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Last Updated2017/02/13

3ds1010 is a port of 1010! to 3DS homebrew, made in C. It's like Tetris but with infinite time, you lose when you can no longer place any of the pieces you have available.


Available in 3DSX and CIA formats.

  • CIA - Install the .cia with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DSX - Use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher.

User guide

How to play

The game begins with a 10 by 10 (hence the name) grid of blocks with 3 pieces you can place.

When you complete a line or a column, it disappears, leaving space for new pieces and giving you a lot of points.

You can't really win this game, the goal is just to get more points than the next guy.

Theme format

You can make your own themes by changing the colors in the colors.txt, and the images in sprites.png, then find a name for your theme and put the files in /3ds/3ds1010/Themes/.

A text file named colors.txt containing on 3 lines:

  • The color of the background.
  • The color of the text.
  • The color of selected text (for the Themes menu), all in RGB8.

A 128x128 pixels 32-bit color png file containing 10 sprites:

  • 1 128x64 one for the banner displayed on the top screen.
  • 4 32x32 sprites, for the blank, and different colors of filled depending on the piece type.
  • 3 32x32 sprites for the Themes, Reset, and Exit options.
  • 3 16x16 for the different colors of pieces in the inventory.

Save format

There have been 3 save file formats for each releases. A save converter is provided if needed, and the source in the saveconverter.c file.

The first save file format (v0.1) is composed, in order, of:

  • 20 bytes for the grid.
  • 3 bytes for the inventory (each one containing 1 piece).
  • 4 bytes for the current score.
  • 4 bytes for the highscore.

The second (v1.0), newer, is pretty much the same except for:

  • 1 byte for the length of the theme name.
  • X bytes for the theme name (in ASCII, without a NULL terminator).

The third and latest (v2.0), use 40 bytes for the grid.


Touchscreen or L/R+A - Select a piece

Stylus or D-Pad/C-Stick - Move the piece

X - Open the Themes menu

Y - Reset (if you lost, or want to start over)

Start - Quit



  • This release adds better themes: text color control, and a banner.
  • The different colors of the pieces needed more space on the save so download and run the saveconverter for your OS, otherwise the game will crash when you launch it.
  • You can make your own themes simply by changing the colors in the colors.txt, and the images in sprites.png, then find a name for your theme and put the files in /3ds/3ds1010/Themes/.


  • Saving.
  • Themes (only one for now but more will be added in the future, you can even make them yourself.
  • Touchscreen controls. The bottom screen is not a rectangular black hole, it actually does stuff now.
  • Good looking interface. Finally.


  • First release of the game.


Thanks to the folks at #3dsdev and #Cakey for the help, especially Desynched (DDews), xerpi and fincs for helping fix the drawing.

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