Input Redirection 3DS

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Input Redirection
Author(s) Stary2001
Type Utilities
Version v1.3
Licence Mixed
Last Updated 2017/02/18
Website Website
Download Download
Source Source

This has superseded by Rosalina's built in InputRedirection support as part of Luma3DS 8.0

No support is offered for using this stuff.

pls limitations

I don't hook the IR service, so no zl/zr or c-stick

credits and stuff

Memory patching code taken from BootNTR Shinyquagsire for inspiring me to start this with his writeup, then helping me along the way

how do I use this

Install InputRedirection.cia or InputRedirection_mode3.cia (for extended-memory games on o3ds), then run. use one of these clients to actually get input to the 3ds: