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Last Updated2020/09/10

3Input is an input viewer that works behind the scenes on your 3DS. Much like HorizonMod, the goal is to run as a daemoized process/system module, which you can then use a client to connect to and read your inputs. This is essentially an inverse to InputRedirection in Luma/Rosalina.

Currently, the only way to view inputs for the 3DS is either using a handcam, or via the use of NTR and coNTRoller-overlay. NTR can be rather buggy, and also uses a lot more resources than necessary to just show inputs. The aim is to replace it with something less buggy, and that can run on both new and old 3DS.

This homebrew is to be used with 3SharpView which allows you to view the inputs on a PC, can be use helpful for any streamers/speedrunners who would like to show off their inputs while playing.


Install both CIAs on your 3DS, make sure you're connected to a WiFi Access Point and launch the Launcher.

Now connect with a client (such as 3SharpView).

User guide

Launch the Launcher, write down the IP address and port that is presented to you, press A, and then connect to the 3DS IP with a client.

The current implementation sends a JSON Object per defined frequency. The JSON object also contains escape sequences so an application can properly decode them.

Here is an example as to what the JSON being sent looks like:


You can then use an application to parse it, to make it more readable like so:


Viewing the Output

In order to view the output, please use 3SharpView.

Changing Sending Frequency

The main thread of the module is also reading inputs. If you wish to exit, you can press SEL+START to close the application and destroy anything created by it. The following will change the send rate of the inputs:

  • SEL+X - 140 per second.
  • SEL+Y - 60 per second (Default).
  • SEL+A - 10 per second.
  • SEL+B - 1 per second.


3Input and 3SharpView Example (PhlexPlexico)

Known issues

Please see https://github.com/PhlexPlexico/3input/issues.


v0.1 2020/09/10

  • First release.


  • N3rds for the entirety of the old codebase.
  • leoetlino for helping with allocation heap and helping with the sysmodule.
  • MarcusD for HorizonMod. Some code was graciously borrowed within the heap allocation, and a decent reference for running a system module.

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