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NTR Launcher
Last Updated2021/03/02

NTR Launcher is a homebrew application that brings back DS boot animation for DS mode on your 3DS, just like the original DS and DSi. It's purpose is to launch DS games from slot with the DS logo animation restored. It also can boot some flashcarts that wouldn't otherwise boot from home menu.

Original code is from NitroHax but with cheat engine/menu stripped out and was rebuilt after ahezard ported NitroHax to latest devkitarm.

User guide

This simply launches the game you have in slot-1. Be sure you have game inserted before you start it.

Note that it can only be used to launch DS cartridges in DS mode (does not launch 3DS games and roms).


The configuration file is located in sdmc:/nds/ntr_launcher.ini.

You have the choices of 0 (false) or 1 (true) after the equal sign (=).

The animated bootsplash is disabled by default. Enable it in the NTR_Launcher.ini file if you want it enabled.

See the discussion thread for more information.


NTR Launcher: Bring back classic DS boot screen to 3DS! (ApacheThunder)

NTR Launcher: Test of new boot animation UI (ApacheThunder)


v2.5 2021/03/02

  • Added Legacy mode. This is the previous version of cart loader that doesn't have TWL mode. Use this mode to boot certain flashcarts that lost compatiblity with 2.4 version of NTR_Launcher. Note that only the TWL clock option will work with Legacy mode. The other advanced options do not work with Legacy mode. Legacy mode is skipped automatically if a TWL cart is detected as the previous bootloader doesn't support TWL carts.
  • 3DS CIA file is now found inside the ZIP file instead of as separate asset on Github.

v2.4 2020/04/22

  • Fix issues that may prevent some retail carts from booting.
  • Included changes to bootloader newer commits to slot1launch code.

v2.3 2020/04/05

  • Add TWL Cart support courtasy of Robz8.
  • DS-Xtreme is not currently supported with this update. I will try and resolve this in the future if the problem with the new cart loading code can be identified.
  • More settings added to ini file.
  • Animated DS/DSi bootsplash from 3DS branch merged with DSi branch.
  • Missing NTR_Launcher.ini file should no longer cause issues. though I still recommend you have it in the right place before attempting to use it.

v2.2 (DSi) 2018/07/09

  • Fixed issues where cart won't boot if slot reset is enabled or if NTR Launcher is booted without a cart inserted.

v2.1 (DSi) 2018/05/21

  • Updated some old code in read_card part of bootloader to allow proper compiling on latest libnds.
  • Added back the default exception handler
  • Now using official slot enable/disable functions provided by latest builds of libnds. No longer using custom functions for this and helps simplify the arm7 code a little bit.

v2.0 (DSi) 2018/04/26

  • Removed animated bootsplash/jingle. Not needed on a DSi.
  • Removed a few features to allow for proper setting of NTR mode MBK configuration. This required getting rid of the option to enable unlocked SCFG or SCFG with SD/NAND enabled in NTR mode. The TWLCLOCK option however is still available.
  • General stability improvements to enhance the user's experience™.

Release notes.


Credit to @Sasori , @ahezard , @shutterbug2000 , @Normmatt for their contributions that made this possible.

Credits go to Chism for NitroHax which this source is based from and WinterMute for dslink source/reset code.

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