Pig, Cow.
  • Added 2 aggressive mobs: Skeleton, Knight.
  • Added mob drops: Wool, String, Raw Pork, Cooked Pork, Raw Beef, Steak, Leather, Bones (more uses for the items are planned).
  • Added Loom and Enchanter Craftingstations (more recipes will folow).
  • Added more Walltypes: Stone, Iron, Gold and Gem.
  • Added Bow and Arrows.
  • Air Wizard can be resummoned and drops Dungeon Keys.
  • Added Dungeon.
    • Can only be entered using a Dungeon Key.
    • Saving is disabled in the Dungeon.
    • Once you leave it it dissappears and when you enter it again it will be a new Dungeon.
    • Right now it sadly doesn't contain anything really worth it (but it does give access to renewable Ores).
  • Added Day and Night Cycle.
    • Added Fireflies.
    • No real impact on Gameplay (yet).
  • Added footprints on sand.
  • Added Inventory/Crafting Titles.
  • Added small speedhack to lava lighting (o3DS still drops when there is a lot of lava on screen, n3DS stays on 60 FPS now).
  • Fixed Light on lava being of center.
  • Fixed Air Wizard Projectiles sometimes breaking like everything.

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