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Media players

Title Version Description Author Last updated
LightMP3 v2.0.0 rc4 661 A MP3/OGG Vorbis/FLAC/Atrac3+/WMA player designed to drain little energy from your battery. ErikPshat 2017/05/03
PSP Music Center r2 A music player for the PSP powered by FFMpeg. RNB_PSP 2011/08/17
PSParticlePlayer v1.0 MP3 player featuring visual effects from a particle engine. MK2k 2008/08/15
CoverFlow PSP alpha Alpha version of a Cover Flow application. homemister91 2009/05/19
CoverFlow mod v3.0 Modded version of Coverflow v2.5 with a more realistic layout. ALIENWARE 2008/06/04
Coverflow v2.5 A MP3 player with a 3D inferface based off Cover Flow. sony psp player 2008/05/22
PS-CoverFLow v3.0 MP3 player application based on Cover Flow. Animefreak345 2008/06/13
Play List M v2.1 Create music playlist for your PSP. mpm88 2012/03/10
PSPlaylist v2.26 A Karaoke and Audio player for PSP. moikop 2010/08/31
OpenTube v0.1 Video streaming application for PSP. biscotteralacrevette 2011/05/30
OpenTube Mod v2 mod Mod of OpenTube v2 which allows you to watch youtube on PSP. RaFa 2011/09/02
Xandus Media Player v1.2d Turn your PSP into an iPod. Xandu 2007/08/18
VisMP3 Media Library Visualizer v0.1.2 An MP3 player that supports playlists and Media Library to make them more organized. arpaagent 2008/03/24


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Adhoc File Transfer v0.7 signed Transfer files from your PSP to another via WiFi connection. Minerva 2010/04/29
PSP-PDA v1.3.2 A set of PDA programs/utility applications for PSP. Rob_psp, Zx-81 2008/05/09
Lua Player Plus r163 Lua interpreter for PSP. NaNnI, Rinnegatamante 2012/05/01
ISO Tool v1.981 Manage and backup your UMD's straight from your PSP. Takka 2011/12/30
UMD Dumper v1.0 Backup your UMD in ISO format. fede94boss 2011/08/05
6-20/6-39 TN Xtended v1 TH-HEN extended with an integrated ISO-Loader (aLoader). Also known as aLoader2. ardi 2011/06/20
YAPM A Plugins Manager v0.60 A feature-packed application that allows you to organize all your PRX plugins. Strangelove 2011/05/30
Ultimate VSH Menu final A plugin as a replacement for VSH menu with better functionality. Total_Noob 2010/08/13
UsbServer v1.5 Use the PSP as a UsbWifi Adapter for the PC. thecobra 2011/08/09
5h4d0ws Seplugins Manager v1.6 final Allow you to enable and disable plugins without a computer. 5h4d0w 2011/05/22
iFind Media Portal v3.0 Portal application with a bundle of features. Cronos Studios, lil_naruto, Yongobongo, whoelse 2007/01/21
iFind Luminos with YongoBongo Easy Installer v4.00 A full-fledged portal application for PSP with features such as games, chat applications, as well as some new ones. Cronos Studios, Yongobongo 2007/10/20
PSProtect My System v1.0 Set passwords for your PSP to help protecting your data from unwanted people. frapsp98 2011/05/30
PSPInstaller Adrenaline An all in one downloader and installer for PSP Homebrew, Themes, Pictures and Utilities. spike_132000 2017/06/22
PSP Util 2011 PSP utility tht has 9 smalls applications. Arage 56 2011/05/29
pprefs v1131+lite v1031 Plugin manager for vsh.txt,game.txt,pops.txt + HomeBrewSorter on VSH. hiroi01 2011/07/18
LUA-Tool v0.2 Collection of PSP utilities. Shaplayer 2011/05/15
Lock The Folder v1.1 Set passwords for your folders and files on PSP. knopper 2011/06/11
Hide Your Folders v0.2 Utility to hide folders on a PSP. Punker69 2011/05/23
FolderCheck v0.1 Creates all the essential folders which you will ever need on your PSP for you. shaplayer 2011/05/29
FanFiction Net Browser v1.0a A browser application for the popular website FanFiction.Net. criptych 2011/05/21
Easy 6-20 Installer v1.1 beta Allow you to install any version of HEN, CFW and CXMB for the original firmware 6.20. fede94boss 2011/05/31
Easy 6-20 Dualboot Rev.C Able to use different 6.20 HENs in a single PSP. Rinnegatamante 2014/05/21
DORAKZ v1.5L Folder creator, iso cache remover, web browser cache remover, SAVEDATA folder cleaner and 6.60 version.txt writer for PSP. djbevan 2012/08/22
Recovery Menu v0.2 A recovery menu coded for HEN and CFW in eboot format. KaZT.U 2011/02/13
All Install New Version Download and install homebrew, plugins, themes, gameboots and version.txt's. OuterHeaven 2011/12/23
PSP Claw Explorer v1.0 A multi function explorer. cam-maker 2011/09/05
GaleriaMarkef Beta3 Image gallery on your PSP. markef 2011/08/16
Multir3voluti0n v1.00 A file explorer, UMD's Loader and able to connect PSP via USB. tonetex 2010/09/02
Day-To-Day Utility v1.00 A multifunctional application, capable of making backups and maintenance for your PSP. Dark_Mizar 2010/08/31
PUNANI v1.0 Helps you to manage homebrews that are in eboot format. hallo007 2007/03/21
PReSS v0.4.1 A RSS reader for PSP. The Underminer 2009/11/02
Explored v2.2 File explorer fo your PSP. adrian-SAYA 2010/01/21
QuickView 2008 Allow user to view images while listening to music. slicer4ever 2008/08/19
Todo Info v3 Display remaining battery time, free space on the memory stick and the model of your PSP. Ðαrκ_Ðrαgøn-ßlαcκ 2009/10/21
InfoVPSP v1.78 Display various information on your PSP. sergi70 2009/09/02
VGT Evolution v1 A multifunction homebrew with many utilities. Team VGT 2009/09/02
PSPassword v0.2 Encrypt your data on PSP with a password. Piker 2009/08/30
PSPCleaner v1.5 Allows you to safely delete some files on both the Memory Stick (pictures, themes, music) and Flash 1 (Internet history, cookies, cache). Migueliziosop 2009/09/01
PSPTweaker v2.0 A tool for various operations such as registry hacks, cleaning, and more. ab5000 2009/08/20
pag3 2009 A small yet complex html editor for PSP. pront0 2009/03/21
Project0 v1.5 An all-in-one application to configure your PSP. Adrin 2008/08/31
NeoHider v1.0 Hide and show folders on Memory Stick. M14_b2 2008/08/12
AIP v3.10 Automatically installs plugins on your PSP. moikop 2011/08/11
Lua SysTem sp4 final A shell-like multi application tool. R. Yonaba (SeanPaul223) 2008/06/17
Easycxmb v3 Homebrew installer for CXMB version: Lite/Full. stefyx7 2008/08/21
PSP Hardware Alarm Suite II v2.7 bld 1730 Alarm that will wake up the PSP from either Sleep Mode or Powered Off (standby) mode. Mr305 2009/10/05
Multi Tasker 2008 Capable of interacting with all sorts of media in a vast amount of file formats on your PSP. sg57 2008/03/20
Bermuda CS 9CF Multifunctional homebrew drawing and graphic design tool. bumuckl 2008/05/23
Manga2PSP final A manga reader for the Sony PSP made with Brunni's OSLib. Yodajr 2007/08/17
FileAssistant v2.8 Ported to run on Firmware 2.8. Killer Maniac 2006/12/10
FileAssistant++ v1.2 An all purpose file browsing application. 71M 2006/03/21
AnonymousTipsters RAR ZIP v0.3 Able to extract RAR and ZIP files with PSP, with added support for passworded archives. AnonymousTipster 2006/06/12
Browsr v0.2 A file browser and launcher written in Lua with a few additional features. Yongobongo 2007/10/06
PSP Filer v6.6 A File Manager for the PSP. Mediumguage 2010/01/31

Operating systems

Title Version Description Author Last updated
UtilityShell v0.1 beta A shell that contains commonly used features. sergi70 2011/09/08
Fishell v1.0 r3.5 An operating system simulator (SIM-OS) that allows applications to run homebrew. zerozelta 2012/03/31
SHELL v0.73.2 Shell replacement for PSP. Arnold, A_Nub (arnoldbronson) 2011/06/18
IphoneV-PSP v1.70 A shell that recreates the iPhone interface. sergi70 2010/08/29
MultiTasKing v301 A complete multitasking windows environment for PSP. carlosgs 2011/01/16
Cristal Sky v01092010cs demo Remake of Cristal Vista, a shell that simulates Windows Operating System. Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/09/05
Cristal Vista 7.0 demo A Windows Vista shell for the PSP. Miguel Arber (Arbr) 2010/08/22
NervOS v2.1 A shell replacement for PSP. Pirata Nervo 2008/08/10
GNX Project v1.00 gnx-a A complete shell with most of the tools you will need on PSP. Geniux 2009/09/03
XMBShell v1.00 A multipurpose application with a XMB interface. Total_Noob 2009/03/22
WinShell v80705 System that resembles the Windows XP. Trom_US 2008/07/05
IBrowse v1 Filebrowser shell for the PSP. grafele 2008/08/21
Xplora v2 update 6 A feature packed file manager/shell for your PSP. ne0h 2011/08/18
7WiN v1.00 PSP Lua Windowing System that supports Multi-Tasking. Yongobongo 2007/07/08
PSPosx v0.1a beta A PSP shell that will view pictures, play music, browse files, execute homebrew. Skinticket, Slasher, Xigency 2006/09/16
PSP-OSS v0.3 PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell. Mondy 2006/03/17
MyPSPMenu r1 A shell application to manage the programs on your PSP. Cpajuste 2008/06/02
IRShell v5.2 Full shell replacement for the PSP's XMB. AhMan 2010/08/23


Title Version Description Author Last updated
AutoGrapher v1.5 update Graph, and do other functions fast and easily. 10$man 2011/04/27
pspythagoras v1.0 final Quickly calculate the length of a missing side in a right angled triangle. JamesC 2011/08/21
periodicpsp v1.0 final A full Periodic table of the elements for your PSP. JamesC 2009/08/19
Poly Calcul PSP v1.1 A calculator with basic functions. Kenium 2008/04/23
PSP SpreadSheet v2.00 A fully functional Spreadsheet. pucelano 2007/08/20
Mandelbrot Fractal Generator final A mandelbrot fractal rendering program with zoom feature. gambiting 2007/08/20
Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6 rev.769 Original name was Phyalgeom Aid, an educational application to aid students in physics, algebra, and geometry. Mr305 2008/03/21
Easy PSP Calculator v2.0 Capable as a basic calculator, as well as the abililty to perform simple functions of a scientific calculator. pucelano 2007/08/21


Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPInfo v4 Show you all the information of your PSP. m.rr 2012/08/13
Wifihack v2.1 Application that calculates the default password for some routers. m.rr 2012/09/30
PsPixel Mod v1 mod Mod version of PsPixel. chocodino 2010/01/27
PSPoste beta7 An email client designed specifically for PSP. David Cummings, Ben Biron, Sajeeth Cherian 2008/10/11
PSPFtp v1.0 Ftp client on your PSP based on LiQuiD8d's FTP Client. Zx-81 2006/08/06
PSPFTP v2.0 Allows your to download files from your personal computer (PC) via the PSP's WiFi connection. Spike_132000, Hoagie 2007/04/19
PSP-FTPD v0.5.0 FTP server for the PSP. Zx-81 2008/10/01
PSPIRC v1.1.6 An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client on the PSP. Zx-81 2008/11/11
PSPSSH v1.2.0 Port of Dropbear, a small SSH2 Server and Client, for PSP. Zx-81 2008/11/10
Peldet v0.8b Telnet application for PSP. Zx-81 2006/04/20
PSPWrite v1.2.1 bugfix ASCII text editor for PSP. Zx-81 2009/04/12
PSPVNC v1.2.8 Portable VNC that allows you to access your PC desktop on your PSP using via WiFi connection. Zx-81 2008/05/02
PSPWeather v1.06 A simple network software to view the local weather conditions on your PSP. Zx-81 2006/07/27
AIO Tuner 2008 An all in one tuner for your musical instruments. ai3gtmc 2008/03/19
BeastieBox v1.3 signed A Beastie Boys Beat Box. Dman49 2011/05/29
Beatbox v1.6 Simple push-button drum sounds for PSP. Babkock 2019/08/13
BeatBox PSP ultimate A beatboxer Soundboard. Viciado-TrueStory 2012/10/17
PSP-Metronome v0.2 A stand-alone metronome application. willytarno 2006/10/30
PSP Metronome v0.1 A simple metronome application. ExxonValdeez 2006/09/18
metronomPSP v1.2 A simple metronome for PSP. saulotmalo 2007/03/23
Guitar-Tuner 2006 A guitar tuner on PSP. Zion 2006/08/21
CEP 2011 Chocodino's Entertainment Pack, contain a game and light utilities. chocodino 2011/01/09
Vsh and Recovery Menu Flasher v1.71 Gives your recovery menu a makeover. Doeppy 2011/05/08
The Fake Brick v0.3 update Prank application that pretends to destroy the flash memory of your PSP. Th3Alien 2011/05/26
PSPsych update A random coin tossing and dice rolling application for your PSP. Monk9899 2011/05/03
PsPixel v2.0 Pixel art sketcher for PSP. Kinow 2011/04/30
PSP Battery Timer (nyan!) stealth update Homebrew that helps you measure your system's maximum battery life, featuring the Nyan Cat. snailface 2011/05/27
HomebrewStore v2.50 avalon A homebrew store application for HomebrewStore Development Team 2012/01/29
BattINF v1.4 Display information about the battery. Frostegater 2011/05/26
PSPMaps v1.0 Access Google Maps and allow you to take screenshots of the map. Xerpi, OoNEKERAFAoO 2011/09/06
Lua for you v1.0 Learn how to programming the lua language. Dioni0396 2011/09/06
Everytweak v1.0 Antivirus for PSP. Comandillos 2011/08/17
AnyLanguageStudy Unofficial v3.0 u2 An unofficial update of Vocabulary builder application AnyLanguageStudy. passingby 2012/03/28
AnyLanguageStudy v3.0 Vocabulary builder application for leaning Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French. Nakano 2011/09/16
pspWeather by mcdongle v2.0b Weather client for PSP. mcdongle 2007/04/07
PSPWeather by wassgha v1.0 Yahoo Weather on PSP. wassgha 2010/03/15
CSBAW & CSBUG v2 scenery beta An avatar creator and userbar generator. Chimecho 2010/07/23
Attractive Pixelart App 2010 Create pixelart on PSP. mfcas 2010/08/29
PSPUtilities v1.0 Offer a few functions inclucing hide folder, test console buttons and Pandoraize battery. aleex.rg 2009/09/03
Triple-DobleU 2009 An optimized web browser specifically for Scenebeta. trom_us 2009/09/03
FONTOOL v0.4 Allows user to freely change the PSP menu screen and XMB font (format). tepsicore_93 2009/09/01
LinternaSP v1.0 Application with torch function, removal dead pixels on the screen and USB connection. A-Einstein 2009/08/26
STuning scenerybeta bugfix Application for flashing PSP resources, such as waves, battery icon, volume bar. -EsTuArT- 2009/08/31
Gamebootools v3.0 Able to change the gameboot using only our PSP with some additional functions. el__QAT 2009/06/14
Themetool v1.2 c An application for customizing PSP themes. Dark_Santi 2009/09/01
Spirograph v0.1 Draw spirographs on your PSP. Freshmilk 2009/08/21
PSN License Manager v0.40 A PlayStation Network License Manager. Light_AleX 2009/08/19
AVEC v8 Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating maps. Art 2009/12/29
PSPDictionary v3.1.0 Multi-language translator for PSP. Gefa 2010/08/20
DAPESi alpha An improved version of the painting homebrew DAPES. Shaolan, Elesthor 2009/03/21
DAPES v3.0.1 A painting homebrew applocation. Shaolan, Elesthor 2008/08/09
TimeTrainer v0.6 A Rubik Cube/Cup Stacker Trainer. HardHat (teamsushi) 2009/03/21
Seismometer v0.1 Draw graphs with PSP Motion Kit values. royale 2008/05/22
EuromillionPlayer v1.1 Test your luck through this lottery simulator. Kenium 2008/05/02
SatFinder Portable v1.3.2 Astronomy application for PSP. Pedro J. 2008/09/01
Pixelizador v4.0 Attempt to repair stuck pixels on PSP. Team VGT 2008/08/29
WakeUp v2 Digital alarm clock that also plays MP3. Trom_US 2008/06/27
Info Portable v2.5 Displays information about your PSP, including motherboard, CPU, region and battery life. Gladiator 2008/08/20
downPSP v2.22 Download and install all the homebrews directly on the PSP. carlosgs 2010/07/17
pspSecretary 2008 A scheduling application for PSP. ab5000 2008/08/19
PaintMIXER v2.6.0 Clone of Microsoft Paint. Gefa 2008/08/12
PSP-Maps v2.2 Able to view maps of Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Virtual Earth, also has an offline feature. royale 2009/12/14
CTorrent-DNH-DA v1.5 append version r2 Mod of CTorrentPSP by danzel. DanielBR 2011/05/02
CTorrentPSP 2008 A torrent client for the PSP. danzel 2008/03/18
My Portuguese Teacher v1.0 Teach you how to speak Portuguese. Madcupid 2007/08/20
Slash-N-Flash v3 A generic flasher which aims to be as user friendly as possible. Slasher 2007/08/18
Ultimate Flash Operation v5.1 Flasher application. Almost219 2007/08/21
The Good Bookr v1.2.1 PSP Bible Reader, based on Bookr ebook reader. phosphorous 2012/02/17
COW TIPS 2007 Display advices from a cow. Sketor 2007/04/16
ThemeFlasher v2 A theme flasher. ai3gtmc 2007/03/21
Sheep Machine 2007 Counts sheep on your PSP screen. miNi 2007/03/21
Screen Repair Set final Tool to test the psp screen and attempt to revive dead pixels on your PSP. SaulotMalo 2006/08/11
MapThis! 0.5.20 mod v0.5.20 mod Modified version of Deniska's GPS navigation tool, MapThis! Art 2008/05/02
MapThis! GPS enabled map viewer for PSP v0.5.20 A Global Positioning Navigation tool for PSP. deniska 2007/11/20
Click Click Machine 2006 A button click counter. miNi 2006/08/21
PSPJabber v1.03 Instant message client for Jabber servers. DavGav 2006/03/21
PDWE 2006 PSPdizaster WMA Enabler is a WMA Enabler for 2.60 PSP. Supa Sick 2006/03/21
PSPaint by Bombe-H v4.5 Paint tool that allows up to 3 layers, 6 paint stroke settings and a virtual keyboard. Bombe-H 2009/06/11
PSPaint by Aerol33t v0.3b An entertaining simple drawing tool. Aerol33t 2006/03/20
PDLP v4.0 PSPDizaster Lua Paint, a painting application for PSP. PSP333 2006/03/21
Titan Homebrew Manager 2006 Download and install Hombrew from the web. McZonk 2006/03/21
Etch a Sketch Portable v0.1 Simulator of a classic children drawing board toy. zeroXorXdieXskater 2009/03/30
Etch-A-Sketch by webfeind v1.0 A new Etch-A-Sketch clone. webfeind 2007/05/29
Etch-A-Sketch by Dark Killer v1.0 A simple app that effectively simulates drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch. Dark Killer 2006/03/20
PSP-Magic v1.0.1 PSP version of the famous mechanical drawing toy called "Magic Screen". Zx-81 2009/04/05
AFKIM: Instant Messenger v3.3.7 An instant messaging application through Wifi connection, originally written by Danzel. Danzel, Zx-81 2008/10/10
PSP Currency Converter v0.2 Currency Converter. Yongobongo 2006/11/11
babblr v2.0 Windows Live PSP Messenger portal. Cronos Studios, Yongobongo 2007/06/10
yPaint anniversary A painting homebrew for PSP. Based on original Windows Paint. Yongobongo 2007/08/22
TakeYourTime AntiStress v2.00 Mod version of Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool. NNNRT 2012/11/19
Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool 2012 Relax user with animated landscapes surrounded by nature sounds. leviadragon 2012/08/20
PSP Relax 2010 Contain 4 different sound therapies to help you to relax. Duende68 2010/10/30
PSP IDoser 2011 Contain different sound files/waves that mimics the effect produced by certain drugs on the nervous system. Duende68 2011/02/16


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Title Version Description Author Last updated
Abuse-SDL v0.8 r1 A port of Abuse-SDL (side-scrolling action game) for the PSP. JJS 2012/12/26
Wubly v0.5 Port of Wubly, a fast paced action game on PC. chocodino 2010/08/11
labKillHomer3D v2.0 Kill Homer Simpson in order to leave the labyrinth. pspflashsystem 2009/06/12
The World's Hardest Game demo PSP version of the flash game called World's Hardest Game. chocodino 2010/08/25
Take the BALL v3.0.5 Test your reflex by catching the ball. fede94boss 2011/05/20
Code Name Sigma 2011 Fast-paced action game. orezero 2011/08/27
Lightning v1.03 Avoid the incoming lightning bolts. Yosh 2011/07/05
Toy Wars v0.6 Inspired by the SEGA Dreamcast game Toy Commander. davidgf 2011/05/30
JAZT Just Another Zombie Tale beta Kill all the zombies while finding your way out of the labyrinth. catadevelop 2009/09/01
asterSpace3D v1.0 Dodge asteroids to reach your planet. pspflashsystem 2009/03/20
Ragdoll Cannon v2.11 PSP clone of the flash game Ragdoll Cannon. walar 2009/03/20
Crazy Gravity Portable v1.1 Based on Crazy Gravity on PC by Axel Meierhoefer. TheUnderminer 2009/04/25
Labylène v1.1 A difficult maze game similar to Electric Bar Maze. Kenium 2008/06/25
v2.0 Based on a ball game named Four-Square. coolguy5678 2008/06/12
Cañones Corazas v2.01 Fight against other tanks on a battlefield. pipagerardo 2008/06/06
GoGo Goo beta v0.7 Gather all the goos before time runs out. BennyRebirth, Dalk 2007/03/20
Reactor v1.3 Clear particles from a reactor with a proton and a deflector. Kagato 2006/08/31
Get The Stars v1.4 Slash or dodge the enemy to collect the stars. saulotmalo 2006/08/15
Earth Invaders 0: Before the attack v0.6 An adventure beat 'em up, also a prequel of the DS homebrew Earth Invaders. smealum 2006/08/20
Yokero v1.01 Control a spaceship and test your reflex. Salt 2005/08/21
Lil' Fighter v1.00 beta Based on the computer game Little Fighter 2. Yongobongo 2007/03/02
Luarry v1 Help the main character to win over his dream girl through a series of minigames. Kiketoreador, P22, Dark_Cloud, guillermo_cornielle 2008/08/19
Evil Teddy v1.0 Play as an evil bear in this crazy action game. Blue_AlchemyStudios, White_AlchemyStudios 2013/01/08


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Hide & Seek 2010 A 3D horror adventure game. 3.4.lettres 2010/09/16
Chronicles v1.1d A 3D first person action adventure game for the PSP. xigency 2009/06/13
Escape 2006 A Point and Click game. Escape the room! taichi1082 2006/08/14


Title Version Description Author Last updated
DiggerPSP 2015 signed Port of the classic Digger from the 80's. Sektor 2015/12/29
PSPMarble: Orchestra Sensation v2.5b signed Adoption of the Marble madness game in 3D. Brick 2012/05/01
Impact 2008 An original homebrew game where player need to make the blocks collide. slicer4ever 2008/03/17
SerpientePX 2011 Remake of the classic game Snake for PSP. Klozz 2011/05/24
GDP - Gcrew's Defense Patrol v0.2 Fly an aircraft and destory all enemies on sight. DeViaNTe 2011/05/28
Beware Of The Square v1.0 Control a yellow square and eat all the blue squares. SolidCakeS 2011/05/28
Ballshot beta Shoot the ball down. D!S 2011/04/09
Asalto De Los Cuadrados beta 4-Way pong game with story and handmade drawings. Leo 2011/05/30
3D Roll v2.3d Control a ball and land on the platform without hitting the spikes. Chimecho 2011/05/04
DTMB v1.3 3D Pong game that incorporates an adjustable camera view. markef, xerpi 2011/10/23
Ionos v1.4 Stack the block for as long as possible. DeViaNTe 2010/10/19
BreakOut4PSP v0.8 A breakout game with level editor. Geecko 2010/04/04
Light Cycle Clone v2.1 A clone of "Tron". titch.ryan 2008/06/25
PSP Pileup v0.4 alpha Mimics the arcade game Stacker on PSP. Sangheili 2008/07/06
Pacuman v0.1 Pacman port. joserc87 2009/08/28
summerRun v0.3 beta Race against your opponent with this one-button game. rubenelportero 2009/07/03
Ping v1.5 Play pong on a Ping Pong table. A-Einstein 2009/09/02
Gnar Pong v2 Pong clone with awesome effects. A_Noob (A_Nub) 2009/03/10
Pong v0.5.1 Pong with a few modifications. Digikid13 2009/03/20
LUA 1945 pge v1.0 Remake of the 1942 arcade game on PSP. pipagerardo 2008/10/18
Chromium v0.5 A port of the arcade game Chromium B.S.U. for the PSP. royale 2008/03/10
PONG vs ARKANOID final Reminiscent of the old Pong published by Atari in 1972. P22 2009/06/24
Air Hockey v1.0 One-on-one table hockey game. Kenium 2008/07/05
ArkanoidUJIPSP 2007 Brick breaking game. saulotmalo 2007/03/20
iPong v1.0 A Pong game that features challange mode, custom skin and multiplayers options. Tanos 2008/06/22
1945 The War Is Now v1.1.0 Shooter game, clone of the arcade game 1945. Gefa 2008/08/16
Lunar Lander v0.5 final Remake of a simple but addicting classic game Lunar Lander. thepixelatedpoo 2006/01/07
Aap Lander v2 A Lunar Lander inspired game. BlackShark 2008/03/24
Motion Pong v0.2 A simple pong-game with a luminous design to demostrate PSP Motion Kit. bumuckl 2008/03/13
Asteroid Barrier v1.0 A space themed Pong game with shooting elements. pipagerardo 2008/03/20
Eaten v2 Don't get 'eaten' by any of the blue/green squares. PSPOwnage 2006/07/04
3D Pong v0.1 Pong in 3D. Slasher 2006/12/28
PucePong v1.0 A different Pong, with 3 ways of game. pucelano 2007/08/19
Pro Foosball v0.1 Based on the table soccer game Foosball. Madcupid 2007/03/20
Pigiddy-Pigiddy Pong v0.1 Simple one player Pong. mooser 2007/03/19
Zombie Escape v1.1 Based on the idea behind the Linux game "Robots". LMelior 2006/08/20
Legacy -> xGrid 2006 A simple yet addictive homebrew game that bears some semblance of pacman. sg57 2006/08/21
LUAir Hockey v0.21 Inspired by pong and hockey. zeroXorXdieXskater 2006/03/09
Pang beta GP2X® gaming ports. Cpajuste 2007/03/15
Dodgin Diamonds II beta GP2X® gaming ports. Cpajuste 2007/03/15
Defend beta GP2X® gaming ports. Cpajuste 2007/03/15
DCircus beta GP2X® gaming ports. Cpajuste 2007/03/15


Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSP Scrabble v1.0 Scrabble for PSP. leojava 2011/05/29
Crazy Balls v1 A mix between the board game 5 in a Row and Tetris. Chimecho 2010/09/01
Xadrez v1.0 3D chess game on PSP. jbastos 2008/04/08
PSPBillards v2 adhoc Billiards on the PSP. slicer4ever 2008/08/21
PSP GNU CHESS v1.0.3 Port of GNU Chess, a Chess game for PSP. Zx-81 2007/11/17
PSPGGO v1.1.0 Port of GNU Go, a Go board game for PSP. Zx-81 2007/10/10
PSPMancala v1.1.0 Mancala is a generic name for a family of two-player turn-based strategy board games. Zx-81 2009/11/07


Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPBriscola v1.4 Port of the Briscola, a traditional Italian card game. Rinnegatamante 2011/05/13
Mobile Skat v0.3 Play Skat on your PSP. failbit 2011/09/10
Company v1.1 Open a company and become the most successful entrepreneur. Nakano, Motuk 2011/09/16
Wagic v0.23.1 Heroic Fantasy card game against an AI. wololo 2021/02/09
Caballo de Copas final Based on the Microsoft Hearts Card game. pipagerardo 2008/10/05

Game engine

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Faintless Maker v0.3 A RPG Style game engine, based off the idea of RPG Maker for the PC. sora101 2008/08/20
Dow! Develop on the go! v0.2 On the walk, on the ride, for killing time easy developing a smart PSP application. bumuckl 2008/03/18
3D ~ GDS 2008 3D Game Development Set, aim to assist PSPGL user. saulotmalo 2008/03/18
Legacy RPG 2007 A rpg engine contains a battle demo. psp_jono 2007/03/21
Old School Library (OSLib) Sprites Lib 2007 Library builds on top of OSLib for creating animated sprites. phosphorous 2007/03/20
OSLib Mod v2 v1.1.2 A modded version of OSLib 2.10 and OSLib MOD. dogo 2014/04/11
OSLib MOD v1.1.1 A modified version of the OSLib. Sakya 2010/02/24
OldSchool Library (OSLib) v2.10 A 2D graphics library for PSP, also known as OSLib. Brunni 2007/12/02
Yeti PSP v0.1 A 3D engine originally built by Derek Evans for the Game Boy Advance back in 2003. be2003 2007/04/28
Yeti3D beta GP2X® gaming ports. Cpajuste 2007/03/15


Title Version Description Author Last updated
iDrum v2.0 A drums simulator for the PSP. Bengamin999 2011/06/07
ToneMatrix v0.92 Programmable drum machine and sequencer for the PSP. Babkock 2019/09/25
Musikr v2.0.2.6 Guess the song game, which uses the song from the MUSIC folder from your PSP. moikop 2011/08/16
Rythm Engine: Rythm Box Mod v2 A rhythm based shooter game. Brick 2008/05/20
Guitarra Gero v2.5 Based on the classic guitar hero. P22 2009/08/25
Gunnar Hero v0.2 A guitar hero rhythm game. hardhat, Team Sushi 2007/08/20


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Alex the Allegator 4 Color Edition r1 Adaptation of the game Alex the Allegator 4 on PSP. MK2k 2009/02/14
Get Cookie 2013 Guide the White Cat in search of yummy biscuits, avoid the water for save your seven life. Leviadragon, Peoplechamp 2013/08/21
Platform Portable v0.1 signed Jump 'n' run games Benjamin999 2011/05/23
Icy Tower Portable v0.21 Based on the original Icy Tower game for PC. kacperski1 2011/05/29
Dark Super Mario Bros 2010 Mario game that we all love and enjoy with a few extra scary twists to it. psp_kevin17 2010/08/31
Drowned v1.10 Survive the rising water level by jumping from block to block. hardhat 2010/09/07
Mario Masochism v0.2 Prepare to be thrown into an unfair world, full of chaos and utter ridiculousness at every turn. Liquid Pro Quo 2010/08/19
Mario Fusion updated A tribute to the Mario franchise. Zack 2010/08/23
REminiscence for PSP v0.2.1 Port of Flashback: The Quest for Identity for PC from 1992. Sektor 2011/08/20
Zombie Desert rev14 A 2.5D platformer for PSP. Calv!n, Harry 2010/10/05
X-Moto v0.2 A port of X-Moto 0.4.2 for the PSP. royale 2008/12/29
Chickey Chick v0.7sb fixed Inspired by the classic New Zealand Story from Taito. DrWho198 2008/08/31
Super Methane Brothers v1.4.8 PSP adoptation of Super Methane Brothers, a commercial Amiga platformer. deniska 2008/08/11
Shooter v1 A 2D puzzle/action platformer. Slasher 2008/08/21
Abes Amazing Adventure 2008 Port of an original homebrew platformer, Abe's Amazing Adventure. Zack 2008/08/21
Unofficial Cave Story: Return to World 2008 Inspired by Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari. leviadragon 2008/03/21
Nikwi Deluxe v1.0 Guide Nikwi to collect all the sweets. deniska 2008/03/16
Syobon Action r3 signed Port of Syoban Action, also know as Cat Mario or Neko Mario. DanielBR 2012/07/27
Ozone final Control a gas molecule and race against time to collect blue gems. Helius 2007/07/09
Leviaman Zero Neo v1 Inspired by Megaman Zero. leviadragon 2007/03/20
A Boy and His Dog 2005 Guide your dog pal to reach the goal, by toggling switches and pressing buttons to create platform. ColdPie 2005/12/03
Jump Luigi Jump v1.2 Run and collect the coins. PSPSMM Coding Team 2007/10/06
gSquare v1.1 translated Save the princess in this platformer game with gravity control. Geecko, Meastnt 2012/03/18


Title Version Description Author Last updated
15 Puzzle release 1 A sliding tile puzzle game. OlegO 2009/07/01
T-Darlinko v2.82 Based on the classic Tetris. USpeed 2012/06/23
Magic Cube v0.1 Inspired by the flash game 3D Logic. gorglucks 2010/01/24
Frankies Quest v0.4 Based on Minesweeper mixed with some role-playing elements. okapako 2011/01/30
TimeCube v2.0 A fact-paced match 4 game which you can switch colors by rotating the blocks. Razzlegames 2011/05/30
T-Darlinko Overdose v1.39 alpha Tetris-like game featuring multiple game modes, mini-games, a story mode with different endings. USpeed, Darlinko 2011/03/29
Sokoban update Remake of the Sokoban game from DOS times. BuciMaci88 2011/05/31
Puzzle Square v2.0 Memorise the picture and re-assemble it. chus 2013/06/14
PSP Minesweeper v2.11 An adaption of the classic game Minesweeper on PSP. Ryp 2012/02/26
p0rtal 2d - maker v1.0 signed Clone of the puzzle platform game Portal. SinkeWS 2011/05/29
Medieval Escape 2011 Find you way out of labyrinth from the Middle Ages. chicky 2011/05/18
MazeEffects v0.9 A 3D puzzle game that has storyline. Also comes with a level editor. 3.4.Lettres 2011/06/10
Genesis Gravity Game gc2011 Make use of the gravitational force and reach the goal. chocodino 2011/05/30
Feeling demo A puzzle game like Lumines. Shaolan 2011/03/07
CubeMania v1.4 4 Puzzle games made out of cubes: FillUp, Matrix, Slide and PushIt. Sand3r 2011/08/14
Cálë 2011 Navigate through a maze in the dark. D-T-K 2011/05/29
Brainstorm Number 2011 Rearrange the number tiles. Sasuke78200 2011/02/21
B-Gen v0.2 A tribute to Nine Inch Nails okapako 2011/05/29
Amoebax 2011 Port of an action puzzle game Amoebax. Riviera71 2011/05/29
JuegosPX v1.0 4 Adaptations of Tetris, each with its own unique twist. TeamMEX 2011/08/26
Castle Medieval v1.1 Solve the mystery of the castle and break the curse. random_code 2010/09/13
Retro Recycle - The Beginning v1 Physics puzzle horror game. MK2k 2010/09/15
DiferenciaSP v0.50 Find the differences game for PSP. sting18 2010/08/25
BINIAX2PSP v1.0 An adaptation of Jordan Tuzsuzov's BINIAX2 puzzle game. Deniska 2008/04/14
Pipeline v0.3 Remake of the popular game Pipe Mania. snowmydog 2008/06/01
El Ahogado v2.5 The drowned, an alternative of hangman. el__QAT 2009/08/25
ImpGAME v2.1 Hangman game which supports 5 different languages. Gefa 2009/08/26
Portable Bubble v2.0.0 Puzzle Bobble clone for PSP. Gefa 2009/08/18
PopBlocks v1.0.1 Homebrew game clone of a flash puzzle game Pushori. Gefa 2009/03/16
X-pired r1 42 Levels of action packed puzzles. MK2k 2008/08/19
Newton Powered v0.2a Based on flash game Gravity Pods. mr_haricot 2008/08/19
Box Destroyer v2.3 PSP clone of the flash game, Totem Destroyer. walar 2008/08/17
Minesweeper 2008 Clone of the classic Microsoft Minesweeper. sg57 2008/08/20
Heartlight Deluxe v1.0 A clone/remake of the classic Epic Megagames' Heartlight. MK2k 2008/03/26
Sushi Rubik v1.2 A virtual Rubik's Cube. teamsushi 2008/03/18
Kakuro Nichiyou v1.3 Port of Kakuro Puzzles for PSP. MK2k 2009/01/02
Convey v1.7 & mod Port of the original puzzle game Convey! from PC. saulotmalo 2007/11/30
KOPBAN v0.41 A Sokoban adaption on PSP. kaltorak 2008/01/25
Bumper Harvest Mod - Peggle Deluxe v2 Mod of the PSP homebrew Bumper Harvest. ifiwere1337 2008/04/03
Bumper Harvest v1.1 Tribute to a popular and addictive casual game for the PC. Kagato 2008/03/21
Scogger v0.2 Port of the DS homebrew game Scogger. Scognito 2008/03/02
TetriAbetes v1.50b3 Recreating Tetris experience with accurate controls and block movements, along with new features. Dragula96 2008/11/09
Dororos Adventure rc1 A 3D game where you have to search for hidden tea bags and keys. b0rk 2008/03/19
HEX-A-HOP for slim PSP adoptation of Hex-A-Hop, a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles. deniska (Tom Beaumont) 2008/01/19
Ultra Program 2007 Maze game. MitchellJM 2008/08/20
Dementia - Level Pack 1 for v0.1b Expansion pack for Dementia (difficulty chages to some levels). Teh Peek-uh-Chewz 2007/08/24
Dementia - The Brains Theme for v0.1b Expansion pack for Dementia (new theme). Teh Peek-uh-Chewz 2007/09/07
Dementia v0.1b Based on Lights Out, an abstract logic grid puzzle game. Teh Peek-uh-chewz 2007/08/07
Hangman mod pack v0.01 Mod of PSPwner's Hangman game's data to 5 new gaming related categories. HomebrewModder 2008/10/09
Hangman for PSP v1.00 Classic word game on PSP. pspwner 2007/03/20
Smiley Scape v1.0 Guide Smiley out of the maze, avoiding be catched by the enemy. pucelano 2006/11/26
the ball 2007 Get the ball to the red flag. KL 2007/03/20
Pokemon Keeper v1.0 Bejeweled/Zoo Keeper clone for Pokemon fans. N64Francois 2007/03/19
Hexaxis XXI update 9 Puzzle game with varies elements from Devil Dice, Tetris, Lumines and Bombastic. darksoft 2008/02/09
Legend of Zelda - The Stroke of Link final Remake of a Japanese PC game: Ruta Stroke. Yodajr 2006/10/22
Move it v0.9 Move the blocks with keys over the keyholes to open all the locks. 2flower 2006/08/14
Meltdown v0.5 Reminiscent of the game Bejewled. drakonite 2006/08/21
Luminex - Lumines Style Mod v1.1 A mod version of Luminex. PTSnake 2006/10/02
Luminex v1.1 A Lumines clone for PSP. pointbat 2006/08/21
DYOX v1.00 2D marble puzzle game, inspired by the classic game Oxyd. ColdPie 2006/08/11
Droplets v1.5 Water themed puzzle game. drakonite 2006/08/21
Zookeeper v1.02 Puzzle game similiar to Bejeweled. orbpig 2006/03/25
ZorBlocks final Clone of the popular puzzle game. ZORDAK 2006/02/06
Stakker final update 2 Build up and destroy towers made out of falling blocks. MK2k 2008/06/10


Title Version Description Author Last updated
SkyRacer 2013 A racing game that takes place in the sky. musky44 2013/08/20
Runaway Car v1.2 3D car racer for PSP. Drive a car as far as possible, while unlocking new cars. frankdrey, 10$man 2012/09/06
Micro Zig-Zag Racer beta 0.95 Recreation of the 2D car racing game Road Fighter on NES. Boujack 2011/05/21
Desert Stunt v1.0 Experenice the thrill and destroy obstacles along the way. gorglucks 2011/05/29
PHYN3D v0.4b Seek out Suzanne, the monkey head, with your car in a surreal world. walar 2009/09/02
Light Cycle 3D v3.01 PSP clone of a Tron Light Cycle racing game. sg57 2009/06/20
Mario Kart 64 v3 Mario and Luigi themed racing game. SeanPaul223 2008/07/17
Bumper Car Mayhem updated Drive in a full rotation isometric world and smash the opponent to win! Fuzzie 360 2007/03/20
TTR: Table Top Rally v1.1 Fully fleged, in depth side-scrolling "dodge the car" style game. Freshmilk 2007/03/10
ThrottleX v0.3 Hybrid of car racing and platform game. AnonymousTipster 2006/08/21

Role playing

Title Version Description Author Last updated
TibiaPSP v0.342 A clone of MMORPG Tibia. LuMa 2009/09/29
OpenRPG 2012 An original RPG game with customisable companion, you can also purchase and decorate your own house. musky44 2012/08/21
PSP FTW! 2D v1.10 signed Time for a battle royale with a bit of online fun. hardhat 2011/06/01
Kingdom Of War r3.2a Homebrew MMORPG for PSP. UnlimitedX 2012/03/14
HardHats Battle Arena v0.61 Win the Sushi Island Tournament and become a Mage Master. hardhat 2009/06/18
PSPokemon Grey beta r3 Mod of PSPokemonBlack and PSPokemonWhite. A Fanmade Pokemon game. shaplayer, ZappelFry 2014/07/22
PSPokemon White v0.20 Mod version of PSPokemon. Bixu, Davmon 2010/10/02
PSPokemon Black v0.20 Mod version of PSPokemon. Bixu, Davmon 2010/10/02
PSPokemon v0.18 Pokemon clone for PSP. mrfyda, D4NnY 2010/09/07
faintRedux rev d Bomberman-inspired MMORPG. Team Meow (Slippy) 2009/06/18
BBGD v1.0 Become a bodyguard to save your Playmobil king. Alface 2011/05/09


Title Version Description Author Last updated
soldiers of future beta 0.4.5 Eliminate all the aliens. s4inex 2013/05/04
Tropas Aereas 2013 Aircraft shooter. luizaoooo 2011/05/29
TankePX 2011 Move a tank around the stage and try to survive. MABZ 2011/05/25
SquareForce r48 2D Space shooter that takes place in a near future. Akababe87 2011/10/24
Spacecraft v2.0 Spacecraft shooter. NauTiluS1 (nautisus) 2011/05/03
Silveredge v1.1 signed Original bullet curtain shooter for the PSP. AndrewYY 2011/05/31
Nazi Zombies Portable beta 1.1 Recreate the Nazi Zombies experience from Call of Duty: World at War into the Quake engine. NZP Team (Broken Line Studios) 2015/02/28
Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 signed PSP port of the enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game, XKobo. Riviera71 2011/05/29
Cross Crisis v1.0.5 An original fast paced 2D shooter. PSPKOR 2011/05/29
Aereo TeamMex beta-1 Horizontal scrolling shooter with boss fight. sting18 2011/08/23
Cleanin Da Hood v1 A competitive shooting game. 6Dragon6 2011/09/06
Lethal Shot v3.1 A top down shooter with a number of game modes. jorge_97 2011/09/06
Spacial Warfare beta A 3D shooter arcade inspied by Galaga. TeamHnR 2011/08/29
Delta Force v1.1 A zombie top-down shooter. dan369 2010/09/15
Republic of Zombies 2010 3D First person survival based on the same principle as Nazi zombies mode in Call of duty series. Oby1Chick 2010/09/13
SkullGrog final Survive at all costs from the attack of the zombies. gorglucks 2010/09/15
4S - Side Scrolling Space Shooter 2010 A retro style space shoot 'em up. KL 2010/08/23
Undead Terror beta 3 Shoot the undead. Leo and FlavR 2010/09/15
Birdman's Shooter v1.3 Space shooter based off of the game Galaga. Birdman 2008/05/02
Playboy's Shooter v1.0 A classic arcade-style shooter with 5 levels. Playboy 2008/06/01
Resonate v0.57 A fast paced rail shooter. hardhat 2008/06/02
SaveTheCastle vneo Defend the castle. rubenelportero 2010/08/06
a shooter 2009 A classic shooter em up game in an early stage. sigutis 2009/08/18
Cubic Zombies alpha 001 Kill zombies. A_Noob 2009/08/20
Random Shooter 2010 A port of the game with the same title by parellelRealitys. Zack 2010/02/16
Battlegrounds 3 PSP v0.5.0 A hovertank deathmatch game. Xfacter 2017/04/17
Asterz v1.2 Shoot-em-up space game partly inspired by the classic Asteroids. Team Duck 2009/03/20
Mobile Assault v1.8.2 An immersive 3D helicopter battle action game, in tribute to the old Strike series. Formerly known as Apollonia. Code Tactics 2012/04/09
Box Killer v0.7 Shoot the boxes. arkanist 2008/09/01
Monster Space Attack v0.4 Battle against Space Monsters. BigProMan 2008/07/24
A Warrior Journey 2008 Travel through an island full of monsters to become a real warrior. leviadragon 2008/08/21
Wolfenstein 3D v6.0 final Wolfenstein 3D ported to the PSP. Zack, Chilly Willy 2009/05/10
Wolfenstein 3D - Floppy Disk Version Patch v6.0 patch Patch files for Wolfenstein 3D, only for players who are using Floppy Disk version. Zack, Chilly Willy 2009/05/10
Geometry Wars Portable v0.7 A duplication of the casual game 'Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved' on XBOX360/PC. Victory Studio 2009/01/20
Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2008 A clone of Geometry Wars for the PSP. Also named Geometry Wars! Sturatt 2008/08/20
The chronicle of Mr. SUN! v1.2 Simple Shoot'em up with horizontal scrolling. Dm79 2008/03/12
POLYGUNWARS v0.65 fix A clone of Geometry Wars. ahrimanes 2008/08/22
Necromania II v2 Homebrew Horror Shooter. Alo Marc 2008/04/12
Times of War v4.0 Classic space shooter with story mode. Madcupid, The DevInside Team 2007/08/21
RoboFlood v3 Sci-Fi theme Top Down Shooter. CBarox 2007/05/14
infXion 2007 Play as a nanobot and fight against infections. CBarox 2007/08/20
Shoot4Fun final Reminiscient of Asteroids. gambiting 2007/08/20
Space Escape revision a Space shooter. Grimfate126 2007/05/17
Call of Duty 2: PSP Edition v1.0 First person shooter for PSP. sg57 2007/03/21
AgenaWorld v1.8 A space shooting game similar to the "Homeworld" PC game. edepot 2009/05/11
TrigWars v8-18 Trigonometry Wars is a remake of Geometry Wars on XBox 360. 71M 2006/08/18
R-Gear 2006 Tribute to R-Type, a classic shoot them up series created by Irem. Froggies Prods, TiTAN Handheld Division 2006/08/21
Quak demo Demo of a FPS called Quak Arena. XiGency 2006/09/16
FRAG v0.04b An overhead shooter game. Soulkiller 2006/08/22
CSPSP+ v1.94 Source edit mod of CSPSP that supports 3DS-PSP-PSVita Crossplay, a continuous project of CSPSP. UnLuck3R, MasterMen 2021/04/29
CSPSP v1.91 A top down shooter based on Valve's Counter-Strike. nakatu92 2011/09/13
Ceres v1.3 3D asteroids game for Sony PSP. edepot 2006/08/20
Arc Angel beta 0.1 A full Gradius style Shoot-em Up Game. Remi59 2006/08/22
RoboTORN3D v0.6 3D First person shooter. AnonymousTipster 2005/10/07
Cyberdogs v0.1.3.80 signed Cyberdogs (c-dogs) port for Sony PSP. Also referred as cdogsPSP. Sektor 2015/12/29


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Minecraft v2.0 final Mod of Drakon's LameCraft with working survival, crafting, mobs and many other things. woolio 2017/07/12
Lamecraft Redstone Mod v4.0.0 Mod of Drakon's LameCraft. Camxpsps123 2012/07/15
s4inexCraft v2.2 Mod of Drakon's LameCraft with new features, blocks, mobs and biomes. s4inex 2013/02/28
MindCraft rev 9 A remake of Minecraft in 2D. perli55 2011/06/05
LameCraft op-30 Inspired by Minecraft, where you can destroy or build block world. Drakon 2011/06/23
Orbid v2 Reminiscent of the Flash game flOw, where you become an orb and have to devour smaller orbs to survive. Slasher, Madsoul 2008/03/20
BlowUp v1.0 A tank simulator with full 3D graphics and fully-textured environments. gambiting 2008/03/26
Hamtaro Holidays v2 A simple virtual pet game (Tamagotchi) featuring the adorable hamster Hamtaro. Leviadragon 2011/08/23
Sandbox 2006 A physics demo that contains several game modes. PSMonkey 2006/08/21
Smash My PSP v4.00 Destroying your PSP using varies tools and weapons! zeroXorXdieXskater 2009/07/09


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Balloon Invasion v1.02 signed Port of the tower defence game Balloon Invasion. JamesCutter, TH3_H!TCH3R 2011/11/20
Island Wars v1.0 Defend your island from invasions. JamesCutter, emink213 2011/03/06
Deadly Garden 2011 Plants vs Zombies clone for PSP. JamesCutter 2011/05/30
Age Of Nations rc1 Real Time Strategy game inspired by the Age of Empires on PC. SeanPaul223 2010/08/18
PSP_Bot v1.1 Port of Light-Bot flash game by Coolio-Niato. Geecko 2010/08/23
Castle Wars beta 3 Based on the flash game Castle Wars. XlaiR 2008/06/08
El Nim v2.0sb A maths game that takes strategy and logic. Pakoh 2009/09/01
PSPChessGame v1.0.0 Chess game for PSP. Gefa 2009/04/25
PSPReversi v1.0 final A 8x8 Reversi for the PSP. jojojoris 2009/03/21
Paper Battle v1.0 Paper War Game on PSP. MictchellJm 2008/03/18
Defence Station Portable v2 Defend the river against the invading hordes on your PSP. danzel 2009/05/30
PSP Tower Defense v0.1 Inspired by Desktop Tower Defense. TacticalPenguin 2007/08/19
PSP Tower Defense by ValleDalle v1.31 Tower Defense Game on PSP. ValleDalle 2007/09/09
PSP Bound v1a Inspired by StarCraft Bounds. Slasher 2006/09/16
PSPTactics v1.04 A game like Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Myth and Magic. Davgav 2008/10/27
Lua Wormz v3.0 Wormz game for PSP. Zion, MexicanSnake 2006/08/22
iPlay Roche Papier Ciseaux v1 Play Rock Paper Scissors on the PSP. J3r3mie 2008/10/08


Title Version Description Author Last updated
BrainBoxer v1.0 final Tests your knowledge of various random things including but not limited to PSP. ASKidwai 2011/06/30
Adivina adivinanza sb edition Entertain your company with riddles. pepingo el hacker 2011/08/28
Do you like your music? 2011 Guess the song game using the music library on your PSP. Dioni0396 2011/08/15
Kwizz v1.3 PSP quiz game that test your knowledge of PSP in general. Wassgha, Jy98 2010/03/10
Q-PSP v1.0 A simple trivia game. CALABATO64 2009/09/03
El Quiz de los Videojuegos 2009 Quiz about video games. Pakoh 2009/09/04
PSP Questions v2.0 Trivia game with diverse sets of themes, such as sports, science and history. jesuRule 2009/11/07
Verbiran v1.0 Word game that test you the past participle form of some irregular verbs in the English. Kenium 2008/05/12
The Quiz Music v1.0 Guess the lyrics. rubenelportero 2008/08/22
The PSP Quiz v1.0 Mod version of The Quiz Music. xerpi12 2008/08/25
Buzz Junior v2 fix Based on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? recoco 2008/08/27
PSP Golden Quiz v2.0 Test your knowledge about Soccer. churristian8, Ulind 2008/08/11
El Gran Quiz v1.85 Trivia game. YeahProducciones 2008/07/21
Calcula-Lo 2009 Maths game that requires quick calculations. Pakoh 2009/09/02


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Bugz 2008 Starting a chain reaction of bugz popping. InsertWittyName 2008/03/20
Hold The Button v0.1 Hold the X button for as long as you can and beat the record. zeroXorXdieXskater 2009/03/30
Obstacle v1.0 Dodge the obstacles. fede94boss 2011/09/17
Are you Fast v1.0 bugfix Press the buttons in the correct order in the shortest amount of time. fede94boss 2011/06/17
FastGAME v1.0 A button smashing game. fede94boss 2011/06/03
BallsPanic v0.02 Control a blue colored ball and avoid the red ones. gorglucks 2010/03/14
SquareAtrap beta Test your reflexes and skills. Irving Prog 2011/04/28
The world's hardest game v0.11 Clone of the flash game with the same title. Irving Prog 2011/03/27
Save the Sun 2011 Keep the sun "alive" for 85 seconds. orezero 2011/03/24
Really Annoying Level Game rev 6.1 Based on the idea that a game becomes annoying and hard with every level. EcLiPsE|) 2011/04/29
Mind reader 2011 A simple homebrew that can read your thoughts. walook 2011/05/28
Lost in space: Asteroid mission beta 4 Control a vessel to recover lost energys while avoiding asteroids. fullarms 2011/06/03
Boujacks Palace renew Slot machine game for PSP. _Boujack_ 2011/08/31
Joy Destroyer v1.0 Press buttons to gain points. Dioni0396 2011/09/07
Spooky Maze 2011 signed Scary maze game. vandurol123 2011/10/02
The Maze v1.1 A maze game. Wassgha 2010/09/14
Magic v1.5 Perform magic tricks on your PSP to surprise others. unai. 2011/02/13
ThePoliceCompetition v1.0 Train to become the champion of The Police Competition. rubenelportero 2010/09/02
Kit Magico de R22 v2 Do magic tricks to impress others on your PSP. Robione22 (Team AntraX) 2010/08/22
Simon Says v1.3 A simple memory game for the Playstation Portable based on the Phoenix Game Engine v0.02. sharkwouter 2019/08/14
Clickr v1.6 Count the passing cars. ktix007 2009/09/02
ToyGuard 2009 Remove defective and damaged toys in the toy factory. Pakoh 2009/09/02
Navesound v1.0 Recover shipment in the space. kiketoreador 2009/09/03
EarthInvasion v1 Find your way back into the UFO. basfreak 2009/03/16
Blob Volleyball B1 Inspirated by a game called slime volleyball. Slasher 2008/08/20
Stacker 2008 A stacking stuff game. j 2008/08/21
THE WAY v2 Game to test your memory. PSPfreak2007 2009/02/09
Avoid It v0.2 Control the only smiling block and avoid the fast-moving sad red blocks. cdesseno 2008/03/19
Look Out vneoflash Reach the other side of the screen and avoid multiple bullets. iLUA Team (Tanos, KiKAnCiO) 2008/03/19
KOPBAN: Create your own levels 2007 A level creator for KOPBAN PSP. kaltorak 2007/09/24
Kitten Cannon 2008 Port of the flash game Kitty Cannon originally made by Dan Fleming. sg57 2008/03/16
Kitten Cannon - Ca$h Tournament v1.0 Updated release for Kitten Cannon, incoperating a Tournament system (with real money). sg57 2009/07/23
PSP Simon Portable v1.0 An adaptation of the classic brain teasers. saulotmalo 2007/04/14
QQ Manto v0.5b A game largely inspired by line rider. nataku92 2007/08/26
Magic8Ball v1.1 A close adaptation of the classic Magic 8 Ball toy. pspwner 2007/02/20
Zlink v0.9 Contains a game called Ztype and several mini-games. ratmuffen 2007/03/20
Fracal Maze Generator v1.0 World's Smallest Simplest Maze Generator. edepot 2011/11/09
PSPirates Alarm Clock v0.2 An alarm clock that is also a little entertaining game. MexicanSnake, Deanaw22 2007/07/09
You might be a... 2006 "You might be a game developer if..." Sektor 2006/08/22
EI0 Map editor + OSlib 2006 A map editor for Earth Invaders 0. smealum 2006/08/20
ChuckFactsPSP update 482 Chuck Norris Fact Viewer. Sektor 2006/04/14
Soul Eater: training for a Meister beta 8 signed 3 minigames based around the universe of the Japanese manga Soul Eater. fullarms 2011/05/14
PSPirates v5c A button-masher type game with the aim of the game being to destroy the other boat first. MexicanSnake, Rikardo_92, Deanaw22, Xploren 2007/01/03
Echeri v0.5 Help planet Echeri to dodge asteroids. fco_otaku, Guillermo E. Mendez, Guillermo Becerra 2009/09/03



Title Version Description Author Last updated
uo Snes9x v0.02y33 build 0034 Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the PSP. y, Ruka 2010/06/07
PSPHUGO v1.3.1 Port of Hu-Go, an emulator of NEC PC Engine video game console. Zx-81 2009/08/09
DaedalusX64 v1.1.8 The Nintendo 64 Emulator on PSP. The DaedalusX64 Team 2019/10/23
PSPVE v1.0.2 Port of VecX, an emulator of the Vectrex game console. Zx-81 2008/06/15
NesterJ for PSP v1.13 beta 2 NES emulator for the Sony PSP. Ruka 2010/06/04
PicoDrive v1.93 Megadrive, Genesis, Sega CD, Mega CD, 32X emulator. notaz, robson.santana 2008/01/28
SMS Plus PSP v1.3.1 Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for PSP. Akop Karapetyan 2010/10/16
Atari800 PSP v2.1.0.1 Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for PlayStation Portable. Akop Karapetyan 2009/08/11
ColEm PSP v2.6.1 ColecoVision emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2010/09/12
snes9xTYL v0.4.2 Super Nintendo emulator for PSP, based on the SNES module from Little John Palm and Snes9x. Thunder, Yoyo, Laxer 2006/05/15
PCE for PSP v083uo1 Emulator of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 video game console. SeerouxDark 2012/05/14
Yabause v0.9.10 Sega Saturn home video game console emulator. Yabause Team 2009/08/09
Atari Jaguar Emulator 2006 Atari Jaguar emulator for PSP. PLynx 2006/02/17
PSP7800 v1.2.0 An Atari 7800 console emulator for PSP based on ProSystem by Greg Stanton. Zx-81 2008/10/26
PSP2600 v1.2.0 An Atari 2600 emulator for PSP based on Stella by Bradford Mott. Zx-81 2009/05/10
PSPColem v1.3.1 Port of ColEm, a ColecoVision video game system emulator for PSP. Zx-81 2009/08/23
Snes9X Euphoria r5 beta 3 signed A SNES emulator for the PSP that plays most games at full speed. Zack 2011/10/15
MasterBoy v2.02 signed Emulator for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy, Sega Master System (SMS) and Game Gear. Brunni 2011/02/10
MMSplus v1.1 A port from SMSPlus, a Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. Brunni 2006/10/07
FCEU-PSP v0.3 An OpenSource port of FCEUltra (NES emulator) for PSP. Bruno Freitas 2009/11/20
PSP-fceultra r2 A port of the NES/Famicom emulator Fceultra to the PSP. HamsterBert 2006/03/25
PSPadrive r1 A customised port of the Genesis/Mega Drive emulator Genesis Plus. HamsterBert 2006/03/19
Stella PSP v0.2 Port of the Stella Atari 2600 emulator. Aenea (Alysa Habraken) 2005/09/08
Snes9xTYL Mod v180404 Super Nintendo emulator for PlayStation Portable. esmjanus 2018/04/05
PSPInt v1.1.0 Port of Jzintv, the emulator of the Intellivision video game system. Zx-81 2007/09/28
DGen PSP v1.70 A Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator, based on the open source emulator DGEN/SDL v1.23. syn-z 2006/08/26
NCDZPSP v2.3.1 An emulator of the NEOGEO CDZ. NJ 2007/10/28


Title Version Description Author Last updated
NesterJ v1.13-beta NES emulator for the Sony PSP. Ruka 2021/08/16
PSP-gnuboy release 1 A port of the gameboy emulator gnuboy to the psp. HamsterBert 2006/03/20
RIN Rewind Mod v2.0 Improved PSP RIN Rewind Mod. mbarczak (Papiex) 2019/01/06
Unofficial RIN Mod v1.32 rm PSP Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emulator with rewind support. DaveX 2007/07/29
RIN v1.32 Gameboy/gameboy color emulator. Mr. MIRAKICHI 2005/08/22
VBA for PSP v0.03 A Gameboy Advanced Emulator. 499 2005/06/23
PSPVBA v1.2.4 Port on VisualBoyAdvance, an emulator for GameBoy Advance handheld console. Zx-81 2006/08/03
UO gpSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 225 GBA emulator, improved upon takka's gpsp-kai and Exophase's gpSP. ErikPshat 2006/05/16
gpSP v0.91 GBA emulator. Also known as gameplaySP. Exophase 2007/04/07
DSonPSP beta 7 Nintendo DS emulator for PSP, based on DeSmuME v9 core. YoshiHiro 2009/09/14
TempGBA4PSP Mod v20160527 Game Boy Advance emulator for PSP, based on TempGBA4PSP. phoe-nix, anonymous Japanese developer 2016/05/17
PLynx v0.9 Atari Lynx emulator for the PSP, ported from Handy (an Atari Lynx emulator for Windows). PLynx 2006/01/28
RACE! PSP v2.16 NeoGeo Pocket and Pocket Color emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2009/04/04
NeoPop PSP v0.71.15 NeoGeo Pocket and Pocket Color emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2007/09/30
Handy PSP v0.95.1 Atari Lynx emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2007/10/17


Title Version Description Author Last updated
CPS1PSP v2.3.1 Capcom CPS1 (Capcom Play System) emulator. NJ 2007/10/28
CPS2PSP v2.3.1 Capcom CPS2 (Capcom Play System) emulator. NJ 2007/10/28
MVSPSP v2.3.1 An emulator of the NEOGEO (MVS/AES). NJ 2007/10/28
NJEMU v2.3.5 An emulator pack (CPS1PSP, CPS2PSP, MVSPSP, NCDZPSP) based on NJ's NJEmu v2.3.1. phoe-nix 2018/05/11


Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPVice v1.2 Commodore 64 emulator based upon PS2Vice made by Rami Rasanen. Christopher Kohler 2008/07/14
CaSTaway v006 Atari ST Emulator for the PSP. Jeff 2007/11/15
c64psp v0.3 Emulator for the 8-Bit computer Commodore 64. Team c64psp 2005/12/20
PSPAtari v1.1.3 Emulator for the 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 models of the Atari personal computer. Zx-81 2008/02/12
PSPCAP32 v1.5.1 Port of Ulrich Doewich's Caprice32, an emulator of Amstrad CPC home computer series for PSP. Zx-81 2009/08/21
PSPBEEB v1.1.0 Port of BeebEm, a BBC Micro emulator, for PSP. Zx-81 2007/12/29
PSPYape v1.0.3 Port of Yape, the Commodore Plus/4 home computer emulator. Zx-81 2007/03/01
PSPMSX v1.5.1 Port of fMSX, an emulator of the MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ 8bit home computers. Zx-81 2009/08/22
PSPSIM v1.2.1 Port of SimCoupe, an emulator of the SamCoupe home computer. Zx-81 2008/01/27
PSPZX81 v1.2.0 final Port of XZ81, an emulator of the Sinclair ZX81 home computer. Zx-81 2008/02/24
PSPDragon v1.0.3 Port of Xroar, an emulator of Dragon32/64 and Tandy Coco home computer. Zx-81 2008/04/26
PSPMO5 v1.2.0 Port of DCMO5, an emulator of the Thomson MO5 home computer. Zx-81 2009/03/22
PSPTHOM v1.2.1 Port of Thom, an emulator of the Thomson home computer (TO7-70 model). Zx-81 2008/11/09
PSPTI99 v1.0.3 Port of TI99Sim, an emulator of Texas Instruments TI99 home computer (TI99/4 model). Zx-81 2008/03/17
Caprice32 v4.2.0.2 Amstrad CPC (Color Personal Computer) emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2007/11/28
Fuse v0.10.0.21 Sinclair Spectrum emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2009/04/07
fMSX v3.5.41 MSX emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2010/03/17
VICE v2.2.15 Commodore 64 emulator. Akop Karapetyan 2011/01/16

Other Emulators

Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPKVM v0.5.5 final Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator for the Sony PSP. Sleepper, M @ x, Anweifeng, AJ Milne 2011/01/10
RetroArch v1.9.8 A multi-platform modular application capable of emulating various systems. Libretro development team 2021/08/22
PokeMini v0.60 Emulator for Pokémon-Mini. JustBurn 2015/06/16
Emu Loader v1.0 An emulator pack, based off Hedda's Emu Pack Loader. TokyoDrift ( DEV Team) 2008/03/21
PSPX48 v1.1.0 The HP48 calculator emulator for PSP. Zx-81 2007/10/07
PSPXTI v1.3.0 Port of XTiger, a TI-92 calculator emulator. Zx-81 2009/04/19
Frotz-PSP v1.0 Port of Frotz Z-Machine interpreter. QBRADQ 2009/12/06
AGS for PSP v3.3.0 Adventure Game Studio runtime engine for the PSP. JJS 2013/12/14
PSPChip8 v1.0 Chip8 Emulator/Interpreter. apsd 2005/07/03


Title Version Description Author Last updated
ptextviewer 2 v2.00 beta6 Allows you to suspend any PSP game at any time and read text files stored on the memory stick. hiroi01 2013/06/18
ptextviewer v1.03 & 1.03-2 Allows you to suspend any PSP game at any time and read text files stored on the memory stick. hiroi01 2011/09/12
VideoPRXmodule v0.33 Mod of CoMeCoCoS's Capture prx (originally made by ADePSP). Tim2001 2011/05/01
FuSa SD mod mod for 6.3x Mod of FuSa SD to support 6.3x. neur0n 2011/07/24
CDDA Enabler v2 A plugin that enable CDDA audio format for PSX games on PSP running CFW 3.71 or above. Total_Noob 2015/01/24
XMBControl XMBCtrl mod v0.2 Mod version of XMB Control/XMBCtrl. LMAN (leecherman) 2015/02/13
UMD Dump PRX v1.31 UMD dumper plugin that allows you to backup your UMD games or videos directly on to your memory stick. Takka 2010/04/29
CXMB v3.3 Allow you to use custom CTF themes without the risk of flashing your flash0. Poison 2008/10/26
Game Categories Lite v1.7-js1 & v1.6 Based and uses source code from Game Categories Revised v12 and Game Categories Light v1.3, both created by Bubbletune. Compatible with 6.20, 6.3x and 6.60 CFW. Ticky, codestation 2017/10/17
Game Categories Light v1.3 This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. For firmware 6.20 and later. Bubbletune 2011/03/06
Game Categories Revised v12 Allows you to categorize your games/homebrew, rewritten/renamed from the 4th revision of Game Categories plugin. For the 5.00, 5.03 and 5.50 firmwares. Bubbletune 2009/11/29
BatteryPatch v1.0 Help PSP Go users to see exactly how much battery percentage is remaining. Note it also requires Dayviewer plugin. ABCanG 2012/10/24
HelloPRX v0.15 beta Display any text in the message.txt file on your psp screen before it boots up. Sousanator 2006/09/04
LedBatterie_mod v0.1 This plugin extends the function of your PSP Battery LED, by making the LED blinks at different intervals of Battery percentage. ABCanG 2013/07/01
CheatMaster Fusion r21d Chinese cheat device for PSP that uses the same cheat code format as CWCheat. koro 2013/06/24
SMB v0.41 Adds several features to help saving some battery life. Hakuryu188 2010/02/26
Hide My Movies v1.0 Plugin that can hide/unhide your PSP videos/movies from your PSP memory stick. Hakuryu188 2010/02/25
Savegame Deemer v1.11 Save a game unencrypted and exercise your hex editing skills to hack those saves. Hellcat 2008/02/19
WallpaperChanger Mod v1.3 mod2 Mod version of WallpaperChanger made by Y.K. plum 2012/09/04
CFW Folder Blocker v1.1 This plugin prevents UMDs from detecting the presence of the "ms0:/seplugins" and "ms0:/iso" directories on your memory stick. Torch 2012/09/11
BatteryWarning v1.0 Plugin that warns you when your PSP battery is running low on charge. Zooner_MT 2012/09/11
PowerLocker v1.1 fix2 Prevent PSP from closing or suspending any operation, and thus avoiding the loss of information during a game or download. Frostegater 2012/03/08
Automatic Load txt v0.7 for 6.61 me/pro Plugin that will load the chosen plugin that you have setup, corresponding to your L/CFW. gdljjrod 2015/01/23
Analog Block v1 Completely disables the input from the PSP's analog stick, useful if the control is not working properly. neur0n 2012/06/15
PluginManager v4 Plugin manager for PSP, allows you to enable/disable plugins in realtime without rebooting. plum 2012/06/15
ClockBlock v1 This plugin disables the PSP GO Clock. Only compatible for PSP GO. fLaSh 2012/04/20
ChangeLog v3.6 Notifies you when the status of your PSP has changed. yuh0q223 2011/11/16
XMB Icon Manager mod for 6.xx Rename existing icons and assign your own function, such as shutdown, suspend, reboot and restartvsh. plum 2012/04/20
StxtEditor v1.0 Able to suspend the PSP at any time and read or edit any text files stored on the memory stick. yuh0q223 2012/04/03
SystemMenu v10.0 Changes the VSH menu's graphical user interface so it becomes easier to navigate. plum 2012/06/03
Slide+ v1.1 Minimize CPU/BUS frequency when PSP Go slide is closed to save battery power. Frostegater 2012/01/03
BlinkLED v1.1 Adds LED light indicator feature so that WiFi activity light would flash whenever the PSP is transferring data. yuh0q223 2011/11/14
WallpaperChanger v1.3 Changes background wallpaper of your PSP's XMB every time your PSP boots or VSH is reset. Y.K 2011/12/22
Simple Battery Viewer v1.3 Shows you the remaining battery time and percentage. ABCanG 2012/01/19
AutoMute v2.0.1 Automatically mutes the sound of your PSP speakers when your headphones are detached from your device. pen (ClassG) 2010/01/22
ExPowerSwitch v1.2 Adds options to reset or exit your PSP game, similar to EzGameReset. ABCanG 2012/02/14
EzGameReset v2.0 Adds options that allow you to reset/restart or to exit your PSP game. SnyFbSx 2011/10/22
Download Manager v1.0 Allows your to manage your download from the PSP Internet web browser. Total_Noob 2011/10/17
SecondDisplay v1.8 Measure the time it takes to boot up your game (UMD and ISO driver) with this plugin. Zooner_MT 2011/11/30
EzDriverChanger v1.0 Switch between your custom firmware UMD drivers efficiently. SnyFbSx 2011/07/23
PSP Media Controller v2.0.2 Able to hide or display specified directories. Also known as mdctrl. SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
ZeroVSH Patcher v0.4 Allows you to customize PSP to the fullest extent, all from your memory stick or internal storage (no writing to flash memory). NightStar3, codestation 2015/03/28
XMB™ Item Hider v1.3 fix2 Hide unwanted categories in the XMB. Frostegater 2011/11/27
Game Menu v7 An in-game VSH Menu for your PSP. neur0n 2011/09/28
Extended OSK v2 Extends the on-screen keyboard functionality by adding the ability to copy and paste text. Total_Noob 2011/09/12
Resource Block 2011 Savedata space-saver and optimizer. neur0n and moz 2011/09/09
SaveDataMgr v1.0 Backup, delete, restore your PSP saved data in game or on the XMB. SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
GetInfo v1.2 Plugin that quickly shows pieces of information on your PSP including battery percentage and remaining time. Zooner 2011/09/18
USB Version Fake 2011 Bypass the PlayStation Network Store (PSN) downloader firmware check. Dark_Alex 2011/08/29
bright3.prx v0.03 Allow you to set your PSP's screen brightness. hiroi01 2012/05/20
Volume Control 2.0 v2.0 This plugin allows you to set specified sound volumes and activate them using shortcut keys. ABCanG 2011/10/15
Volume Control v1.4 Set the volume to the highest or to the lowest instantly. ABCanG 2011/06/19
ISOchange v0.3 Easily switching between emulated UMDs/ISO image files. plum 2012/03/28
CWCheat v0.2.3 mod Port version of Weltall's CWCHEAT. Takka 2010/12/26
VSHPong delta Allow you to play Pong played anywhere, either in the XMB (VSH) or while in GAME. A_noob 2011/08/06
SV Capture v0.5 Plugin that can video capture your PSP screen in GIF format (image sequences). ADePSP 2006/12/09
FreeStop final Allows you to quickly pause a game/music/video and quickly exit to the XMB. zooner 2011/12/03
QuickBoot v3.2 Quickly start another GAME, POPS or ISO while in a current game without having to return to the XMB. wn (wnbyaku) 2013/02/26
QuickBoot Mod v3.5 mod Based on QuickBoot with added features (ME 2.2 Inferno, Autoboot, Quickmenu and PSPGo). suloku 2014/08/17
MagicSave v3.63 Fix all your corrupted savedata for your games. Maxem 2012/11/01
NPloader v0.9 Also known as DLC Loader. Allows direct reading and loading of DLC (EDATA/PGD/SPRX) files in their decrypted form. codestation 2011/09/21
NPdecrypter v0.11 Also known as DLC decrypter. Dump DLC files in their decrypted form so you don't need to switch between accounts while using your purchased DLC from different regions. codestation 2011/09/21
FuSa SD v1.0.50b Allows you to enable TV output using any cable (Component, composite, s-video, d-terminal) for your PSP Slim. OldPrisoneR, Andy_maN 2009/05/31
DarkFrost v5.1 A newer and customizable NitePR mod, a cheat plugin for games with more efficient functions. demon450 2012/01/08
NoUMD fixed Store UMD's in tray without your PSP loading them on startup. This plugin completely disables the UMD drive when it's enabled. bpeterson 2011/07/21
PopsLoader v4i Play any PS1 (PSOne) game on your PSP. Mod of Virtuous Flame's Popsloader for PRO/ME. popsdeco 2015/02/18
PSPEText v1.1 fast scroll patch A text reader for modded PSPs that loads along with games and apps. QBRADQ 2009/11/20
FreeCheat v1.0.12.18 A cheats plugin that works in commercial games on the XMB and PSX games, among other useful features. Flarejune 2012/08/31
XMB Control (FreeCore) v1.5.5 for 6.xx Frostegater's port of 6.39 TN-A's xmbctrl (XMB Control) for all ME and PRO Custom Firmwares/Hens. Frostegater 2011/11/12
Spoofer v0.7.1 Spoof your PSP System Software, Dayviewer and Mac Address to anything you want. plum_429 (plum) 2011/11/09
SimplySaver mod for 6xx Modify the PSP's web browser so that you can save any downloaded files to a location of your own choosing. neur0n, Zer01ne 2011/08/15
MyCustomHidder 2010 This plugin allows you to hide the Game, Homebrew, ISO, Video, Music and Photo categories in the XMB. Zer01ne 2010/05/09
Resource Hidder mod for 6xx Able to hide icons on XMB, preview icons/backgrounds/music, gameboot and PSP Logo in launching game and homebrew. Zer01ne, neur0n 2011/04/09
PspStatesMenu Pict v1.06-3 Mod version of PspStatesMenu_v0.5 created by plum, which adds menu functionality. hiroi01, neur0n, plum_429, Dark_Alex 2013/06/06
PSPStates Menu Pict Mod v0.6 Mod version of Dark Alex's PspStates plugin. LMAN (leecherman) 2014/08/29
Gameboot Skip for 6.3X Skip your PSP gameboot screen. neur0n 2011/04/17
VCS CheatDevice v2.4 GTA/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Cheat Device for the PSP. Edison Carter 2007/10/13
LCS CheatDevice 1.0g prx GTA/Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Cheat Device for the PSP. Edison Carter 2009/09/25
AdhocToUSB Mod v2 mod for 6xx Mod version of Yuki-mi's Adhoc To USB to to support 6.xx. neur0n 2011/08/20
AdhocToUSB v0.2 For playing Ad Hoc enabled games over the Internet using XLink Kai without the need for a PC wireless adaptor. yuki-mi 2010/06/04
TweakDISPLAY v1.0.1151 A set of 23 creative and stunning effects that works in-game, in XMB as well as Homebrew. Mr305 2009/04/12
MacroFire v3.2.9 Plugin for remapping PSP controls, recording & executing button macros, adjusting the analog sensitivity, and enabling auto/rapid-fire on select buttons. pen (ClassG) 2011/09/07
Andromida r7+ A plugin that shows battery temperature, firmware and whether your running in HEN mode. CODE_R3D (Sinbad) 2010/11/15
PaintOnXMB v0.1.159 Draw anywhere on the XMB at anytime. Mr305 2008/12/30
PSP Hud v2.75 final A display plugin for the XMB and in game. darko79, codestation, Tim2001 2012/10/06
LED Control v0.4.2 Able to turn off the LEDs of your PSP and save battery power. frostegater, brk3, coax75ohm, codestation 2011/11/27
TempAR v1.63 Plugin that enables cheats and hacks on PSP. raing3 2011/06/27
Autostart PRX v5.6 Automatically start homebrew or ISO/CSO games on boot. Tim2001 2011/12/23
FX-Powerspoof v0.3 Able to bypass battery charge checks when performing updates and certain functions. NoEffex 2009/11/30
JoySens v1.5 mod Mod version of JoySens that allows custom sensitivity control over the PSP's analog stick. neur0n 2018/07/29
Music.prx v0.56 Enjoy your own tunes while in game. ErikPshat, Cpasjuste, AhMan 2014/04/02
MP3PlayerPlugin v3.3fix & lite Allow you to listen to your own music in any game. plum_429 (plum) 2011/09/14
UMD Dump Kai v2 Modified version of Takka's PSP plugin to dump UMDs to ISOs. neur0n 2011/08/21
Audio Boost 6.2x-6.6x Boosts up the volume of your PSP by ~30%. neur0n 2011/08/15
PSPconsole Mod v1.7 mod Mod of PSPconsole v1.7 to work on all 6.XX CFW, originally made by Hotter. qwikrazor87 2014/06/06
CXMB universal mod 371-661 classic & infinity Mod of CXMB with new additions and compatbility. ErikPshat 2016/03/18
Hold+ v4.0 Saves battery power by reducing your PSP's CPU speed to 60Mhz. Torch 2009/08/13
PSNLover v1.2 beta Re-enable PSN Store and PSN online gaming when running custom firmware. Vosman 2010/09/02
GC Lite v1.6 Based on Game Categories Revised (GCR) and Game Categories Light (GCL) both created by Bubbletune. codestation 2014/03/23
Password Lock v3 Modified version of neur0n's password security for PSP. Frostegater, neur0n 2011/08/18
Game Categories v3 Plugin that allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. The version was outdated and was rewritten/replaced by Game Categories Revised from the 4th revisions onwards. Bubbletune 2008/12/06
PRXShot PNG Mod v0.2 fixed Mod of PRXshot png, with some quick editing features. LMAN (leecherman) 2012/08/28
PRXShot-png v1.2 Mod of PRXshot to capture screenshots in .png instead of .bmp. yuh0q223 2012/08/10
Pergame Custom v1.01 Mod of pregame to support 6.20 to 6.60. hiroi01 2011/07/10
Pergame v0.4.0 Selective plugin loader for PSP games. AtomicDryad 2010/07/30
Custom Home Mod v1.3.7 mod Based on Custom Home 1.3.4 by Abcang, with PSPStates fix, CPU speed control and support for PSPGo. suloku 2014/08/17
USpeed Profile Manager v1.0.35 A plugin that will switch between profiles you create to allow you to separate savegames. Uspeed 2012/06/23
Sepulka v0.8 A selective plugin loader that can load plugin only for specified game. C4TurD4Y 2011/03/29
PSP Power Controller v5.3.0 Plugin that aims to easily operate PSP power supply with hotkeys. Also known as pwrCtrl. SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
PSP3DPlugin v2.21 Plugin that can enable anaglyph 3D graphic in games (using a pair of red-cyan glasses). PSPWizard (AnMaBaGiMa) 2011/11/20
PSHider v1.0 A plugin that can hide any kind of applications in the Game Section of XMB. jok3r 2011/05/13
PRXshot v0.4.0 Screenshot plugin for PSP supporting per game folders and instant shot. codestation 2011/05/30
PowerPad_Light v0.5 A plugin to fully control your PSP settings. 742acid743 2011/05/12
PowerFlashLight+ v2.0 Plugin that turns your PSP into a Flashlite, with Button-Tester and Pixel-Fixer integrated. MixeryM(a)xe 2011/04/30
pergame_edit v1.33 A selective game plugin loader that loads other plugins. wn 2011/06/09
NewSlide v2 Plugin that allows one to replace the slide function of his or her PSPgo unit. afrothunder 2011/03/22
Monster Hunter Save Converter v0.3 Plugin to convert Monster Hunter characters to game with different regions. svanheulen 2011/07/11
Localizer™ 6.60/6.39/6.35 A plugin which allow you to use unsupported localizations for XMB. Draan 2011/09/06
Krap-psp v1.21 Ensure a variety of functions to better manage and monitor various aspects of your PSP easily, all in quick keystrokes. kenma9123 2011/08/23
Custom Home v1.3.4 Plugin that makes Home menu more convenient. ABCanG 2013/06/21
aLoader v1.25 Plugin that can run ISOs and CSOs directly from the XMB. ardi 2011/03/17
Alternative VSHMenu v6.1 An alternative VSHMenu plugin for the M33 Custom Firmware. Red_Squirrel 2008/09/21
Protect Me v0.92 final Plugin to secure your PSP with password authentication before XMB is loaded. MaxTheBest 2008/05/31
DayViewer For Game v7 Port of DayViewer to be visible during Game Mode, instead of on the homescreen. Alos known as In-game DayViewer plum 2012/02/22
DayViewer v7 This plugin displays the day of the week on your XMB. Total_Noob 2010/01/25
TimeBatteryPercent v3.1 Plugin that display percentage of remaining battery right next to battery icon. pspflashsystem 2009/12/20
MyRandomGameBoot v3 A plugin that loads random gameboots from your PSP's memory stick. Total_Noob 2009/06/14
PSP Power Saver v0.1.1 Power-saving plugin that aim to maximize your PSP battery's power levels. Warlock 2009/07/06
prxutility++ v7.0 An all-purpose utility plugin, inform user when battery is running low (among other features). pspflashsystem 2009/03/19
PSPconsole v1.7neo A multipurpose plugin for PSP. Hotter 2009/08/19
RemaPSP v1 Remap the PSP controls including taking input from the remote. danzel 2006/08/20
Custom Firmware Extender v3.1 A set of plugins that will add some extra options to your SONY PSP. Cpajuste 2009/01/07
PowerWatch PRX v1 A plug-in that shows information about the PSP's battery and CPU speed. Yongobongo 2007/08/30
Xmb_Rco_Patcher v4 Customize XMB without risk of brick by loading user-defined RCO. DarkGiovy (Leafire) 2011/06/03

System tools

Title Version Description Author Last updated
PRO Custom Firmware PRO CFW pro-c2 Your handy gadget firmware for PSP Jailbreaking. Also known as Pro CFW/procfw/Pro Custom Firmware. Coldbird, Virtuous Flame (Liquidzigong), Team Pro 2013/02/01
AlphaBase v3.6.8 final PSP Debug Bash and Multi-Environment Shell. DekraN 2014/08/25
6.60/6.39/6.38 Downgrader v4.1 Port of Davee's 6.60/6.39/6.38/6.35/6.31 downgrader to 6.60/6.39/6.38. some1 2011/08/27
Multi Updater v0.8 Allows user to carry multiple updates on the PSP. tepsicore_93 2012/03/26
nandTool PSP v0.4 final neo Maintenance application for PSP. cory1492 2008/08/20

PC utilities

Title Version Description Author Last updated
PSPdisp v0.6.1 A program package that allows you to use PSP as an additional monitor under Windows. JJS 2016/01/01
CSPSP Server v1.51 This the server application for CSPSP, a homebrew game for the Sony PSP. nakatu92 2011/09/13
JPCSP revision 0318d15e PSP Emulator written in Java. jpcsp 2021/01/26
Play List M PC v2.1 Create music playlist for your PSP. mpm88 2012/03/15
Remote Joy Lite v20a Allows user to use a computer screen instead of a PSP screen. TyRaNiD 2018/03/22