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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
6.60 plugins on 6.61 A simple plugin that allows 6.60 CFW plugins to work on 6.61 CFW, Infinity & Adrenaline. Plugins 2016 Davee 2016/02/14
Adhoc To USB Mod Mod version of Yuki-mi's Adhoc To USB to to support 6.xx. Plugins 2 mod for 6xx neur0n 2011/08/20
Adhoc To USB For playing Ad Hoc enabled games over the Internet using XLink Kai without the need for a PC wireless adaptor. Plugins 0.2 yuki-mi 2010/06/04
aLoader Plugin that can run ISOs and CSOs directly from the XMB. Plugins 1.25 ardi 2011/03/17
Alternative VSH Menu An alternative VSHMenu plugin for the M33 Custom Firmware. Plugins 6.1 Red_Squirrel 2008/09/21
Analog Block Completely disables the input from the PSP's analog stick, useful if the control is not working properly. Plugins 1 neur0n 2012/06/15
Andromida A plugin that shows battery temperature, firmware and whether your running in HEN mode. Plugins r7+ CODE_R3D (Sinbad) 2010/11/15
Audio Boost Boosts up the volume of your PSP by ~30%. Plugins 6.2x-6.6x neur0n 2011/08/15
Automatic Load txt Plugin that will load the chosen plugin that you have setup, corresponding to your L/CFW. Plugins 0.7 for 6.61 me/pro gdljjrod 2015/01/23
AutoMute Automatically mutes the sound of your PSP speakers when your headphones are detached from your device. Plugins 2.0.1 pen (ClassG) 2010/01/22
Autostart PRX Automatically start homebrew or ISO/CSO games on boot. Plugins 5.6 Tim2001 2011/12/23
BatteryPatch Help PSP Go users to see exactly how much battery percentage is remaining. Note it also requires Dayviewer plugin. Plugins 1.0 ABCanG 2012/10/24
BatteryWarning Plugin that warns you when your PSP battery is running low on charge. Plugins 1.0 Zooner_MT 2012/09/11
BlinkLED Adds LED light indicator feature so that WiFi activity light would flash whenever the PSP is transferring data. Plugins 1.1 yuh0q223 2011/11/14
bright3.prx Allow you to set your PSP's screen brightness. Plugins 0.03 hiroi01 2012/05/20
CDDA Enabler A plugin that enable CDDA audio format for PSX games on PSP running CFW 3.71 or above. Plugins 2 Total_Noob 2015/01/24
CFW Folder Blocker This plugin prevents UMDs from detecting the presence of the "ms0:/seplugins" and "ms0:/iso" directories on your memory stick. Plugins 1.1 Torch 2012/09/11
ChangeLog Notifies you when the status of your PSP has changed. Plugins 3.6 yuh0q223 2011/11/16
CheatMaster Fusion Chinese cheat device for PSP that uses the same cheat code format as CWCheat. Plugins r21d koro (venus) 2013/06/24
ClockBlock This plugin disables the PSP GO Clock. Only compatible for PSP GO. Plugins 1 fLaSh 2012/04/20
Custom Firmware Extender A set of plugins that will add some extra options to your SONY PSP. Plugins 3.1 Cpajuste 2009/01/07
Custom Home Mod Based on Custom Home 1.3.4 by Abcang, with PSPStates fix, CPU speed control and support for PSPGo. Plugins 1.3.7 mod suloku 2014/08/17
Custom Home Plugin that makes Home menu more convenient. Plugins 1.3.4 ABCanG 2013/06/21
CWCheat Port version of Weltall's CWCHEAT. Plugins 0.2.3 mod Weltall, Takka 2010/12/26
CXMB Allow you to use custom CTF themes without the risk of flashing your flash0. Plugins 3.3 Poison 2008/10/26
CXMB universal Mod of CXMB with new additions and compatbility. Plugins mod 3.71-6.61 ErikPshat 2016/03/18
DarkFrost A newer and customizable NitePR mod, a cheat plugin for games with more efficient functions. Plugins 5.1 demon450 2012/01/08
DayViewerForGame Port of DayViewer to be visible during Game Mode, instead of on the homescreen. Alos known as In-game DayViewer Plugins 7 plum 2012/02/22
DayViewer This plugin displays the day of the week on your XMB. Plugins 7 Total_Noob 2010/01/25
Download Manager Allows your to manage your download from the PSP Internet web browser. Plugins 1.0 Total_Noob 2011/10/17
ExPowerSwitch Adds options to reset or exit your PSP game, similar to EzGameReset. Plugins 1.2 ABCanG 2012/02/14
Extended OSK Extends the on-screen keyboard functionality by adding the ability to copy and paste text. Plugins 2 Total_Noob 2011/09/12
EzDriverChanger Switch between your custom firmware UMD drivers efficiently. Plugins 1.0 SnyFbSx 2011/07/23
EzGameReset Adds options that allow you to reset/restart or to exit your PSP game. Plugins 2.0 SnyFbSx 2011/10/22
FreeCheat A cheats plugin that works in commercial games on the XMB and PSX games, among other useful features. Plugins Flarejune 2012/08/31
FreeStop Allows you to quickly pause a game/music/video and quickly exit to the XMB. Plugins final zooner 2011/12/03
FuSa SD mod Mod of FuSa SD to support 6.3x. Plugins mod for 6.3x neur0n 2011/07/24
FuSa SD Allows you to enable TV output using any cable (Component, composite, s-video, d-terminal) for your PSP Slim. Plugins 1.0.50b OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN 2009/05/31
FX-Powerspoof Able to bypass battery charge checks when performing updates and certain functions. Plugins 0.3 NoEffex 2009/11/30
Game Categories Light This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. For firmware 6.20 and later. Plugins 1.3 Bubbletune 2011/03/06
Game Categories Plugin that allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. The version was outdated and was rewritten/replaced by Game Categories Revised from the 4th revisions onwards. Plugins 3 Bubbletune 2008/12/06
Game Categories Revised Allows you to categorize your games/homebrew, rewritten/renamed from the 4th revision of Game Categories plugin. For the 5.00, 5.03 and 5.50 firmwares. Plugins 12 Bubbletune 2009/11/29
Game Menu (satellite) An in-game VSH Menu for your PSP. Plugins 7 neur0n 2011/09/28
Gameboot Skip Skip your PSP gameboot screen. Plugins for 6.3X neur0n 2011/04/17
GC Lite (Game Categories Lite) Based on Game Categories Revised (GCR) and Game Categories Light (GCL) both created by Bubbletune. Plugins 1.7-js1 & v1.6 codestation 2017/10/17
GetInfo Plugin that quickly shows pieces of information on your PSP including battery percentage and remaining time. Plugins 1.2 Zooner (Zooner_MT) 2011/09/18
HelloPRX Display any text in the message.txt file on your psp screen before it boots up. Plugins 0.15 beta Sousanator (Electro) 2006/09/04
Hide My Movies Plugin that can hide/unhide your PSP videos/movies from your PSP memory stick. Plugins 1.0 Hakuryu188 2010/02/25
Hold+ Saves battery power by reducing your PSP's CPU speed to 60Mhz. Plugins 4.0 Torch 2009/08/13
ISOchange Easily switching between emulated UMDs/ISO image files. Plugins 0.3 plum 2012/03/28
JoySens Mod version of JoySens that allows custom sensitivity control over the PSP's analog stick. Plugins 1.5 mod neur0n 2018/07/29
Krap-psp Ensure a variety of functions to better manage and monitor various aspects of your PSP easily, all in quick keystrokes. Plugins 1.21 kenma9123 2011/08/23
LCS CheatDevice GTA/Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Cheat Device for the PSP. Plugins 1.0g prx Edison Carter 2009/09/25
LED Control Able to turn off the LEDs of your PSP and save battery power. Plugins 0.4.2 frostegater, brk3, coax75ohm, codestation 2011/11/27
Leda Plugin Legacy Software Loader for PSP. Plugins 2015 Dark_AleX, ner0n 2015/01/20
LedBatterie_mod This plugin extends the function of your PSP Battery LED, by making the LED blinks at different intervals of Battery percentage. Plugins 0.1 ABCanG 2013/07/01
Localizer™ A plugin which allow you to use unsupported localizations for XMB. Plugins 6.60/6.39/6.35 Draan 2011/09/06
MacroFire Plugin for remapping PSP controls, recording & executing button macros, adjusting the analog sensitivity, and enabling auto/rapid-fire on select buttons. Plugins 3.2.9 pen (ClassG) 2011/09/07
MagicSave Fix all your corrupted savedata for your games. Plugins 3.63 Maxem 2012/11/01
PSP Media Controller (mdCtrl) Able to hide or display specified directories. Also known as mdctrl. Plugins 2.0.2 SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
Monster Hunter Save Converter Plugin to convert Monster Hunter characters to game with different regions. Plugins 0.3 svanheulen 2011/07/11
MP3PlayerPlugin Allow you to listen to your own music in any game. Plugins 3.3fix & lite plum_429 (plum) 2011/09/14
Music.prx Enjoy your own tunes while in game. Plugins 0.56 ErikPshat 2014/04/02
MyCustomHidder This plugin allows you to hide the Game, Homebrew, ISO, Video, Music and Photo categories in the XMB. Plugins 2010 Zer01ne 2010/05/09
MyRandomGameBoot A plugin that loads random gameboots from your PSP's memory stick. Plugins 3 Total_Noob 2009/06/14
NewSlide Plugin that allows one to replace the slide function of his or her PSPgo unit. Plugins 2 afrothunder 2011/03/22
NoUMD Store UMD's in tray without your PSP loading them on startup. This plugin completely disables the UMD drive when it's enabled. Plugins fixed bpeterson 2011/07/21
NPdecrypter Also known as DLC decrypter. Dump DLC files in their decrypted form so you don't need to switch between accounts while using your purchased DLC from different regions. Plugins 0.11 codestation 2011/09/21
NPloader (DLC loader) Also known as DLC Loader. Allows direct reading and loading of DLC (EDATA/PGD/SPRX) files in their decrypted form. Plugins 0.9 codestation 2011/09/21
PaintOnXMB Draw anywhere on the XMB at anytime. Plugins 0.1.159 Mr305 2008/12/30
Password lock Modified version of neur0n's password security for PSP. Plugins 3 Frostegater, neur0n 2011/08/18
Pergame Custom Mod of pregame to support 6.20 to 6.60. Plugins 1.01 hiroi01 2011/07/10
pergame_edit A selective game plugin loader that loads other plugins. Plugins 1.33 wn 2011/06/09
Pergame Selective plugin loader for PSP games. Plugins 0.4.0 AtomicDryad 2010/07/30
PluginManager Plugin manager for PSP, allows you to enable/disable plugins in realtime without rebooting. Plugins 4 plum 2012/06/15
PopsLoader Play any PS1 (PSOne) game on your PSP. Mod of Virtuous Flame's Popsloader for PRO/ME. Plugins 4i popsdeco 2015/02/18
PowerFlashLightplus Plugin that turns your PSP into a Flashlite, with Button-Tester and Pixel-Fixer integrated. Plugins 2.0 [email protected] 2011/04/30
PowerLocker Prevent PSP from closing or suspending any operation, and thus avoiding the loss of information during a game or download. Plugins 1.1 fix2 Frostegater 2012/03/08
PowerPad_Light A plugin to fully control your PSP settings. Plugins 0.5 742acid743 2011/05/12
PowerWatch PRX A plug-in that shows information about the PSP's battery and CPU speed. Plugins 1 Yongobongo 2007/08/30
Protect Me Plugin to secure your PSP with password authentication before XMB is loaded. Plugins 0.92 final MaxTheBest 2008/05/31
PRXShot PNG Mod Mod of PRXshot png, with some quick editing features. Plugins 0.2 fixed LMAN (leecherman) 2012/08/28
prxshot Screenshot plugin for PSP supporting per game folders and instant shot. Plugins 0.4.0 codestation 2011/05/30
PRXShot-png Mod of PRXshot to capture screenshots in .png instead of .bmp. Plugins 1.2 yuh0q223 2012/08/10
prxutility++ An all-purpose utility plugin, inform user when battery is running low (among other features). Plugins 7.0 pspflashsystem 2009/03/19
PSHider A plugin that can hide any kind of applications in the Game Section of XMB. Plugins 1.0 jok3r 2011/05/13
PSNLover Re-enable PSN Store and PSN online gaming when running custom firmware. Plugins 1.2 beta Vosman 2010/09/02
PSP-HUD A display plugin for the XMB and in game. Plugins 2.75 final darko79, codestation, Tim2001 2012/10/06
pwrCtrl Plugin that aims to easily operate PSP power supply with hotkeys. Also known as pwrCtrl. Plugins 5.3.0 SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
PSP Power Saver Power-saving plugin that aim to maximize your PSP battery's power levels. Plugins 0.1.1 Warlock 2009/07/06
PSP3DPlugin Plugin that can enable anaglyph 3D graphic in games (using a pair of red-cyan glasses). Plugins 2.21 PSPWizard (AnMaBaGiMa) 2011/11/20
PSPconsole MOD Mod of PSPconsole v1.7 to work on all 6.XX CFW, originally made by Hotter. Plugins 1.7 mod qwikrazor87 2014/06/06
PSPconsole A multipurpose plugin for PSP. Plugins 1.7neo Hotter 2009/08/19
PSPEText A text reader for modded PSPs that loads along with games and apps. Plugins 1.1 QBRADQ 2009/11/20
PSProtect My System Set passwords for your PSP to help protecting your data from unwanted people. Plugins 1.0 frapsp98 2011/05/30
PSPStates Menu Pict Mod Mod version of Dark Alex's PspStates plugin. Plugins 0.6 LMAN (leecherman) 2014/08/29
PspStatesMenu Pict Mod version of PspStatesMenu_v0.5 created by plum, which adds menu functionality. Plugins 1.06-3 hiroi01, neur0n, plum_429, Dark_Alex 2013/06/06
ptextviewer 2 Allows you to suspend any PSP game at any time and read text files stored on the memory stick. Plugins 2.00 beta6 hiroi01 2013/06/18
ptextviewer Allows you to suspend any PSP game at any time and read text files stored on the memory stick. Plugins 1.03 & 1.03-2 hiroi01 2011/09/12
QuickBoot Mod Based on QuickBoot with added features (ME 2.2 Inferno, Autoboot, Quickmenu and PSPGo). Plugins 3.5 mod suloku 2014/08/17
QuickBoot Quickly start another GAME, POPS or ISO while in a current game without having to return to the XMB. Plugins 3.2 wn (wnbyaku) 2013/02/26
RemaPSP Remap the PSP controls including taking input from the remote. Plugins 1 danzel 2006/08/20
Resource Block Savedata space-saver and optimizer. Plugins 2011 neur0n and moz 2011/09/09
Resource Hidder Able to hide icons on XMB, preview icons/backgrounds/music, gameboot and PSP Logo in launching game and homebrew. Plugins mod for 6xx Zer01ne, neur0n 2011/04/09
SaveDataMgr Backup, delete, restore your PSP saved data in game or on the XMB. Plugins 1.0 SnyFbSx 2011/10/09
Savegame Deemer (sgdeemer) Save a game unencrypted and exercise your hex editing skills to hack those saves. Plugins 1.11 Hellcat (---==> HELLCAT <==---) 2008/02/19
SecondDisplay Measure the time it takes to boot up your game (UMD and ISO driver) with this plugin. Plugins 1.8 Zooner_MT 2011/11/30
Sepulka - Selective Plugin Loader A selective plugin loader that can load plugin only for specified game. Plugins 0.8 C4TurD4Y 2011/03/29
Simple Battery Viewer Shows you the remaining battery time and percentage. Plugins 1.3 ABCanG 2012/01/19
SimplySaver Modify the PSP's web browser so that you can save any downloaded files to a location of your own choosing. Plugins mod for 6xx Zer01ne, neur0n 2011/08/15
Slide+ Minimize CPU/BUS frequency when PSP Go slide is closed to save battery power. Plugins 1.1 Frostegater 2012/01/03
SMB Adds several features to help saving some battery life. Plugins 0.41 Hakuryu188 2010/02/26
Spoofer Spoof your PSP System Software, Dayviewer and Mac Address to anything you want. Plugins 0.7.1 plum_429 (plum) 2011/11/09
sssss SSSSS is a screenshot plugin that supports image formats such as BMP or PNG or JPG. Plugins 0.2 neur0n, originally by yakou 2011/08/24
Stopwatch PSP Stopwatch is a plugin that allows you to use stopwatch on PSP. Plugins 1.6 SnyFbSx 2004/06/14
StxtEditor Able to suspend the PSP at any time and read or edit any text files stored on the memory stick. Plugins 1.0 yuh0q223 2012/04/03
Screen\Video Capture Module Plugin that can video capture your PSP screen in GIF format (image sequences). Plugins 0.5 ADePSP 2006/12/09
SystemMenu plugin Changes the VSH menu's graphical user interface so it becomes easier to navigate. Plugins 10.0 plum 2012/06/03
TempAR Plugin that enables cheats and hacks on PSP. Plugins 1.63 raing3 2011/06/27
TimeBatteryPercent Plugin that display percentage of remaining battery right next to battery icon. Plugins 3.1 pspflashsystem 2009/12/20
TweakDISPLAY A set of 23 creative and stunning effects that works in-game, in XMB as well as Homebrew. Plugins 1.0.1151 Mr305 2009/04/12
UMD Dump Kai Modified version of Takka's PSP plugin to dump UMDs to ISOs. Plugins 2 neur0n 2011/08/21
UMD Dump PRX UMD dumper plugin that allows you to backup your UMD games or videos directly on to your memory stick. Plugins 1.31 Takka 2010/04/29
USB Version Fake Bypass the PlayStation Network Store (PSN) downloader firmware check. Plugins 2011 Dark_Alex 2011/08/29
USpeed Profile Manager A plugin that will switch between profiles you create to allow you to separate savegames. Plugins 1.0.35 Uspeed 2012/06/23
VCS CheatDevice GTA/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Cheat Device for the PSP. Plugins 2.4 Edison Carter 2007/10/13
VideoPRXmodule Mod of CoMeCoCoS's Capture prx (originally made by ADePSP). Plugins 0.33 Tim2001 2011/05/01
Volume Control 2.0 This plugin allows you to set specified sound volumes and activate them using shortcut keys. Plugins 2.0 ABCanG 2011/10/15
Volume Control Set the volume to the highest or to the lowest instantly. Plugins 1.4 ABCanG 2011/06/19
VSHPong Allow you to play Pong played anywhere, either in the XMB (VSH) or while in GAME. Plugins delta A_noob 2011/08/06
WallpaperChanger Mod Mod version of WallpaperChanger made by Y.K. Plugins 1.3 mod2 plum 2012/09/04
WallpaperChanger Changes background wallpaper of your PSP's XMB every time your PSP boots or VSH is reset. Plugins 1.3 Y.K 2011/12/22
xmbctrl (FreeCore) Frostegater's port of 6.39 TN-A's xmbctrl (XMB Control) for all ME and PRO Custom Firmwares/Hens. Plugins 1.5.5 for 6.xx Frostegater 2011/11/12
XMB Icon Manager Rename existing icons and assign your own function, such as shutdown, suspend, reboot and restartvsh. Plugins mod for 6.xx plum 2012/04/20
XMB Item Hider Hide unwanted categories in the XMB. Plugins 1.3 fix2 Frostegater 2011/11/27
Xmb_Rco_Patcher Customize XMB without risk of brick by loading user-defined RCO. Plugins 4 DarkGiovy (Leafire) 2011/06/03
XMBCtrl mod Mod version of XMB Control/XMBCtrl. Plugins 0.2 LMAN (leecherman) 2015/02/13
ZeroVSH Patcher Allows you to customize PSP to the fullest extent, all from your memory stick or internal storage (no writing to flash memory). Plugins 0.4 NightStar3, codestation 2015/03/28

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