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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
CSPSP Server This the server application for CSPSP, a homebrew game for the Sony PSP. PC Utilities 1.51 nakatu92 2011/09/13
CTF Manager A simple GUI for CTF/unCTF tools. PC Utilities 5 Red Squirrel 2008/11/09
EBOOT2ISO EBOOT to ISO converter. PC Utilities 1.1 SuperFury1 2009/10/10
JPCSP PSP Emulator written in Java. PC Utilities r0318d15e jpcsp 2021/01/26
PBP Unpacker/Packer Unpack and re-pack EBOOTs. PC Utilities 1.2 ReaperX 2011/03/04
PBP Unpacker A tool for reading and editing PSP PBP files. It can also read and write SFO files. PC Utilities 0.94 pdc 2005/06/17
Play List M PC Create music playlist for your PSP. PC Utilities 2.1 mpm88 2012/03/15
PSPdisp A program package that allows you to use PSP as an additional monitor under Windows. PC Utilities 0.6.1 JJS 2016/01/01
PSPSDK Set of tools and libraries designed to let developers compile their own software for the PSP system. Developments 1.0+beta2 Open Source 2021/04/06
RCOMage A general purpose RCO creation/manipulation tool. PC Utilities 1.1.1 ZiNgA BuRgA 2018/11/21
Remote Joy Lite Allows user to use a computer screen instead of a PSP screen. PC Utilities 20a TyRaNiD 2018/03/22
Simple PSP Copy Bulk rename AVC-encoded video files that can be played on the PSP. PC Utilities 2005 Berklee 2005/12/16
Stardust Engine An easy to use and beautiful game engine for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and PSP. PC Utilities 0.5 Nathan Bourgeois (IridescentRose) 2020/10/09
XMB Icons Enabler/Disabler A simple tool for Windows that allows you to change the XMB icons of your PSP. PC Utilities 2 Red Squirrel 2008/07/02
Xmb Multi Customizer Theme tool. PC Utilities beta 3 takeshi 2009/01/06

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