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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
GBA Filer A simple filer that browses text files on GBA. File Browsers 2.10 yasuho 2006/08/19
PogoShell A replacement for the menu-program. File Browsers 2.0 Beta 4 Sasq (Jonas Minnberg) 2004/07/12
Calculator Advance A simple calculator. Math 2003 Kyle Kienapfel 2003/03/30
Fractal Zoomer Explore the amazing world of fractals on your Game Boy Advance. Math 2002 Jimmy Mårdell (Yarin) 2002/02/23
GBA Stack Calculator Stack Calculator program. Math 2014 Robert McIndoe 2014/02/26
Brotzeit A tiny, fast mandelbrot & julia viewer. Math 1.0 Dennis Ranke (exoticorn/farbrausch) 2004/12/31
MandelBoy A GBA Mandelbrot viewer. Math 1 Lupin 2004/12/02
Meteo Avi-2-GBA Convert .avi videos to Game Boy Advance ROM files Media players 1.4 Inside-Cap, AIR Pocket Project (Translated by Mike Haggar) 2004/01/02
ps2gsm Music player that runs on PogoShell. Media players 0.03 moonlight 2005/01/16
GBA VGM Player VGM (SMS/GG sound format) player. Media players 0.17 Maxim 2005/10/22
GSM Player Audio player for Game Boy Advance. Media players 2021 Damian Yerrick 2021/07/07
SPC Emulator A SNES sound chip emulator using dynamic recompilation for the GBA. Media players 0.3.1 Gary Linscott 2005/01/12
XPOT2 Audio player (ADPCM format), calendar, clock (RTC) settings. Media players 2.10 SaTa 2004/08/03
MOD Player for GBA MOD Player for GBA - VMP, with GBFS support, so you can create your own compilations. Media players 1.1 marcelo (Verme) 2013/07/12
AGBMidi MIDI player for the GBA. Media players 1.0a Ruben Nunez (AikenToAki) 2008/12/12
SwarmNSF An NSF player for the Gameboy Advance. Media players Demo Mic 2017/02/07
Sid The Kid A SID player for the Gameboy Advance. Media players Demo Mic 2018/02/25
ReBoy A 7 channels 16 steps sample based sequencer. Music Apps 1.0a Checkpoint 2008/05/29
ST-Sound Advance The biggest GBA sound demo with 9h56 hours of ATARI and AMIGA music. Music Apps 2001 Arnaud Carre (Leonard/OXYGENE) 2001/10/07
Drum Sequencer A simple drum seuencer stylie thing. Music Apps 2003 Bootlegger (Jason Bullough) 2003/06/30
SynthGBA A simple Gameboy Advance sound synth written in assembly. Music Apps 11209 David Shere 2009/11/02
Sonic AS A GBA/DS Midi player. Music Apps 1.1 Ruben Nunez (AikenToAki) 2009/10/01
GBA Sound Demo GBA sound demos for testing different sample rates and bit depths. Music Apps 2022 Sean 2022/01/22
Lab Sound A music creation tool for Gameboy Advance. Music Apps 2003 Karoubi Vincent, Laurent Arnaud 2003/07/15
piano on GBA Turn your Game Boy Advance into a piano. Music Apps 1.2 laqieer 2022/01/23
Ditty Editor A native chiptracker for Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Music Apps 2002 John Sensebe 2002/08/06
gba_de_ensou Turn your GBA into a musical instrument. Music Apps 2017 TheHaruking 2017/06/25
PocketFlute Play a virtual flute on your GBA. Music Apps 0.51 Federico Severi 2005/02/02
GBA GPS mapping receiver Use GBA as a mapping receiver and scan maps with a GPS device. Other apps 2 Mikhail Sharonov 2005/04/04
Header Cart header viewer. Other Apps 2002 Smiley Dude (Dennis Munsie) 2002/03/15
JaysOS An OS for the Gameboy Advance. Includes a port of the Waba VM. Other apps 0.2.1 Justin Armstrong 2002/05/03
Paint Master A Mario Paint style program. Other Apps 2003 Snug 2003/03/16
GBA-Sketch A very simple drawing application. Other apps 1.0 DoVai 2021/04/29
RTCSET_dump Multiboot rom for time (RTC) setting, calendar and memory dump. Other apps 2004 SaTa 2004/09/20
GBA Mini Anime Test Simple script-based animation system. Other apps 2004 SaTa 2004/07/04
BTCRTC-RTCSET Synchronize the RTC built-in GBA cartridge with the time on PC using Boot cable USB. Other apps 2004 SaTa 2004/09/20
pixelarter A small pixel art program for the GBA. Other apps 0.1 nectarboy 2021/06/05
GBA Calorie Counter A simple game boy advance calorie counter application that is easily extensible. Other Apps 0.1 huntergdavis 2012/04/28
GBA Place r/place viewer for Gameboy Advance. Other Apps 0.7 Noah Rosamilia 2017/04/18
Vero Design Advance CAD program for the GBA. Other Apps 1.0 Mike Hawkins 2007/11/18
gbaf**k WIP Brainf**k Interpreter for Game Boy Advance using DevKitPro. Other Apps 1.2 Zoe Lain 2022/05/19
GBA Brainf**k Brainf**k interpreter for GBA. Other Apps 1.0 Ray Yano 2019/11/29
GBFS A read-only filesystem for game media in game boy advance roms. Other Apps 20060815 Damian Yerrick 2006/08/15
Dicebag A simple dice rolling program. Other Apps 1.0 Sean James (Mindlord) 2004/11/03
GBA Utility Tools Includes the following tool: Bios Dumper, Button Test, RTC Test, Sound Test. System Tools 2013 Gamer2020 (TheRealGamer2020) 2013/07/27
Jayros GBA VIDEO Test Cartridge Jayros GBA Video Test Cartridge GBA. System Tools 1.0 Jayro Jones 2021/04/25
Joytest Joypad testing program. Font was taken from Jimmy Mardell's Fractal demo. System Tools 2002 Smiley Dude (Dennis Munsie) 2002/08/08
LCD and Lens Alignment Tools for GBA Align your consoles' screens within their lens. System Tools 2022 Jayro Jones 2022/02/01
detect-save-type A tool to detect backup media type. System Tools 3.30 laqieer 2021/07/06
Stuck Pixel Fixer Stuck Pixel Fixer for GBA and compatible systems. System Tools 2005 Damian Yerrick 2005/07/17
save_util Erase all of the SRAM. System Tools 2002 Smiley Dude (Dennis Munsie) 2002/08/01
GBA Tests A collection of Game Boy Advance tests. System Tools 2021 jsmolka,7FM, michelhe, fleroviux 2021/04/01
Game Boy Advance RGB Colour Test RGB colour test. System Tools 1.0 ry0g4_ 2021/11/10
Game Boy Advance D-PAD Test Button tester. System Tools 1.0 Ry0G4_ 2021/02/15
160p Test Suite Size-optimized ports of Artemio's 240p Test Suite to 8-bit consoles. System Tools 0.22 Damian Yerrick 2020/11/05
GameBoy Advance Photos Viewer Photos Viewer on GBA. Utilities 0.02 magicwp 2006/12/10
Keeper Notepad application. Utilities 2003 Jeremy Moreland (Malefactor) 2003/03/08
ps2mda Sound driver for GameboyAdvance. Utilities 0.05 moonlight 2004/08/09
ps2txt Text browsing tool for PogoShell2. Utilities 0.14 moonlight 2005/01/16
GBA Jpeg Viewer A tool to display Jpeg pictures on your Gameboy Advance. Utilities 3.0 Tony Savon 2004/09/09
MicroPhoto Gameboy Advance viewer and a Windows photo album builder. Utilities 1.0 Leonard 2005/11/03
Makebook - Game Boy Book Reader Allows you to make a text file into a book to read on the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance. Utilities 4.92 Pat Crowe 2004/11/01
GBA picture viewer View pictures of any size on the GBA. Utilities 2005 Mikhail 2005/01/26
eBook Advance Gameboy Advance Text Reader Utilities 0.3 beta Final Dan Cotter 2001/09/15
GBA Notepad A notepad for Game Boy Advance. Utilities 2007 David W 2007/10/27
DanTE Advance Text editor with intelligent mapping. Utilities 1.0 Francesco Napolitano 2003/11/13

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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Washing Man A lawnmower style game. Action PDRoms Preview Benny Marrou 2003/11/02
Surface Advance A Qix style game. Action 2003 Ottavio, Poca Luce 2003/09/12
Skull Smasher Smash skulls in 2 minutes. Action Demo Brian, Ben, Brian R., Travis 2002/02/03
Yet Another SFCave A simple but addictive action game. Action 1.0 Troy Davis (GPF) 2007/09/17
a Werewolf Tale A chaotic puzzle action homebrew game. Action 2012 genecyst 2012/08/18
Jetpack A fighting game for GBA. Action 1.05 Mukunda Johnson 2003/10/26
Jetpack 2 Jetpack 2 remake. Action 2004 Mukunda Johnson 2004/05/01
Trix A Qix style game. Get 75% to complete the level. Action 1.0 Richard Heasman 2002/07/26
Cyler An action adventure game. Action 0.4 Gener Gabasa 2004/08/07
TrainX Clone of TKKN 99 (Special Training). Action 2003 WHowe 2003/08/07
Kunoichi Yami Stealth game. Action Beta Louis-N. Dozois and Phil Stroffolino 2003/03/17
Nekketsu Monogatari Advance Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX fan game demo. Action 2010 Mr.X 2010/06/27
Lindsi Luna Blast A homage to old school games. Pure action, with a little adventure side. Action 1.01 Alekmaul, Nhut 2006/10/22
Cyrill the Barbarian An action game featuring 3D graphics. Action demo Kuba 2002/10/27
MeteoRain Avoid meteors falling from the sky. Action 2021 Dr. Ludos 2021/11/22
Comboboy A WIP fighting game. Action 0.5 Joeri_R 2022/01/01
3D SnowTank GBA 3rd person perspective 3D GBA game. Action 1 3DSage 2021/12/27
Moonquake A bomberman-like game with a twist. Action 2004 David Sharp 2004/04/04
Moon Rider GBA Avoid the obstacles and collect the golden ring. Action 2017 ChoiKyun 2017/05/13
Metal Warrior 4 GBA A GBA conversion of Metal Warrior 4. Action 1.3 Covert Bitops 2012/02/11
Ninja Sack A tiny fighting game. Action 2004 Jacob Kjær (LordGraga) 2004/05/02
OpenLara GBA A GBA port of the 1996 classic Tomb Raider. Action alpha XProger 2022/05/03
Blast Arena Advance An abstract/retro styled action game. Action 2005 Mathew Carr 2005/07/27
Orn A capstone project of recreating the original NES Metroid. Action Demo Tom Happ 2004/03/13
Broken Link A top-down action game. Action 2003 Jonathan Kaufmann 2003/03/18
Project Hazuki A 2D fighting game engine. Action 0.11 Allen Ussher 2004/10/17
Speed for GBA A game similar to the old school SFCave. Action 2.3 nika 2014/03/09
Chopper by Christian Side scrolling action game. Action 2003 Christian Auby, Jon Eivind Stranden 2003/03/17
BombOAMan Bomberman style game with 9 levels. Action 1.1 Nokturn, SimonB, Nokturn's brother 2001/01/27
They See Me Rollin Try not to die as your hotdog mobile restaurant rolls down the hill. Action 2021 Jono Shields 2021/07/25
Reaper GBA Demake Reaper GBA demake. Action 2021 Greatheart Games 2021/07/11
The Server Ninja Defeat all your co-workers before the server time runs out. Action 2003 Mark Bowers, Jim Otermat 2003/03/17
EarthKnight A gauntlet-like game with randomly generated maps and enemies. Action 0.5a Saidan 2005/04/09
Google Dino Google Dino for the Gameboy Advance. Action 1.0.1 fritzem 2021/01/19
Snow Fight Snowball fighting game. Action 2004 Dave Murphy 2004/05/02
Bomb'em'all Inspired by the multiplayer mode of Bomberman. Action 2004 Carl Anderson, Hubert Greiche, Gilles Montenach, Matthias Regnier 2004/07/21
Bomber Royale Multiplayer Bomberman like game with mini games. Action 2002 The Battle Royale's Team 2002/09/17
Radicorn A GBA game inspired by Chrome Dino. Action 0a77594 TimDeve 2022/03/09
Fred Firefighter LCD G&W style game for Gameboy Advance. Action 2004 LordGraga 2004/07/04
Ace Collect coins, avoid enemies and fight powerful boss. Action 11 Beta Richard Bard (nightc1), Dan Whitman (kyp4) 2002/02/04
Bubble Dizzy GBA An unofficial port of Bubble Dizzy for the Game Boy Advance. Action 2007 Fozy, Zeguky 2010/05/30
Bug Attack An action platform game on Game Boy Advance. Action 2004 Alain Finckenbein, Guillaume Villain, Nicolas Bouilhol, Frederic Darmon 2004/08/20
Dunjunz for GBA Conversion of Dunjunz from BBC Micro. Action 1.0 Daniel Collier 2003/05/12
Ex Machina An origional game action game inspired by Devil May Cry. Action Deux Lewis Revill 2006/03/11
Gravity Ball Advance Fight gravity and dodge obstacles in Gravity Ball for the GameBoy Advance. Action 2008 megabelmont 2008/11/30
Melody: Chapter N: Death of Sound A short chapter of a dark story. Adventure 1.0 Nano (HaaZerRdz) 2015/01/25
Graveblood Demo of a new adventure game. Adventure demo cojam 2019/12/04
You Save Christmas - TXT A text based adventure game. Adventure 2006 David Monkeyboy Gilbert 2006/01/02
M-Adventure An Interactive Fiction game. Adventure 2003 Paolo Borzini 2003/03/17
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Prove your friends' innocent and get the treasure. Adventure 1.01 Dan Whitman (kyp4) 2002/04/14
Naturette Advance Help Naturette find a way back home. Adventure 2004 Robin Gravel (Serguei2) 2004/02/07
GWatman Classic Spectrum game remaked. Adventure 2002 Kak, The GGG, Russell Hoy 2002/09/15
Advance - Adventures Of The Math And Logic Club A tiny kinetic vn demo for GBA Jam 2021. Adventure Demo kva64 2021/07/09
Mediaeval Quest Based on Adventure for the Atari VCS/2600. Adventure 1.3 Donnie Russell 2005/12/13
Megatroid A sidescrolling adventure puzzle game. Adventure 1.0 Werner Mendizabal 2004/04/26
Anguna - Warriors of Virtue A top-down fantasy action-adventure game, with 5 dungeons to explore. Adventure 0.95 Bite the Chili Productions 2008/06/24
Another World GBA Port of Another World/Out of This World/Outer World. Adventure 2.1 Foxy, Eric Chahi 2005/04/28
3 Weeks In Paradise Based on a classic ZX Spectrum game from the 80's. Adventure 2003 Bootlegger (Jason Bullough) 2003/09/13
Skool Daze - Klass of 99 Steal back your school report. Adventure 1.0 Martin Eyre 2002/02/01
The Last Seal Experience one of the biggest GBA-adventures ever produced. Adventure 2006 Ancor productions 2006/10/03
BlindJump Action/adventure game for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance and Sony PSP. Adventure 2021.11.20.0 Evan Bowman 2021/11/21
Goodboy Galaxy Single planet demo of an exploration platform game for Game Boy Advance. Adventure 1.0.7 Demo Rik Nicol, Jeremy Clarke 2022/05/15
Covid Adventure A lockdown simulator. Adventure Demo klomp 2021/07/13
Inferno An adventure game written in C. Adventure 2019 Kat Shambaugh 2019/05/07
El Hazard - The Magnificent World Fan-made translated port of the El-Hazard Sega Saturn title. Adventure 1.0 Rob "Jinnai" Showalter 2003/07/21
Space Twins Platform puzzler. Adventure 2003 ninewires 2003/09/16
Misfortune Advance A Game Boy Advance port of the fan game of the creepypasta Misfortune.GB. Adventure 2019 Sterophonick 2019/10/22
Sawyers Stories - Time for The Chickens to go to Sleep Watch and read a clucking fun story on the Game Boy Advance. Adventure 2021 Chukoloco08 2021/05/09
Tremblay Island Three Tremblays start a country on an island, what could go wrong? Adventure 0.10.2 Cinemint 2022/05/24
GBA - Death Sentence A short story homebrew. Adventure 2015 Nano (HaaZerRdz) 2015/11/16
Wall Breaker A classic brick the wall game. Arcade Games 1.03 magicwp 2007/03/16
Wolf-Pac Similar to the old school Pac games. Arcade Games 2005 Joseph J. Nesbella 2006/05/20
Advanced snake game Advanced snake game. Arcade Games 0.1 James Jacobs 2009/09/26
Funny Bird Game 2 Clone of Flappy Bird. Arcade Games 2020 KIM ROYAL 2020/04/05
Arcade Mania Snake, memory game and Wordle. Arcade Games 7811c1b DaviAMSilva 2022/06/14
Unstable Rocket Advance A simple GBA demake of Unstable Rocket. Arcade Games 2022 aryanisran 2022/01/21
Hover Bovver Homebrew port of the C64 classic Hover Bovver. Arcade Games 2005 Neil Balmer (spinal_cord) 2005/07/18
SP-Acoman A clone of Pacman. Arcade Games 1.01 Antonio Jesús Dávila Molina 2003/01/30
Touch An arcade game similar to Arkanoid but with a few twist. Arcade Games 1.1 Dave Mejia 2003/02/08
TailGunner GBA Remake of the old Arcade classic with the same name. Arcade Games 1.0 Gener Gabasa 2008/12/05
Intensity A semi-bullet hell game with invincibility aspects. Arcade Games full Kevin Han 2016/03/05
Tron Tron Light Cycles game. Arcade Games 2003 Matthew Scales 2003/03/01
Kasbrik Brick breaker clone. Arcade Games 2003 Yannick ROUSSEAU 2003/03/16
Ping-Pong Diplomacy Advance A simple Pong clone. Arcade Games 1.0 Ry0G4_ 2016/08/12
Light Cycle GBA Based on the arcade game TRON. Arcade Games 2017 ChoiKyun 2017/02/27
Loop The Loop A crazy snake type game. Arcade Games 2004 Shen Mansell 2004/12/20
Paddle Panic Four way breakout game without scoring, but few levels. Arcade Games 2003 NeoGeo 2003/09/15
Super Crate Box GBA A simplified clone of Super Crate Box for the GBA. Arcade Games 2014 Peter Black 2014/04/01
Pacoman Pacman game for Gameboy Advance. Arcade Games Final Taiyou 2002/12/02
2 Bit Ball Wall Brick the walls. Arcade Games 2002 JustBurn 2002/07/13
2 Origins 4 minigame remakes: Snake, Pacman, Arkanoid and Tetris. Arcade Games 1.0 Antonio Gubdin Gonzalez 2004/03/10
Mortal Konsole - Pong Edition Pong tournament between 51 game consoles. Arcade Games 2004 Neil Kemp 2004/09/28
MarioBreak Breakout clone with a lot of new gameplay. Arcade Games 1.0 Hugo Smits (0xC0DE) 2006/11/20
The Trouble with Tribbles A Star Trek fangame. Arcade Games 2004 Will Thomas 2004/04/18
A 4D Christmas An arcade Christmas game. Arcade Games 0.3 NotImplementedLife 2021/12/31
Kakanoid An Arkanoid clone. Arcade Games 2002 InPulSe Team 2002/08/30
Anarkoid Arkanoid clone for GBA. Arcade Games 1.0 Oscar BraindeaD 2002/05/05
Androides A conversion of the T08 hit from the 80's. Arcade Games 0.3 xFlasH 2004/10/15
Oils Well Homebrew version of the 1983-classic Oil’s Well. Arcade Games 0.9 Yiri T. Kohl 2003/04/08
Arkanoid Advance Block breaker arcade game. Arcade Games 2007 Yodajr 2007/02/17
Moon Defender GBA Remake of Missile Command. Arcade Games 2017 ChoiKyun 2017/05/13
Hazard Ball An addictive real-time arcade puzzle game. Arcade Games demo Chris Eastwood 2006/08/19
Balls Of Pengu A simple arcade game inspired by Discs Of Tron. Arcade Games 1.0 Fraggler 2003/10/29
Beer Belly Bill Widdy & Tobik Collect the empty bottles Bill throws down the scaffolding and return crates of fresh beer back to him. Arcade Games 2004 Metalvotze 2004/06/29
Space Tapper Based on the classic arcade Tapper in 1982. Arcade Games 2006 Andre Berube, Omar Cornut 2004/01/08
Block Busters A new, improved version of Arkanoid. Arcade Games 1.1 John Sensebe 2006/05/14
Nuthouse War of the Space Hockey pucks. Arcade Games 2021 Gregor M. Cameron 2021/07/12
Black Sea - Treasure Hunters Search for treasures and discover all the secrets that those waters hold. Arcade Games 2022 Mananuk 2022/07/01
Moon Patrol GBA Port of the old Moon Patrol arcade game. Arcade Games 2019 Ian Finlayson 2019/01/18
Bomb Jack by BraindeaD A Bomb Jack remake. Arcade Games 2002 Oscar BraindeaD 2002/09/13
BREAK Brealout type game with 10 levels. Arcade Games demo Rich Whitehouse 2004/01/13
Broken ASCII Digger Port of Digger DS. Arcade Games 2007 Sektor 2007/09/17
AntSnake Observe a new species of ant in a lab environment. Arcade Games 2022 Mitchell Philipp 2022/03/02
Bytes Snake game. Arcade Games 2004 eKid 2004/07/01
Chopper Chopper style game. Arcade Games 2004 Mike Horgan 2004/05/01
Christmas Advance Remake of the famous snake game. Arcade Games 2001 ZoneGN 2001/11/10
City Connection Remake of City Connection by Jaleco released in 1985. Arcade Games 1.7 Alekmaul 2004/12/31
Tic-Tac-Pong A simple game for the GBA combining Pong and Tic-Tac-Toe. Arcade Games 2022 Mitchell Philipp 2022/02/20
Quantum Survival Try to evade the quantum rocks. Arcade Games final LarkSkwared 2021/09/13
Collision Course Inspired by Atari's classic arcade game Asteroids Arcade Games 1.2 Donnie Russell 2008/09/15
RumblePong A Pong clone for the GBP. Arcade Games 0.1 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2005/04/10
5nake GBA Snake games with a few new features and modes. Arcade Games 20090731 JustBurn, MattTS, Kepler 2009/07/31
Air Hockey Air Hockey on GBA. Arcade Games Final Ben Stark 2003/09/15
Ballistic A classic addicting ball shooter game. Arcade Games 1.0 Dave Smith 2002/02/03
Bibibobo Collect the eggs and avoid salamanders. Arcade Games Alpha Matthieu MALOT, Laurent HERLEDAN 2002/10/02
Elevator Dodge the elevators while crossing the screen. Arcade Games 2003 Shen Mansell 2003/08/17
Snek GBA A homebrew Game Boy Advance Snake clone. Arcade Games 1.1 LeonarthCG 2019/02/16
Flappy Bird GBA A homebrew version of Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance. Arcade Games 1.0 djedditt (Jay van Hutten) 2014/12/29
Space Runner A combination of Pacman and Lode Runner. Arcade Games 1.07 magicwp 2007/03/16
Breakout Remake of the classic game Breakout. Arcade Games 2003 Matthew Scales 2003/02/26
SpoutGBA Port of Spout, a small cave-flying arcade game in black and white. Arcade Games 1.0 Final Alekmaul 2006/06/25
Frosty Paint Repaint the floor, while bad buddies try to disturb you. Arcade Games 1.04 magicwp 2007/03/16
PLBM Games Arcade Fun Pack 1 5 in 1 arcade game pack. Arcade Games Build #1332 Kurt Dekker 2002/01/30
GapMan Faithful remake of Pacman. Arcade Games 2004 Bootlegger (Jason Bullough) 2004/01/01
Subattack Classic submarine arcade game on the GBA. Arcade Games 2005 The Black Frog 2005/07/17
Arkanorb A simple Arkanoid clone. Arcade Games Demo Tim Cowley 2003/06/27
1 Bit Ball Wall Breakout clone. Arcade Games 1f JustBurn 2002/07/13
JAIG Just Another Invaders Game. Arcade Games 2003 Tomasz Słanina (dox) 2003/04/27
Balle Breakout style game. Arcade Games 1.0 Final Florian Brönnimann (Brunni) 2004/12/24
AGB Asteroids A simple remake of Asteroids. Arcade Games Demo Jim Bagley 2001/04/10
Cosmic Smash Tech Demo Clone of the Sega game Cosmic Smash. Arcade Games Demo Jim Bagley 2002/04/01
Torben's Marvellous Adventure A game resembling the classic Pac-Man, but with several extensions. Arcade Games 2002 Jimmy Mårdell (Yarin) 2002/02/12
AGB Spacies Space Invaders on the Game Boy Advance. Arcade Games Demo Jim Bagley 2001/03/04
Cruising On Broadway Remake of Crusing on Broadway from 1983. Arcade Games 2006 Mark Crawley 2006/09/19
Mooncat's Trio Breakout remake with original music, handdrawn graphics and new game styles. Arcade Games 2018 Peter Boné, Bernd Hoffmann 2018/04/05
Bomb Jack by NRX GBA conversion of BOMB JACK from Amstrad CPC. Arcade Games 060406 Nicolas ROBERT [NRX] 2006/04/16
HotelHaut A board game similiar to Otello or Reversi. Board 2007 birslip 2004/04/07
vOthello A conversion of a classic board game called Othello. Board 1.00 Uniworse 2003/11/01
Herg's Yahtzee Port of Yahtzee. Board 0.5 Harold Toler 2003/06/27
Yams Advance Dice game. Board 1 N64Francois 2006/02/07
Xiangqi Chinese chess on the Game Boy Advance. Board 2004 Mikaus 2004/08/16
Reversi Advance Reversi board-game conversion. Board 2003 TeamKNOx 2003/05/18
Puissance 4 Connect 4 for Gameboy Advance. Board 1.0 Etage97 team 2002/06/25
Othello Othello in 3D. Board Demo Damien Marshall 2003/03/05
Labyrinth Conversion of the board game Labyrinth. Board update Rob Blanding 2003/04/21
BattleShip Battleship game. Board 2003 Werner Mendizabal 2003/02/26
Reversi A 2-player strategy board game. Board 2003 MrMister [iCE] 2003/03/17
Shogi Advanced Play Shogi on the Game Boy Advance. Board 5 Daniel Fowler 2006/08/20
Awale An abstract strategy board game. Board 2002 Apsod 2002/02/03
Allumettes Math strategy game Board 1.0 2004/06/26
Squeek Collect all the green balls. Board 1.17 BigRedPimp 2003/03/17
Chessyka Chess game. Board 0.9 Kay Hornig 2003/03/16
GBAttaxx Strategy board game, also known as attax, ataxx, virus or infection. Board 0.1 Thomas Mathys 2003/03/16
Jashin Hearts card game. Card 2002 Costis, BigRedPimp, Alex Ojideagu 2002/10/22
Hearts Cafe A fully functional card game of Hearts. Card 2002 Mathieu Brèthes 2002/10/30
Herg's Solitaire A collection of card games, with customizable backgrounds and cardbacks. Card 1.0 Harold Toler 2003/09/27
Yoshitaka's Hearts Hearts carg game. Card 2002 Yoshi Taka 2002/10/21
TriPlay Card matching game. Card 1.0 Sammy Fatnassi 2002/11/29
Frost Princess A GBA puzzle card game. Card Demo squishyfrogs 2022/01/01
Joker Poker Play Poker on Game Boy Advance. Card 2002 Phil Stroffolino 2002/03/31
Card Fighter Clash Advance A port of the Neogeo Pocket Card Fighter Clash Game (unfinished). Card 2004 Daedalus E. Separa 2004/04/30
Punto Banco Advance Also known as Baccarat. Card 2003 coca77 2003/03/16
Pyramid Solataire Solatire card game. Card 2005 Zapf Bandit 2005/02/08
Video Poker Advance A simple video poker game. Card 2006 John Sensebe 2006/10/15
OpenPoke A project that attempts to rewrite the Pokémon engine as seen in Poké Fire Red from scratch. Game engine 2013 Kyoufu Kawa 2013/09/01
Jespa3D 3D Engine for GBA. Game engine 1.39 Final Jordi Espada 2007/06/05
GBA3DS A small 3D engine for GBA. Game engine 1.0 Torlus 2003/05/09
Yeti3D Portable GameBoy Advanced 3D Engine tech demo. Game engine 2 Demo Derek Evans 2003/08/13
POKE Raycaster Engine A simple raycaster engine. Game engine 2022 ry0g4_ 2022/03/05
Leaf Visual Novel System Leaf Visual Novel System for GBA. Game engine 1.0 laqieer 2021/06/22
piuGBA PIU (Pump It Up) emulator for the GBA. Music 1.4.0 [r]labs 2021/04/06
Rhythmic Reindeer A classical music game for GBA. Music 1.0 inucat 2021/09/09
Where is the ball Game of finding the ball. Other games 2021 kevin20012 2021/07/22
Line Wobbler A demake of Robin Baumgarten's 1-dimensional dungeon crawler Line Wobbler. Other Games 2018 ohsqueezy 2018/01/19
LvR A two-player minigame compilation for the Game Boy Advance. Other Games 2017 quisseh 2017/12/17
XMAS Wars Throw snowballs at the CPU player. Other Games 0.1 Jon Huggins 2002/12/13
Cleangame Advance Things are falling from the sky. You know what to do. Other Games 0.2 S Clarke 2007/11/13
Smart Gamble A Roulette game. Other Games 1.0 Snarfo 2003/07/18
Slime Ball A GBA port of the popular internet game SlimeBall. Other Games 2002 Erik Schellenger 2002/02/03
Pikachu Ga Pokeboru O Aishimasu You are Pikachu and must catch balls comming from the sky. Other games 2001 Nokturn, Redah 2001/02/10
24th Street Phreakout Pick up cheese and wine while avoiding blue chip artwork. Other Games demo2 John Klima 2003/06/05
2004Mbit Compo Game 10 of the best games from the 2004Mbit Competition. Other Games 2005 The GBADEV.ORG Team 2005/11/27
Bah-roo-dah A nostalgic fantasy game created for a coding contest. Other Games 2013 Brunni 2013/04/18
Canabalt for Game Boy Advance A recreation of Adam Atomic's hit Flash game. Other Games 57ffc97 Andrew D'Angelo 2017/09/27
Trogdor The Burninator An attempt to bring the game Starcraft Ghost to GBA. Other Games Demo Ruben Middel, Niels ter Horst, Raymond Siudak 2009/03/05
Super Pugera Mini Game A GBA minigame. Other Games 2004 liar 2004/11/28
Chocobo World Deluxe Let's rescue Mog from Demon King. Other Games 1.01 Davgav 2008/03/21
PTC GBA A reflex game. Other Games 1.1 Oscar BraindeaD 2002/12/15
Coin Quest Collect the coins. Other Games 2003 Scott M. (Mindar) 2003/03/17
D4-4 Let the dice decide what you play. Other Games 2022 GitOut 2022/07/17
Bottle Smash - Team Won't Wake Up Throw the cricket ball to smash the bottles. Other Games 2021 snykyninja, The Cookie Bandit 2021/06/16
Nerd Herder An arcade style game that demonstrates a GBA's features. Other Games 2011 Philip Mallory 2011/10/10
Ice Climber Climb the mountain. Other Games 2020 cconnelly7 2020/01/22
Santa's Chimney Challenge A jolly-filled homebrew for the GBA. Other Games 2005 Paradise 2005/12/29
Santa's Sweatshop An original Christmans game. Other Games 2006 Sumiguchi 2006/01/02
The Mojo Collection And 3-in-1 game collection for Space Loonies, Blockbusters and Video Poker Advance. Other Games 2006 John Sensebe 2006/10/15
Gabdeo GBA Gabriel DropOut fangame. Other games 2019 yaplus 2019/05/23
Nightmare Park Escape from the park. Other games 2005 Jonan 2005/01/02
Bruce Lee A demo game. Other Games Demo Jim Bagley 2003/04/15
Ebooblution A 2-player games featuring real characters and sound. Other Games 0.1 Hector Zapata, Yolanda Cabrera 2002/09/13
Mother: The Video Game A pixel platformer. Platform 2020 Joey Bishop 2020/05/19
Ghostn Goblins Advance Demo of an old school platform game from CAPCOM. Platform Demo Franck "Arcadia" Vandystadt 2007/03/29
WonderBoy Port of Sega's WONDERBOY. Platform 0.4 kinsky 2006/02/15
Wizards GBA Collecting spells to advance to the next level. Platform new David Rorex 2003/01/01
The Old Well An action paced puzzle/platform game demo. Platform Demo Dan Hansson, Anders Hansson 2007/04/13
The Christmas Turkey Colorful platformer. Platform 2008 Aron 2008/01/08
Rick Dangerous Based on amiga classic game nammed Rick Dangerous. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2013/08/17
Jumping Barnaby GBA Port of Jumping Jack from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2007/09/13
Jumping Jim Remake of Jumping Jack, an addictive ZX Spectrum platform game. Platform 1.0 Alekmaul 2005/07/06
My Robot Fight the aliens with your robot. Platform 1.0 Nick Sabalausky (Nitrode/Abscissa) 2004/07/04
Scanboy An action platformer. Platform 2002 Karthur 2002/02/04
Satsuma Yoyo A platform game with three levels. Platform 1.1 ioojk 2001/09/06
Lode Runner A remake of the classic game. Platform 2005 Zapf Bandit 2005/04/06
Night Hunter A one level Castlevania style game. Platform 2005 Ianel 2005/12/05
Coin Adventure Collect as many coins as you can. Platform 2002 John Ward, Lee Bonner 2002/10/17
Magik Tales Platform game. Platform Demo 1 BENNYMARROU TEAM 2002/03/17
Adventurer An old school platformer silimar to Lode Runner. Platform 2005 eKid (Mukunda Johnson) 2005/10/01
Melinda's Resuce You need to rescue Melinda. Platform 1.0 NeoGeo 2003/11/02
GoodBoy Advance A short exploration platformer. Platform 2018 exelotl, hot_pengu 2018/12/04
Aladdin GBA A remake of the first level of Sega Genesis's Aladdin. Platform 0.99999 Anoop 2003/11/08
Mercury Storm A platform shooter. Platform 2005 Nicholas Scheltema 2005/04/10
Jumping Jack Jack for the Advance. Platform 3 Craig Rothwell (CraigX) 2001/06/21
Monochromancy Defend the earth from flying saucers. Platform 2004 Nicholas Scheltema 2004/07/05
Pocket Meat Super Meat Boy fan game for the GBA. Platform 2015 BomberDev 2015/11/01
Banjo Advance V2 - Kazooie Rescue A Banjo Kazooie fangame. Platform 2.00 omg 2007/03/22
Nebulus Puzzle/action game, all originals 16 levels included. Platform 1.2 Foxy 2004/11/29
Dungeon Advance A 2D platform built for GBA using gbsenpai. Platform 2021 phi1997 2021/07/12
Bubble Bobble GBA Clone of Bubble Bobble. Platform Demo 0.9a Thomas Maniero 2002/05/22
Beer Belly Bill 2 - Morning Shift Retro homebrew platform game. Platform 2005 Metalvotze 2005/07/17
Beer Belly Bill 3 - Grillieren Bill is having a barbecue, and of course it's up to you to serve delicious meat to him. Platform 2006 Nuance, Metalvotze 2006/08/15
Beru A platform game with pickups, enemies, hazards. Platform 2003 Simon 'Saikou' Sibley 2003/03/17
Ninja Bear A Jump'n'Run game. Platform 2001 DKS Productions 2001/05/8
Bam Collect bananas from several colors to reveal hidden platforms. Platform ZeroOne Julien Lallevé 2007/01/10
Notebook Adventure GBA platform game. Platform 1.3 notimplementedlife 2022/04/10
Numchuck and the Conquest of Color A platformer with a dynamic color palette. Platform demo Steelehouse Productions 2009/03/31
LodeRunner A one level Lode Runner clone. Platform 0.1 Consolecoder 2002/09/29
Sonyc Demo Sonic fangame with 3 stages. Platform 2002 Elvis Gallegos, Manuel Pazos 2002/05/25
Elements of Darkness An almost finish Castlevania style game. Platform 2005 acetylene studios 2005/04/09
Wonkie Guy Homebrew platformer. Platform 2003 Sean Reid 2003/03/07
The Purple Night A platformer where your health bar is your sword. Platform 2021 Corwin, Gwilym, Sam 2021/11/01
DownwellGBA A demake of Downwell for the Gameboy Advance. Platform 2261-final Mitchell Philipp 2022/05/03
Nicky Boom Rewrite the original engine of the Amiga 500 classic Nicky Boom and Nicky 2. Platform 0.2.0 Gregory Montoir (cyx) 2007/08/11
Carlos Rewrite of the engine used in the game Carlos published by Microids in 1994. Platform 2019 Gregory Montoir (cyx) 2019/09/18
carVup GBA Conversion of the platform game CarVup. Platform 0.2 zeGouky 2007/03/14
Celeste GBA Port of celeste to the Game Boy Advance. Platform 1.2 Gabriel Martin 2022/05/09
POWERPIG GBA A puzzle-platformer for GBA. Platform 2013 genecyst 2013/08/20
Rainbow Islands Conversion of the Classic 2D scrolling platformer Rainbow Islands. Platform 2002 MakSW 2002/01/01
Conker Advance Collect 100 cherries. Platform Demo 1 CrazyRabbit 2007/12/24
Dangerous Xmas Puzzle platformer. Platform 2003 The spoutnick team 2003/03/22
Celeste Classic GBA Celeste Classic ported to the Game Boy Advance. Platform 1.2 JeffRuLz 2021/11/28
Le Defi de Noel 2007 Super Mario platformer. Platform 2007 Yodajr 2007/03/13
Drago - Dumpster Divin An unfinished homebrew game released at Nordlicht 2013. Platform 2013 Nuance, Genesis Project 2013/07/22
Dragonfear Escape to the outside of the dungeon. Platform 0.4 Saidan 2004/07/04
Six Pack Man A run-and-jump platform game inspired by an Amiga game called PlatMan. Platform Beta Lars Friend 2006/05/11
Simonchu Play as Simonchu, The Body of a Hamster, The Soul of a Hero. Platform 2002 Jagos 2002/02/03
Blod Runner A Lode-Runner style game for Gameboy Advance. Platform 2.0 Opus 2002/12/06
Sonic the Hedgehog GBA A POC port by of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive. Platform demo Stealth 2008/08/30
Feline A platform adventure game. Platform 2021 Jono Shields 2021/07/11
Sonic GBA Remake of Sonic The Hedgehog from Mega Drive. Platform Final Florian Brönnimann, Steeven Flores 2009/02/15
Bombs Away Collect all the bombs before time runs out. Platform 2003 Liquidbrain (Paul Bright/GreenGianT) 2003/09/15
Sorcery Remake of Sorcery using original CPC graphics. Platform beta wanou 2005/10/13
Flood GBA An unofficial port of UFO: Flood. Platform 0.9 Foxy 2005/06/17
Fruit Land A simple maze game for the GBA. Platform 1.10 Arjan Bakker 2001/09/12
SASSAFRAS THE GAME A platformer, where you make a song. Jump around. Platform 2021 screv69 2021/07/12
Hierogyphic Man Run! Jump! Collect coins! Die! Platform 2003 Shen Mansell 2003/09/16
Cheeseburger King A short side srcolling retro platformer. Platform 2022 majesity 2022/06/04
Sushi The Cat Collect stars, avoid beeing touched by enemies. Platform 2001 N3TKaT 2001/01/01
Symbol Merged A puzzle platformer where you can merge items(symbols) in hands. Platform demo copyrat90 (Guyeon Yu) 2021/07/12
Teraman An action platformer. Platform 2005 eKid 2005/04/09
Super Mario - The Last GBA Quest Super Mario fangame. Platform Final YodaJr, Omg, Archilolo 2008/05/08
The Pit Inspired by the old classics like Turrican and Rubicon. Platform 1.1 Niels Brouwers 2005/04/11
The Hat Chooses The Wizard A game made for the GMTK Game jam 2021. Platform Post Jam agbrs 2022/01/02
Saphir Conversion of the T08 hit from 1986 by Infogrames. Platform 0.2 xFlasH 2012/05/27
MiniLD71GBA GBA port of a MiniLD71 game with Multiplayer Support. Platform 2021 Pusty 2021/12/28
Gleam Lumines clone. Puzzle 2006 AkumaATR 2006/04/30
ICE-MAN Advance Port of ICE-MAN, a puzzle game from a magazine demo disk published in 1991. Puzzle 1.0 Tamao Okamoto 2010/03/23
GBAjewel A tile matching puzzle game. Puzzle 0.08 David Welch 2002/04/21
Master Mind 2 The color guessing version of the number guessing game Hit & Blow. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
3D Maze A nostalgic 3D maze. Find the hidden key and escapes. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
Pentomino A puzzle game where you have to fits 12 kinds of pieces in a frame. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
MIrror Box A logic puzzle game. Puzzle 2021 szkktht 2021/11/29
Wordwise Multi-player crossword game. Puzzle 2.0 Erik Rounds 2003/03/17
ZeroMine Advance A minesweeper clone. Puzzle 2003 TeamKNOx, K.Kubota 2003/05/27
xniq A CROSSNIQ clone for the GBA (alpha). Puzzle alpha exelotl, Rik, Pyro_Pyro 2021/07/12
Scrybble A mix of Yoshi’s Cookie and Scrabble. Puzzle 2003 Matthew Gummo 2003/09/15
HexaVirus GBA Wipe out the viruses by matching colored blobs. Puzzle 1.0 Alekmaul, Mollusk 2007/09/11
Xor Remake of XOR. Puzzle 1.03 Mick Waites 2006/07/27
YatLike Yet Another Tetris Like game. Puzzle 1.0 François Pessaux (Didou) 2005/12/07
TETRA GBA Tetris clone. Puzzle 1.2 SegaraRai 2020/10/17
Season Stacker A dropping puzzle game. Puzzle Demo Studio Hunty 2006/09/08
Ice Skater GBA Sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 2022 jloppnow 2022/01/31
Puzzle Dungeon Advance Over 100 level of puzzles fun. Puzzle 1.0 PDA Team 2005/04/28
WinPuzzle Remake of Same Game. Puzzle 0.4 Deligon Entertainment 2001/09/30
MazezaM Challenge A simple puzzle game based on MazezaM from Malcolm Tyrrell. Puzzle 1.0 Alekmaul 2013/08/19
Anarchaeologist A short, multi-level, physics-based puzzler for the GBA Puzzle 2022 ControlledChaos0 2022/09/21
Negative Space GBA Port of the DS homebrew game Negative Space. Puzzle 2009 Gener Gabasa 2009/12/19
Katamicro Logic tile-matching game. Puzzle 2006 Kyros 2006/07/19
Znax Select 4 blocks of the same color and form rectangles as big as you can. Puzzle 2007 birslip 2007/09/10
Kitchen Acadamy Puzzle/platform game. Puzzle 2004 James Townsend, Alistair Jarrold 2004/04/29
Tet-is Advance Tetris clone for Gameboy Advance with power ups. Puzzle 2001 Sergej Kravcenko 2001/08/17
Taitris An enhanced Tetris style game. Puzzle Alpha Taiyou 2003/09/14
Super Master Mind A GBA version of Super Master Mind. Puzzle 2006 Keith Epstein 2006/05/30
LaserChessGBA Classic LaserChess for GBA. Puzzle 2001 Russ Prince 2001/11/27
Sokoban Sokoban game. Puzzle 2003 Juergen Werner 2003/09/14
Sokoban Advanced Sokoban style game with Rockford theme. Puzzle 1.1 Richard Heasman 2002/05/06
Lemmings Port of Lemmings to the GBA. Puzzle 2005 Zapf Bandit 2005/04/14
Tetris - The Soviet Mind Game Tetris clone on the GBA. Puzzle 1.0 Ry0G4_ 2016/08/10
Scrilla Forilla Rapo Clapo is going to space again and who gets to cover his record sorting job? You! Puzzle 2003 Joss 2003/09/15
Lights Out Advance! An addictive puzzle game. Puzzle 0.9b Jeff "Kuja" Katz 2003/03/17
Loc-O-Mania Play as a train conductor. Puzzle Demo RMStudio (Michael EL-BAKI) 2012/05/30
Waimanu - Grinding Blocks Adventure A faithful port of the original DS version. Puzzle 2013 Disjointed Studio 2013/07/04
Looped A logic puzzle game. Puzzle 2004 Jason Bullough (Bootlegger) 2004/04/30
tambler-gba A GBA port of a PICO-8 puzzle game. Puzzle 2019 Pomettini 2019/08/23
Luigi MasterMind Puzzle logic game. Puzzle 2006 N64Francois 2006/01/26
Luigi Puzzle Sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 1.2 N64Francois 2006/02.07
Oleminant Puzzle game. Puzzle 2004 birslip 2004/04/09
Luma GBA A laser based sliding puzzle game for the GBA. Puzzle Final Mark Watkin, Simon Jameson 2022/01/20
Nine To Nine Eliminate all the number balls present on table before the table fills up. Puzzle 2002 Vinazzani Domenico 2002/11/24
15-Puzzle Classic sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 1 Daniel Fowler 2006/10/11
luminesweeper It's Lumines. It's Minesweeper. It's both. And you don't need a PSP. Puzzle 20051009 Damian Yerrick 2005/12/10
100 Boxes puzzle Clear 100 boxes in the field. Puzzle 2009 Kyoufu Kawa 2009/10/21
Money Match Join identical coins to make them disappear and gain points. Puzzle 2003 Six Foot Three Foot 2003/09/14
Mario Balls A tile-matching puzzle game inspired by Puzz Loop. Puzzle 2005 Nicolas ROBERT [NRX] 2005/06/12
Mine A Minesweeper clone. Puzzle 0.7 Tony Cai 2004/06/20
Mine-Sweeper Minesweeper clone. Puzzle 2003 Jeff Massung 2003/03/14
Maya Mystery A GBA version from Diamond Mine. Puzzle 1.1 Nuoli 2002/06/21
Matrix Advance A hexagon based puzzle game. Puzzle 2003 Darkain Dragoon 2003/09/14
Super Fighter Block Battle A demo of an addictive action puzzle game. Puzzle CGE2K3 Demo Super Fighter Team 2003/08/09
Malermeister Remove colored blocks. Puzzle 2003 Bastian Pflieger 2003/09/10
Luminous Lumines inspired puzzler. Puzzle 2005 Smayds 2005/11/22
Mines A simple Minesweeper clone. Puzzle 2001 Ivan 2001/05/02
Kerniggle Make rows of coloured blocks to match the patterns needed and light up the word Kerniggle. Puzzle 1.0 Final Daniel McBride 2002/05/19
Airball GBA Port of the classic isometric action game. Puzzle 1.3 Foxy 2004/12/06
Memory Muncha Card memory game. Puzzle 1.01 Lord Graga, Warsong 2003/11/02
Kara Kara Cubes A match 3 puzzle game. Puzzle 2002 Justin Leingang, Matt Kyle 2002/02/08
Jomo A puzzle game inspired by Sokoban and Pushy II. Puzzle 1.02 Saikou 2003/01/29
apotris Guideline Tetris for GBA. Puzzle 3.01 akouzoukos 2022/09/06
LRO - Luggage Retrieval Officer Expertly retrieve important luggage that has found it's way onto the wrong flight. Puzzle 2021 Jono Shields, tempest 2021/12/31
Atomix Remake of Atomixm, an addictive puzzle game from Thalion released in 1990. Puzzle Official RMStudio (Michael EL-BAKI) 2004/07/02
Tile-It Puzzle game. Puzzle 2005 Jason Perry (JP2010) 2005/08/03
Bananas Conversion of an old PC game. Puzzle 2003 Daniel Dagenais 2003/08/31
Magic Floor A freeware sample for the NO$GBA debugger and A22i assembler. Puzzle 1.0 Martin Korth 2002/06/26
Battle Picross A frantic puzzle game. Puzzle 1.0 Sean Reid 2003/11/01
Codename Hacker GBA Homebrew port of Chip's Challenge. Puzzle 1.0 Alekmaul, Lobo, Daydream 2007/09/15
Quadtris Another clone of the classic puzzle, but with some new elements. Puzzle 1.1 Eugene Yi 2005/02/26
Entombed A faithful conversion of an old Atari ST game. Puzzle 2015 pitcrawler 2015/12/13
Beerjeweled Bejewled clone with alcoholic drinks. Puzzle 2013 Nuance, Genesis Project, Digital Demolition Krew 2013/08/19
Super Gem Smash Advance Puzzle game simliar to Puzzle Bobble. Puzzle 2004 Liquidbrain (Paul Bright/GreenGianT) 2004/05/02
The Nomad II: Trapped Puzzle game. Puzzle 1.0.1 Full Alex Markley 2003/06/05
Billy Box - Sokoban Clone Sokoban clone on the GBA. Puzzle 2007 zecreator 2007/12/15
Blackout Advance Switch off all the lights. Puzzle 2004 Jeff "Kuja" Katz 2004/03/26
PortalAdvance Portal clone for Game Boy Advance. Puzzle 2016 Ashley Samuelson 2016/11/13
One line draw A classic hamilton path puzzle on the grid. Puzzle 2021 Liang Guangyu 2021/07/12
It Takes Two Advance A port/demake of It Takes Two for the Game Boy Advance. Puzzle 1.0 Daniel Ilett 2019/01/31
Liner +5183 Draw a single line starting from 1 to the goal 81. Puzzle 2021 szkktht 2021/11/29
Galaxy Wall GBA A variant of Tetris. Puzzle 2017 ChoiKyun 2017/02/27
Blocks Tetris clone. Puzzle 2003 Werner Mendizabal 2003/03/05
Polyominoes The one millionth Tetris clone known to man, featuring 4 unique modes and 3 shape sets. Puzzle 2006 Andrew Best 2006/01/17
Panic At Work Tetris like game. Puzzle 2003 Adriano Baglio (ZoneGN) 2003/03/17
Sudoku 599 +1 A puzzle where you have to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
PipeSpin Puzzle game for Game Boy Advance. Puzzle 1.0 hippydave 2021/07/17
Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw puzzle with moving pictures, based on a game on the Famicom. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
Pnakys A simple but addictive puzzle game similar to Puyo Puyo. Puzzle 1.0 Torlus 2003/10/28
BustAMoveGBA A complete clone of Puzzle Bobble. Puzzle 2001 Russ Prince 2001/12/20
Scrum A puzzle game (very) vaguely about programming. Puzzle 2015 Jeffrey Pfau 2015/01/04
CCCP Port of Crystal Clear. Puzzle 2008 Torlus 2008/02/20
Poomania A Pipe Mania clone with new graphics. Puzzle 2009 Metalvotze 2009/05/31
TrueMAZE Explore a vast maze. Puzzle Beta10 nika 2010/10/02
Chip Advance Re-implementation of Chip's Challenge on the GBA. Puzzle 2.1 Alekmaul 2007/01/27
Retro Virus Develop the virus and save the earth. Puzzle 2005 Thomas Hopper 2005/09/15
Eyeborg Advance Demo Port of an Amiga game EYE-BORG. Puzzle Demo Paul Timson 2003/08/21
GBAtris A classic-style tetris game. Puzzle 1.0 John Tsiombikas 2019/02/28
Clem The Retarded Elf 2 A quirky puzzle game on GBA. Puzzle 2009 Scott Lininger 2009/05/31
CODENAME - Monkey-Bots An educational and entertaining multiplayer game for the GameBoy Advance. Puzzle 0.9 jronco, meroberson, sscoffman 2003/05/06
Push-It Remove all the available marbles from the game arena Puzzle 1.1 Bootlegger 2003/11/03
Space QIX GBA Puzzle game inspired by QIX and Volfied. Puzzle 2017 ChoiKyun 2017/02/27
Reaxion GBA Port of the C64 game Reaxion to the GBA. Puzzle Party version Widdy 2007/08/17
Thinking with Boxes Solve puzzles by moving a janky pile of boxes. Puzzle 2022 GitOut 2022/07/18
Croutons A Tetris style game for Gameboy Advance. Puzzle 2002 Sébastien Molines (Clafou) 2002/05/10
Rockford A remake of the PC game. Sequel to Boulderdash. Puzzle 0.9 Zapf Bandit 2003/12/19
Rotris Tetris that may give you a motion sickness. Puzzle 2002 Jimmy Mårdell (Yarin) 2002/05/10
Same Game GBA Click on same coloured groups to get points and clear the screen. Puzzle R2 Daniel Smith 2002/07/11
Deflektor GBA An unofficial port of Deflektor. Puzzle 1.1 Foxy 2007/03/10
Deluxe Miner A polished version of Minesweeper for the Gameboy Advance. Puzzle 1.02 magicwp 2007/03/16
Dharma doujou An adaption of Dharma Doujou from MAME. Puzzle 0.1 rican 2006/07/08
Serp Activate all the number squares. Puzzle 2003 Miguel angel alvarez garcia 2003/03/17
Diamond Mine Simple yet addictive match-3 game. Puzzle 0.1 Johnny North 2002/06/17
Santa Escapes The Labyrinth Of Presents Excape from the Labyrinth of Presents. Puzzle 2004 Future Shock Software 2004/12/13
Dragon Tiles 15 tile sliding puzzle game. Puzzle 2003 Red5 The Genesis Project 2003/03/16
Sha-Shlik Mah-Jongg Solitaire with pretty hicolor graphics. Puzzle 2003 Widdy 2003/12/17
Dr Sudoku Advance 4 simple SUdoku puzzles. Puzzle Demo 1 N64Francois 2007/03/26
Simon Memory game. Puzzle 1.9 beta final rican 2004/05/27
Bauble Break Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move clone. Puzzle 2008 Team Blackfrog 2008/01/08
Skweez A puzzle game similar to Rodent's Revenge. Puzzle 2003 Sean Connelly 2003/03/17
Blowhole A puzzle game. Puzzle 0.90 Lance Legan 2011/04/02
Bobble Tris Tetris like game with graphics from Bobble Puzzle. Puzzle 2002 Athlan Bertil 2002/03/09
Factory Bots Robot-control puzzler. Puzzle 2009 Nicholas Scheltema 2009/05/31
Fill It Up Walk through the entire maze. Puzzle 2003 Matthew Gummo 2003/03/16
Brain n Bells A logic puzzle game. Puzzle 0.6b Bruno Vedder, Valentine Montaner 2002/02/14
GBA Puzzle Bobble Puzzle bobble replica with a spooky theme. A hobby project made in c/Arm assembly. Puzzle Final JavierDega 2022/02/21
Brainy Mastermind A simple mastermind game. Puzzle r1 Carsten Paproth 2003/07/18
Bubble Blow A two-player puzzle game similar to Bust A Move. Puzzle 2004 Julien Muniak, Benjamin Grelie, Julien Mignot, Julien Oncelay 2004/07/19
Frogger GBA Faithful remake of the arcade game Frogger. Puzzle 2 Bootlegger (Jason Bullough) 2007/06/09
Advancetris Modern tetris for Game Boy Advance. Puzzle 0.1 zniqco 2022/07/19
Loonies 8192 A cross-platform mini retro puzzle game. Puzzle r66 Thomas Perl (thp) 2021/07/15
Frogtris A *tris game features happy dancing animals. Puzzle 2003 Shen Mansell 2004/09/18
Sudoku Micro The ultimative puzzle game Sudoku. Puzzle RC 1 DJP 2006/03/07
Bunny Xmas Tetris like game. Puzzle 2003 Shen Mansell 2003/11/12
Iceblox GBA Remake of the puzzle game Iceblox. Puzzle 2013 phat64 2013/01/17
The Hand Of God Lead the lost soul to the exit. Puzzle 2003 Kuja 2003/04/24
Tetrigram A Tangram style game. Puzzle 1.0 François Pessaux (Didou) 2005/11/20
Tetris 64 Remix Remake of the Commodore 64 version in 1987. Puzzle 1 RMStudio (Michael EL-BAKI) 2003/06/02
Blocktrap Fight against blocks invading your territory from 3 directions. Puzzle 1 François Pessaux 2005/08/18
Tetravex Based on the same game that can be found under Linux. Puzzle 1.0 François Pessaux 2005/09/22
Blabla Vocabulary game. Puzzle 1.1 François Pessaux 2005/08/18
Toadally Awesome Game An original puzzle game. Puzzle 2021 squishyfrogs 2021/07/11
Lockjaw: The Overdose Tetris with a twist. Puzzle M4 Damian Yerrick 2006/07/22
Clac Q one Brain teasers puzzle game. Puzzle Full Etage97 team 2003/09/14
Top-Ping Guide a penguin through levels. Puzzle 1.0 Supermegatom 2005/11/27
Colour Bobble A color matching game. Puzzle 1.1 Matthew Eanor 2002/03/18
Motus Advance Word guessing game. Puzzle 1.1 François Pessaux 2004/11/29
Pitman It is a simple yet addictive game where you hve to take all gold nuggets on the screen. Puzzle 2006 szkktht 2006/10/14
Tri-Chain Memory An old card matching game everyone remembers, but with a twist. Puzzle 2004 Jason Haffner, Brendan Sechter 2004/07/03
Tris Fighter Puzzle game similar to Tetris with storyline. Puzzle 2004 Pascal ESPAGNOL 2004/08/20
GEMini A block-shuffling-and-matching puzzler. Puzzle 1.0 Ayden Wolf (Smayds), Ray Mankelow 2005/04/15
Balanced Diet A game about keeping a balanced diet. Puzzle 2011 Sebastian Mihai 2011/12/31
Varooom 3D A top-down racer rendered in full 3D. Racing 7.3.0 final GValiente 2021/07/26
Wrong Road GBA Avoid opposing racers. Racing 2021 jenswa 2021/06/24
Neo Racing Genesis A car racing game. Racing 0.21 Dan Prati 2001/12/27
Motocross Challenge A classic motocross racing game. Racing 2007 DHG Games 2007/04/18
Bridge Racer LCD Game & Watch style game. Racing 2004 Bootlegger 2004/06/27
Lau Gurpil A simple racing game for the GBA. Racing 0.1.0 chickendude 2021/10/23
Carbie Capture the flag with cars. Racing 2003 pharg 2003/03/16
BuffaloGro Raise a pet buffalo to compete in the Great Buffalo Race. Racing 2019 Zachary Allen (Zakadamia) 2019/12/01
Eliminator GBA Port of the 3D shoot 'em up Eliminator from 1988. Racing 0.91 Foxy 2007/03/08
Formula Four Control the fireman and make sure that you kill the fire before it takes over. Racing 2004 Bastian Pflieger 2004/07/04
Critical Velocity Topdown 2D racer. Racing 2003 Michiel Kolders, Raymond Leung, Okkie 2003/09/15
Trailblazer Advance A modern conversion of Shaun Southern's old 8-Bit classic. Racing 0.9b Widdy 2004/12/24
GBA Roader A small driving game for Game Boy Advance. Racing 2001 Jay Cook 2001/10/24
Legend of holy sword Remake of a freeware Chinese RPG game. Role playing 2021 Liang Guangyu 2021/07/14
Matrix Runner Play as a hacker and experience the computer network as a virtual reality. Role playing 1.2 Nicholas Scheltema 2007/03/04
AGB_Hack An adaptation of Don G. Kneller's PC Hack 3.61. Role playing 1.6 Donnie Russell 2007/09/16
AGB_Rogue A roguelike game, adapted from the 1985 IBM(TM) PC version of Rogue. Role playing 1.21 Donnie Russell 2007/08/05
Milo's Quest A turn-based RPG game. Role playing 2003 Nicholas Scheltema 2003/03/17
Scroll Of Fire An original roguelike for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). Role playing 2022 akouzoukos, tempest 2022/05/06
Necropolis An undead roguelike for the GBA. Role playing 2021 jehoz 2021/07/12
SubQuest - The Search for the Virtual Pet The 1.5th Quest Game for the Game Boy Advance. Role playing 1.0.1 RGamesOfficial 2022/07/11
Bridge Quest A small Zelda engine clone. Role playing 2021 fixxiefixx 2021/07/10
Broken Circle An unreleased turn-based RPG. It has a new combat system, isometric graphics and high quality battle animations. Role playing 2009 7 Raven Studio 2009/06/11
Buried at Moat A short story. Role playing 2004 Dennis Kincheloe 2004/04/30
Castle Master Mammoth reverse engineering effort of the Freescape classic. Role playing 2004 Quirky 2004/02/14
Powder GBA A multi-platform rougelike game for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Role playing 118 Jeff Lait 2018/02/25
Reimu and the Origin of the Purification Rod Touhou fangame. Role playing Prototype FireFox2m 2020/01/19
The Endless Tower Isometric hack & slash RPG. Role playing 2004 David Doucet 2004/04/27
Star Fortress Dendron Isometric RPG set on a haunted station above the dead world of Axia. Role playing 2004 Scott Lininger, Brendan Sechter 2004/12/06
Gameland A small RPG game. Role playing 2003 Stephen Stair (sgstair), Matt Griffith (zenith) 2003/03/18
Traveller - The Quest For Mead A top down and sidescrolling RPG built in C and assembly. Role playing 1.4 Final Nathan Davenport 2020/12/20
Moshpit A small dungeon crawler game. Role playing 2003 Shen Mansell 2003/08/19
GBA MMO The world's first MMORPG for the GameBoy Advance. Role playing 2021 maciel310 2021/07/12
Inheritors of the Oubliette A dungeon crawler featuring a full resolution first-person engine with depth-based lighting. Role playing 1.2 Mahou Shoujo Magical Moestar, one60hp 2021/07/15
The Search For Shadow A playable demo version of an action RPG. Role playing 1.0 Demo Matt (The Letter M) 2001/09/09
GBA Rogue Explore randomly generated dungeons in this port of Linux Rogue. Role playing 1.0 Quirky 2005/11/09
Dwarrendelf A fairy tale RPG game (unfinished). Role playing 2009 Johan Ceuppens 2009/11/02
The Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind Graphic Adventure. Role playing 2003 Bertil Hörberg 2003/03/16
Uranus 2 Sequel to Uranus. Shooter 2002 ZoneGN 2002/02/25
Uranus Zero EV Easy version of Uranus Zero. Shooter Fix ZoneGN 2003/05/23
GBAFreeDoom A FreeDoom fork of DoomHacks port of prBoom to the Nintendo GBA. Shooter 2022 Devin "RetroGamer02" 2022/09/01
Return to Genesis GBA Port of a shoot 'em up game on the Atari ST. Shooter 0.05 Foxy 2007/11/25
Vulkanon A homebrew bullet hell shooter for Gameboy Advance. Shooter 2.1.0 Takayama Fumihiko 2007/07/01
GoldenGBA A 3D 4 player split screen to compete against enemies on the Game Boy Advance. Shooter 1.0 3DSage 2021/07/22
Goldrunner GBA Port of the vertically scrolling shooter Goldrunner. Shooter 1.0 Foxy 2007/03/16
Wing Runner Fly for as long as you can without your shields reaching 0. Shooter 0.8 Saidan 2003/10/27
GORF A faithful port of GORF. Shooter 03 Final Jess Ragan 2009/10/04
BattleCity GBA Battle City clone made for Game Boy Advance and ARM architecture. Shooter 2018 Mateusz Zaremba 2018/03/02
World Reborn Classic 2D shoot'em up with RPG elements. Shooter 2008 NeoPong 2008/03/31
Gunner Inspired by Zero Gunner from Sega Dreamcast. Shooter 2004 Mike Horgan 2004/05/02
Vincent In The Ice Caves A classical 3D-shoot em up. Shooter 2009 Peter Supan (suppmPeda) 2009/01/20
Wwar-a-ton A war game with a touch of Llamatron and Cannon Fodde. Shooter 2004 Gytis Murauskas (onemancrew) 2004/02/07
Hyper Armageddon GBA An unfinished shoot-em-up prototype. Shooter Demo Cosine 2015/06/20
Rex - New Mission This is a tribute to the ZX game Rex. Shooter 0.204 Andrzej Czyz, Pawel Czyz 2003/09/15
GBADoom SVN A slightly modified version of doomhack's PrBoom GBA Port. Shooter SVN 1.7 Kippykip 2021/11/29
Shadow Gulch A fast paced western shootout. Shooter 1.0 Matt (The Letter M) 2001/07/21
Impact Homebrew shooter. Shooter 0.6 Gener Gabasa 2004/08/06
Thrust Remake of old classic Thrust. Shooter 1.1 Grumpy Cat 2003/03/04
Thrust Advance Thrust remake on the Game Boy Advance. Shooter 1.04 Matthew R. Partridge 2002/12/02
Zoop Zone - Zoop'Em Up 2 Shoot 'em up. Shooter 2003 Martin Konrad 2003/03/16
Tank Zone Guide your tank through 16 levels full of action. Shooter 1.0 Consolecoder 2002/01/06
Komandor Gonzo A tribute to generic games. Shooter compo Andrzej Czyz 2005/04/11
Star Shot A space shooter with nice graphics and powerups. Shooter 6.0 Opus 2003/12/03
Spinvader Clone of Space Invaders. Shooter 2004 liquidbrain (Paul Bright/GreenGianT) 2004/04/30
LLamabooost A multidirectional shooter. Shooter 1.2 LordGraga, DayDream 2004/02/08
Retro Run A game with horizontal scrolling. Shooter 2002 Mike Wynn 2002/02/03
Osiris Kill all the mummies to survive. Shooter 2002 Alistair Phillips, James Sharpe 2002/02/03
587 Squadron Advance Fly in, hit hard and cover yourself in glory - on a GBA. Shooter 2021 PogeSoft 2021/07/11
B-Type A side scrolling shoot 'em up. Shooter 2002 Nicky Hunt 2002/10/15
1942 An attempt to remake the Capcom classic arcade game 1942. Shooter 2005 Zapf Bandit 2005/04/11
Microshooter A simple arcade style space shoot 'em up. Shooter 1 PhoenixJ 2006/04/09
Android 2 Advance A remake of the 1983 Spectrum game Android 2. Shooter 2004 Mike Hawkins 2004/04/19
Attack... On Outer Space Space shooter. Shooter 2002 Chud575 2002/09/25
Lily and the lost Angel A shoot 'em up game using Mode 3. Shooter 0.2 nesgba 2008/01/06
Alpha Wing A top-down space shooter with 360 degree rotation, particle FX & zooming. Shooter 2003 Jon Wingrove 2003/03/14
GBADoom A port of prBoom to the Nintendo GBA. Shooter 2.4 doomhack 2021/12/20
Astrohawk Advance A public domain arcade game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Shooter Full Paul Lay, Harvey A. Kong Tin 2002/12/31
Tigermoth Bullet hell on the GBA. Shooter Beta2 Marq Watkin (pmprog) 2021/06/07
Space Loonies Warp through space to protect your space stations from attack by the Space Loonies. Shooter 2006 John Sensebe 2006/04/20
NightHawk A simple shooter. Shooter 2003 Christian Auby 2003/03/17
Berzerk for Gameboy Advance A remake of Berzerk from 1980. Shooter 1.0 Oscar BraindeaD 2002/05/12
Space Game A small side shooter for the Game Boy Advance. Shooter 2018 Elliott Ayling 2018/02/26
Operation Snow An Operation Wolf inspired shooter with a Christmas theme. Shooter 2006 FluBBa 2006/01/01
Blastin Asteroids Space shooting game. Shooter 2004 Matthew Gummo 2004/05/01
Raven X A simple side scrolling shooting game. Shooter 2013 David Idol 2013/08/28
SpaceARMy A Space Invaders clone Shooter 2019 Luis Quesada Torres 2019/09/16
1942 Advance Old School Shoot'em Up from CAPCOM. Shooter 2006 Franck "Arcadia" Vandystadt 2006/11/15
Butano Fighter Stay alive while you shoot at everything that moves. Shooter 2022 GValiente 2022/06/22
Pocket Raider and Pocket Raider II Strategy shooter inspired by Raid on Bungling Bay. Shooter 1.03 & 1.00 John A. Reder 2008/10/13
Cell Block Shootout Shoot 'em up with simple but fun gameplay, nice backgrounds and 3D-modeled sprites. Shooter 1.0 Final Griever308 2007/01/26
Polygonism An early demo. Shooter 2005 Lord Graga 2005/04/10
Little Cricket Advance A small 3D arcade shooter. Shooter 2007 Griever308 2007/02/03
Commando Advance A horizontal shooter game. Shooter 1 Seagal (jose lopez tortosa) 2003/03/16
The Cave An arcade-like game designed in C. Shooter 2015 Zack Littke-Smith 2015/08/07
T2002 GBA A fan project based on the legendary C64/Amiga game Turrican. Shooter Complete pekaro software 2012/01/13
Phoenix Gameboy Advance Phoenix inspired space shooter with many levels and numerous enemy types. Shooter 2014 Robert McIndoe 2014/02/21
Space Rocks Side scrolling arcade shooter. Shooter Final ExStefen. Isaac, Csaba 2021/06/16
The Christmas Game Save mother Christmas. Shooter 2007 Nagame 2007/02/05
Digital Invader for GBA Remake of the Digital Invader released by Casio Shooter 0.3 yasuho 2006/08/19
ShooterThing A 2D shooter for Game Boy Advance (unfinished). Shooter 50% Genesis Project 2014/07/27
Skeet Shoot Shoot the bullets and reload your gun soon enough. Shooter 0.01 Paradise 2007/03/04
DVCK HVNT Duck Hunt game clone from the Nintendo Entertainment System. Shooter 1.0 Trevor Bentley 2003/03/17
Uranus Zero Vertical shoot-em-up with many modes. Shooter 2003 ZoneGN 2003/02/14
Solar Guard A WIP space shooter made for GBA Jam 2021. Shooter GBA-JAM-2021 Deft Spade 2021/07/11
Bogey 6 First person aircraft shooter. Shooter 2002 Jay Cook 2002/02/04
Inwaders Space Invaders clone. Shooter 2003 Liquidbrain (Paul Bright/GreenGianT) 2003/05/04
Space Shooter A simple shooter. Shooter 2003 Bernhard Deininger 2003/03/16
Space Commander Pac-Man A mixture of Space Invaders and Pacman. Shooter 1.0 Aaron Shadis 2003/02/11
Bug-o-tron A horizontal shooter. Shooter 2003 Johan Euphrosine, Sylvain Sauvestre, Julien Martinez 2003/07/20
Star Shooter Space Invaders style game. Shooter 2002 NEiM0D 2002/04/09
HAWK Retro Suadron Shoot'em Up game for GameBoy Advanced. Shooter 2022 Makar Osokin 2022/07/18
Sworld 3 A side scrolling kill fest. Shooter 5 Shen Mansell 2004/02/17
Sun Invaders Classic invader shooting, but on the beach. Shooter 2003 Philippe-Andre Lorin 2003/03/17
Super Wings You are the only hope left for earth. Seek and destroy the universal threat. Shooter 2008 eKid (Mukunda Johnson) 2008/03/20
Super Star Shooter Advance Conversion of an Indie shmup created by The Dotmap Brothers for the Sharp X68000 in 1991. Shooter 2003 MAGiC TOUCH, AND 2003/04/05
Tank Commander An arcade shooter inspired by Robot Tank. Shooter 1.3 Donnie Russell 2006/02/22
GBA Doom WAD Conversions A compilation of vanilla DOOM WAD conversions. Shooter 2021 Bazooka_Face 2021/12/27
The Farewell Affair Inspired by the book Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth Century. Shooter Demo Nagame 2005/12/16
AGB Clay Pidgeon A demo shooter game. Shooter Demo Jim Bagley 2001/03/27
Chex Quest GBA Modification of GBADoom port. Shooter 0.9a Joseph Nesbella (Jinroh) 2020/11/23
Holy Hell A manic shoot 'em up puzzler. Shooter NEOFLASH genecyst 2012/08/20
Toundra Wolfenstein style game that's still in development. Shooter Demo Nagame 2004/05/02
Combat Advanced A fast pace arcade style side scrolling shooter. Shooter 0.43 Demo sumiguchi 2006/05/28
Tyrian 2000 An unreleased port of Tyrian 2000. Shooter 2003 World Tree Games 2003/03/26
LA for GBA Survive within a life game for as long as possible. Shooter 2004 liar 2004/11/28
Uranus First release in the Uranus series. Shooter 2002 ZoneGN 2002/05/24
Gearhead Garage Adventure Based on the popular PC title Snap-On Gearhead Garage. Simulation demo Ratloop 2006/08/20
GBACRAFT A homebrew game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Simulation 1.0 3DSage 2021/02/15
Kawaii Bakemono Homebrew game similat to old classic Tamagotchi. Simulation revised Daniel Rehn, Isac Sandelin 2003/09/14
Runes GBA Read your fortune. Simulation 2003 Ben Baker (Headspin) 2003/02/15
Life Game Conway's Game of Life for the GBA. Simulation 2021 szkktht 2021/11/29
Rags to Riches Game Boy Advance Shopkeeping Game. Simulation Final Mohammed Husain 2018/04/18
BulletGBA A homebrew bullet hell simulator for Gameboy Advance. Simulation 5.0 Takayama Fumihiko 2007/05/21
Cutegotchi Advance Demo Take care of a misterious alien bunny. Simulation 2003 FNX Games 2003/03/16
Cyclone Rescue people and supplies in bad weather. Simulation 1 Quirky 2002/11/20
Elite AGB Based on Angus Duggan's Elite A. Simulation 0.5.2 Quirky 2007/04/15
Elite - The New Kind GBA port of Christian Pinder's reverse engineered code. Simulation 1.7.1 Quirky 2005/12/30
TradeWinds Sail to various cities to buy and sell goods while battling encountered pirates. Simulation 2003 Kevin Bohlmann 2003/09/14
ucity Advance An open-source city-building game. Simulation 1.0.2 AntonioND (SkyLyrac) 2022/04/01
Gorillas 2 Remake of the old QBasic classic, Gorillas. Strategy 2.1 Ben Stark 2001/01/10
Viracide A strategic shooter game demo. Strategy 1.01 Demo Matt (The Letter M) 2002/02/03
Knight Owls Roguelike strategy game for GBA with a push-your-luck mechanic. Strategy Alpha 1.3 Tom Horwath (Blaise Rascal) 2021/07/29
The Lords of Midnigt Mike Singleton's strategy classic. Strategy 1.4 Quirky 2005/05/28
Paper Scissor Rocks 4 GBA Rock Paper Scissors for the GBA. Strategy 2007 d3x 2007/09/06
AGB_Trek Port of Super Start Trek, a text-based strategy video game based on the Star Trek television series. Strategy 1.0 Donnie Russell 2008/09/15
Park Paradise Vol 1 - Rock Paper Scissors A spin-off of the Rock, Paper, Scissors game concept. Strategy 2001 Adriano Baglio (ZoneGN) 2001/08/03
Pocket Commander A real time strategy game modeled after the 20 year old classic video game Modem Wars. Strategy 1.0.3 John A. Reder 2011/02/23
Pocket Commander II A sequel of Pocket Commander with expanded battlefield. Strategy 1.0.2 John A. Reder 2011/03/21
Chaos - The Battle Of Wizards Accurate recreation of the speccy classic. Strategy 0.82 Quirky 2005/09/04
Daleks Remake of the Macintosh classic game. Strategy 2005 Zapf Bandit 2005/04/12
Doomdarks Revenge Follow up to The Lords of Midnight. Strategy 1.1 Quirky 2006/11/26
Skyland Build flying castles and fight other players. Strategy 2022.1.7.0 evanbowman 2022/01/08
duster A sleek strategy game for the GBA. Strategy 0.1 bean machine 2021/10/13
GBA Tactics A game like Final Fantasy Tactics for GameBoy Advance. Strategy 1.00 Davgav 2006/08/16

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Arcade · Computer · Console · Handheld · Other Emulators · Build Tools and Hacks

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
BlackTiger Black Tiger emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.2 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2005/12/03
Space Invaders Space Invaders emulator (WIP). Arcade 2001 MikeDX 2001/11/26
GhostsnGoblinsGBA Ghosts'n Goblins arcade emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.1 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/04/01
GreenBoy Green Beret emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.5 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2006/05/14
Murdoc Mr. Do! emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.3 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2006/05/13
PunchOut Emulator for the arcade game PunchOut. Arcade 2003 Phil Stroffolino 2003/03/17
Remudvance Renegade arcade emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.3 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2007/03/02
RGBArcade An arcade emulator for the Game Boy Advance. Arcade 0.2 rgb 2004/04/29
SonSonGBA SonSon arcade emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.1 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/03/23
YieArKungFuGBA Yie Ar Kung-Fu arcade emulater for GBA. Arcade 0.1 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/04/02
Super Bug Advance Emulator of Super Bug 1 & 2 and Capture games on Arcadia 2001. Arcade 1.3 James Jacobs 2009/09/11
GBA ROM Builder Includes cheats, variable assigning, renaming, and many other options. Build Tools and Hacks 2.01 Hoe (Joe HL) 2003/11/11
GoodNES DOS NES rom renamer tool. Build Tools and Hacks 1.01 Cowering 2002/07/31
Bimbo For converting your own bitmap splash screens to raw format. Build Tools and Hacks 1.3 Aleksi Eeben 2001/08/17
GameGenie For adding gamegenie codes to nes roms, Hoe's builder includes a more stable cheat tool. Build Tools and Hacks 2002 rdurbin 2002/03/02
PocketNES ROM Builder Includes cheats, variable assigning, renaming, and many other options. Build Tools and Hacks 1d2 Hoe (Joe HL) 2003/01/15
Thingy Basic but stable builder for PocketNES. Build Tools and Hacks 1.1 Loopy (Neal Tew) 2002/06/01
PocketNES SRAM Builder Visually manage your SRAMs made with PocketNES 8 or later. Build Tools and Hacks 2002 Hoe (Joe HL) 2002/12/10
MultiRomBuilder Rom builder and save extractor for Famicom Advance, with supports for PocketNES. Build Tools and Hacks beta02f prayboy 2002/02/20
FCA-ROM Filer GUI tool for creating GBA ROM for Famicom Advance. Build Tools and Hacks 0.1.0 beta 1 mame 2002/01/20
GameBoyPlayer logo Splash screen for PCEAdvance, PocketNES & Goomba. Build Tools and Hacks 1.0 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2003/08/28
Mkrom PocketNES builder for Linux using XML and C. Build Tools and Hacks 0.1 Eizneckam 2003/03/26
zlib.dll If you get strange errors from the renamer tools, you are probably missing this file. Build Tools and Hacks 1.1.2 Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler 1998/03/19
Splash Screen Example PocketNES splash screen example file. Build Tools and Hacks 2002 Titney/loopy 2002/01/04
NES2FCA Builder tool and save editor for Famicom Advance, PocketNES, HVA and Goomba. Build Tools and Hacks 0.93/0.4 studio KAZAMA 2003/12/29
PocketNES Menu Maker Menu builder tool with features such as rom verifying, automatic variable assigning and more. Build Tools and Hacks 1.2a Titney/MrUnown 2003/03/10
Coleco Tech ColecoVision emulation demo with games. Computer 2003 Moyone 2003/04/09
Unofficial Cologne Colecovision emulator based on Cologne. Computer 7.0 k2 Kuwanger 2006/11/28
Colem An unfinished GBA port of the Colem emulator. Computer 2003 Uli (Ulrich Hecht) 2003/07/11
Atari 2600 Atari 2600 emulator (WIP). Computer 2001 MikeDX 2001/12/09
MSXAdvance MSX1 emulator for the GBA. Computer 0.4 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/04/08
PACO Emulator of the game La Abadia del Crimen from Amstrad CPC 6128 version. Computer 1.1 Moyone 2002/05/24
PCEAdvance A PC Engine emulator. Computer 7.5 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2005/10/14
X millennium Advance Sharp X-1 Turbo Emulator. Computer 2.0 Yui 2004/10/02
Mini Amstrad Emulator Amstrad CPC emulator prototype. Computer 2005 Nicolas ROBERT [NRX] 2005/12/26
CoG A Colecovision emulator. Computer 0.9.7 TheHiVE 2004/05/30
FooN ZX-Spectrum emulator. Computer 0.22 Strags (Ben Stragnell) 2002/06/13
MZ700GBA Sharp MZ-700 emulator. Computer 0.01 youkan 2005/11/26
Pocket Beeb BBC (8-bit micro computer) emulator. Computer 1.01a Quirky 2005/04/12
Cologne Coleco Vision emulator for GBA. Console 0.8 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/04/08
InfoNES Advance Based on the multi-platform NES emulator InfoNES. Console 0_Hazuki Jay 2002/08/30
Unofficial PocketNES NES/Famicom emulator based on the original PocketNES. Console 2013 Dwedit (Dan Weiss) 2013/07/01
PocketNES by Hoe NES emulator based on PocketNES with added options and features. Console 8H2 Hoe (Joe HL) 2002/10/20
PocketNES k-cs-csd NES emulator. A fork of PocketNES which focused on compression support and cheat support. Console 9.98k Kuwanger 2006/08/19
SNESAdvance SNES emulator for GBA. Console 0.1F Loopy, FluBBa 2005/02/23
Snezziboy A SNES Emulator on the Gameboy Advance. Console 2.6 bubble2k 2006/08/15
PocketNES Nintendo 8-bit emulator for Gameboy Advance. Console 9.98 Loopy, FluBBa 2005/05/02
Famicom Advance NES/Famicom emulator. Some games work. Support sound. Console 0.2 kik 2002/01/07
HVCA A NES emulator for the Game Boy Advance. Console 1.40 outside-agb 2008/07/13
DrSMS Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator. Handheld 6.00 Reesy 2004/05/02
GB on GBA Game Boy emulator based on Virtual GameBoy. Handheld 0.3a Mael 2002/03/10
GBX Game Boy emulator based on ARMBOY. Handheld 0.01 Smiley Dude (Dennis Munsie) 2002/03/29
Goomba Color Nintendo Game Boy Emulator. Handheld 2019 Dwedit (Dan Weiss) 2019/05/14
Goomba Paletted Modified version of the original Goomba. Handheld 2.40 Kuwanger 2011/01/23
NGPAdvance NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for GBA. Handheld 0.3 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2008/10/01
PocketGB Gameboy Mono emulator. Handheld 0.2 alpha JustBurn 2003/05/10
SMSAdvance A Game Gear and Master System (and SG-1000) emulator. Has near-perfect compatibility. Handheld 2.5 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2009/01/26
Unofficial SMSAdvance Fork of SMSAdvance with compression support (experimental). Handheld 2.0k Kuwanger 2006/09/06
SwanAdvance WonderSwanColor emulator for GBA. Handheld 0.1 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2006/07/28
Wasabi Supervision emulator for Pogoshell. Handheld 1.0 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2004/11/30
SUPER Goomba Game Boy emulator. Fork of Goomba. Handheld 2.32 Asaki 2009/04/18
Goomba A Nintendo Game Boy emulator. Handheld 2.3 FluBBa (Fredrik Olsson) 2005/09/17
pocketSMS A Sega Master System emulator. Handheld Sonic Speical foolsgold (Rob Ware), JustBurn 2002/03/28
GC Pedometer Emulator Game Boy Advance homebrew designed to emulate the Inrou-Kun, a GameCube pedometer. Handheld 0.1 DS Baxter 2022/02/08
tamaboy A Tamagotchi v1 emulator for GBA. Handheld rc2 Jeffrey Aylesworth 2022/01/18
Chip 8 for GBA Chip 8 Emulator for GBA Other emulators 2002 Mael 2002/01/27
DrChip8 Chip 8 emulator. Other emulators 2002 Reesey (Dave Rees) 2002/09/20
GBAGI Sierra's original animated adventure games on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Other Emulators 2.0 Brian Provinciano 2004/10/03
Java4gba A a Java Virtual Machine for GBA. Other emulators 2004 Torlus 2004/01/05
Lua4gba A quick and minimal port of Lua scripting language for GBA. Other emulators 2005 Torlus 2005/09/05
PandaForth for GBA Port of PandaForth. Other emulators 2005 Torlus 2005/03/09
TI83 Emulator An early build of a TI83 emulator. Other emulators 0.00 Dwedit (Dan Weiss) 2007/06/14
pForth for Game Boy Advance Minimal port of the Forth interpreter pForth. Other emulators 2002 Uli (Ulrich Hecht) 2002/07/20
GBA Frotz Port of Frotz for GBA. Other Emulators 1.15 James Jacobs 2002/04/16

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PC Utilities

File Operation · Development Libraries · Development Tools · Other PC Utilities

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
libsavgba A library to access various backup media in GBA cartridges. Development Libraries 3.30 laqieer 2021/07/06
butano Modern C++ high level GBA engine. Development Libraries GValiente 2022/09/05
gbalib C code library for programming the GameBoy Advance. Development Libraries 0.6.2 Final Dan Cotter 2001/08/25
gba-free-fonts Free font resources for GBA game development. Development Libraries 1.2 laqieer 2022/02/15
Chili A Tile Editor. Development Tools 1.4 Aleksi Eeben 2001/10/14
MapEd A tile mapping tool. Development Tools 0.99 acetylene studios 2004/06/03
agbplay Music player for the most common GBA sound format (Linux). File Operation 2022 ipatix 2022/08/01
GBA Crusher GBA BIOS compatible compression for binary files. Includes GUI and command line versions. File Operation John Sensebe 2002/12/12
GBA Explorer Explore GameBoy Advanced ROMs and see and hear all their data, text, graphics, and sounds. File Operation 1.0.0 attilathedud 2018/12/12
gbahead Insert header to a rom. ROM Patchers 2004 SaTa 2004/08/04

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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Agent GBA A discontinued homebrew game. Demos 2006 Nuance, Genesis Project 2006/07/02
bh-03: Banzai Demo with 3D special effects. Demos 2003 Bahnhof 2003/12/28
Droplets A demo homebrew game. Demos demo Herman Samso (SoLo2/BITS) 2009/05/31
Epic Realtime A demo released at tUM 2012. Demos 2002 Cosine 2002/12/31
Firemania Watch your screen burn. Demos 2021 ipatix 2021/07/11
GBA DVD Bounce A bouncing logo screen saver for your GBA. Demos 0.1.0 Hpmason 2021/07/11
gba-remote-play demo Multilink cable video streaming tech demo. Demos 2021 [r]labs 2021/07/10
GeBurtstAg A tiny audio-visual GBA demo (3D software rendering). Demos 0.0 zeichensystem 2021/07/11
God An early Dungeon Keeper style game. Demos Demo Nicolas ROBERT [NRX] 2005/09/12
Kukoo 2 Advance Retro style demo. Demos 2015 Type One - TFL-TDV 2015/08/01
Lost Marbles 4k procedural graphic demo. Demos 2011 Vantage 2011/08/27
Luland Demo 3D and 2D effects demo for GBA. Demos 2004 Tuomas Volotinen 2004/05/01
Political Statement With a Well Hidden Message A demo for the Assembly 2003 demoparty. Demos 2003 Matt Current 2003/08/08
Virus A demo released at the Ultimate Meeting 2004. Demos 2004 Matt Current 2004/12/31
Mister Jelly A small physics engine. Demos 060906 Nicolas ROBERT [NRX] 2006/09/06
MegaMan New Horizon MegaMan fan game. Demos Demo A.U.D. 2006/08/14
Pholam A Gameboy Advance demo for the demoparty Breakpoint 2oo3. Demos 2003 Unique 2003/04/17
Snowman GBA Port of The Snowman Story demo on Atati ST. Demos Demo Foxy 2007/12/02
Spinning Ame Amie spinning on your Game Boy Advance. Demos 2021 hexundev 2021/02/14
SS6PlayerForGBA 2D skeletal animation engine demo for GBA. Demos 1.1 laqieer 2021/05/08
Storm A small demo. Demos 20080309 Herman Samso (SoLo2/BITS) 2008/03/09
WBoyAdvance An early port of WonderBoy. Demos 0.1 Alekmaul 2005/08/06
Vidgames Zockertreffen 4 Party Invitation Intro An invitation intro for the Zockertreffen 4 party. Demos 2004 Widdy 2004/08/12
GBA-NICCC GBA port of the Atari ST demo STNICCC 2000 by Oxygene. Demos 1.0.0 GValiente 2020/11/09
GBA 3D-Trip 3D tech demo. Demos 2 Arnaud Carre (Leonard/OXYGENE) 2001/09/11
Buffy Tech Demo A tech demo showing 2 full screen characters smoothly animated on the GBA. Demos 2003 Jim Bagley 2003/04/15
Fighter Teach Demo A Sega Virtua Fighter clone. Demos 2003 Jim Bagley 2003/04/15
3D Voxel Space A custom 3D voxel space engine tech demo for the GameBoy Advance. Demos 2018 Juan Martinez 2018/06/17
Basic FronTenis A simple pong clone. Demos 1.0 Ry0G4_ 2016/08/10
Smash Bros. Advance Physics engine tech demo. Demos demo thegamefreak0134, The_Perfection, Natso 2006/05/09
Touhou - Bad Apple Bad Apple demo. Demos Demo Peter "krom" Lemon 2021/05/27
FF4 Advance - The Return of Golbez Final Fantasy IV Advance fangame demo. Demos demo Ruben Nunez (AikenToAki) 2007/07/31
HalfLIfe GBA A tiny demo for the 1st of April. Demos 1.1 Demo Davide Inglima (limaCAT) 2001/03/17
GBA Image Viewer Compactor Online tool for converting image to GBA ROM file. Demos 0.11 CUBIC STYLE 2021/04/02
Fire Effect A (slow) fullscreen-mode4 fire effect. Demos 0312 Mic 2003/12/02
Crossfader A crossfader for mode3. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/11/07
Lag The Lag demo. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/11/24
Palette Rotation A palette rotation effect. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/11/25
gbadev-addy A small #gbadev-addy demo. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/11/25
Golden ARMs Demo Golden ARMs demo. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/11/30
Super Fighter Demo A little advertising demo made for the Super Fighter Team. Demos 2000 Mic 2000/12/16
Around the World Demo A small demo. Demos 2001 Mic 2001/01/10
Maddness 3D effect demo. Demos 0532 Mic 2001/05/31
Mode0 3D A Mode03D demo. Demos 2001 Mic 2001/01/28
Paperboy A music cart demo. Demos 2001 Mic 2001/09/28
Mod Test Test program for a modplayer that utilizes only the 4 gbc-channels. Demos 2001 Mic 2001/09/30
Raycasting Demo Rewritten in ARM asm. Demos 2003 Mic 2003/12/04
Test Roms Bunch of simple test roms that test various features of the graphics chip. Demos 2004 Mic 2004/10/07
Mode 4 Plasma Effect A mode 4 plasma effect demo. Demos 2008 Mic 2008/10/14
Fishing With Dad Multiplayer fishing homebrew game/tech demo. Demos 2021 Marq Watkin (pmprog) 2021/08/18
penguin-feet A short (vaguely bee-themed) technical demo. Demos cd798e4 Zachary Buhman 2021/09/25
Invite Brigade An invitation intro for Nordlich 2018. Demos 2018 Oxyron, Digital Demolition Krew, Abyss Connection 2018/02/03
Shadow of the Wurst A GBA demo released at Revision 2015. Demos 2015 Flush 2015/04/07
Up Rough City A demo released at Datastorm 2014. Demos 2014 Up Rough 2014/02/17
Beerbong A demo released at Solskogen 2008. Demos Final Milkmen 2008/07/21
Berlin Precision A stylish demo. Demos 2011 Matt Current 2011/04/02
Beyond the Limits A demo released at Assembly 2002. Demos 2002 Vivid Design 2002/08/02
Raster A 256 byte (including working header) effect. Demos 2001 Icebird 2001/09/20
fr-018: aGb Demo that was released in the Woest 2002 Woest Competition. Demos 2002 Farbrausch 2002/02/24
bunnykost A demo released at the GBADev 2002 competition. Demos 2002 Icebird 2002/02/02
Caramelldansen A demo released at the Kindergarden 2008 demo competition. Demos 2008 Darklite 2008/11/18
Five Finger Discount A demo released in the Breakpoint 2006. Demos 2006 Shitfaced Clowns 2006/04/19
Flipside An old school demo. Demos 2004 Moonhazard 2004/05/07
Great Juicy Gypsy A demo released at Kindergarden 2011 in the wild compo. Demos 2001 Nocturnal 2001/11/11
Happy Bday Emp Birthday Intro for EMP. Demos 2006 Titan 2006/11/22
Hively Player Advance A musicdisk featuring a bleeding-edge AHX/Hively player port and an astonishing array of dancing teddies. Demos 2006 Up Rough Soundsystem 2009/01/22
Ishar Advance An early tech demo. Demos 0.0 maestun 2006/02/28
Tralala Vroom A demo released (and coded) at The Gathering 2002. Demos 2002 Nocturnal, kvasigen 2002/03/30
Recycle Bin An unfinished demo originally written for the console compo at Underscore 2002. Demos 2002 Nocturnal, kvasigen 2002/05/14
we fascists are the only true anarchists A GBA demo released at Simulaatio 2005. Demos 2005 Matt Current 2005/06/13
Tribute For The Next Generation A demo released at Crau Party 2004. Demos 2008 Greuh 2008/07/18
The Fallen An action shooter demo/prototype. Demos Prototype The Fallen Team 2002/09/13
Mode 5 Mode 7 Effect Demo that showcases Mode 5 Mode 7 Effect. Demos 2010 Joseph Nesbella (Jinroh) 2010/05/04
Ruff Techdemo Based on Ruff 'n' Tumble for Commodore Amiga. Demos 0.015 blindfold 2006/04/11
Resurrection A GBA demo released at Solskogen 2011. Demos 2011 Relapse 2011/07/17
Mechanize A visual demo. Demos 2002 Vivid Design 2002/08/14
M-Dezign An oldschool demo released at Very Important Party 2008. Demos 2008 Greuh 2008/07/13
Vit 2 A demo for the Assembly’02 mobile demo competition. Demos 2002 Unique 2002/08/02
Magical Chase Incomplete attempt of a remake of Magical Chase from PC-Engine. Demos 2003 Matthieu Debray 2003/11/18
Meltdown A demo released for The Meltdown 2006. Demos Final Mainloop 2006/10/26
Crazy Rider 3D A racing game demo. Demos 2005 mikegba 2005/10/14
Pathfinding AI Games AI ICA implementation. Demos 2005 Brian Davis (Celeryface) 2005/03/31

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Rom Hacks

Game Hacks · Translations

Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Pokemon Fuligin Pokemon FireRed rom hack where you work for Team Rocket. Game Hacks Complete Sloo 2012/04/02
Pokemon Dark Rising I Pokemon FireRed rom hack. An attempt to create a unique experience in a fictional universe with an in-depth story line. Game Hacks Original + Kaizo DRG Team 2017/03/14
Pokemon Glazed Pokemon Emerald rom hack - One of the largest ever Pokemon hacks. Game Hacks 9.1 redriders180 (Lucbui), TrainerX493 2022/05/13
Pokemon Korosu Pokemon FireRed rom hack. It is about a story of revenge. Game Hacks Complete Crizzle (Chris Rose) 2016/07/23
Pokemon League of Legends Pokemon Emerald rom hack. You might like this if you like Pokemon, League or both. Game Hacks Complete C me 2017/09/12
Pokemon Resolute Pokemon Emerald rom hack, and a sequel to Pokemon Victory Fire. Game Hacks 2.83 Final 1158 2021/08/06
Pokemon FireRed - Rocket Edition Pokemon FireRed rom hack where you play as a member of Team Rocket. Game Hacks 1.0.2 FINAL colonelsalt 2021/07/11
Pokemon CAWPS Pokemon Emerald rom hack with a dark theme. Game Hacks Complete Crizzle (Chris Rose) 2016/01/09
Pokemon Unbound Pokemon FireRed rom hack, a story-driven game with complex puzzles designed to test the limits of your patience and perseverance. Game Hacks Unbound 2.1.0 + UBF 2.0.1 Skeli 2022/08/28
Pokemon Clover Pokemon FireRed complete overhaul with all-new characters, story, maps, music and gameplay mechanics. Game Hacks 1.2 4chan's /vp/ 2020/04/22
Pokemon Vega Pokemon FireRed rom hack. Sequel to Pokemon Altair and Sirius. Game Hacks 2020 Pokemon Vega Team, Dr. Akimbo 2020/08/23
Pokemon Altair and Sirius Pokemon Emerald rom hack. Prequals to Pokemon Vega. Game Hacks AS & AS Minus Pokemon Vega Team, Dr. Akimbo, kisekisifr 2021/02/25
Pokemon Victory Fire Pokemon Emerald rom hack. Game Hacks 2.65 Final 1158 2018/03/02
Pokemon Radical Red Pokemon FireRed hack, a difficulty hack with new mechanics and QOL improvements. Game Hacks 3.02 soupercell, koala4 2022/07/17
Pokemon Inflamed Red Pokemon FireRed QOL difficulty hack. Game Hacks 1.0.5 Greenphx 2022/05/01
DK - King Of Swing Remix DK: King Of Swing hack with new custom designed levels. Game Hacks 1.0 fex34 2022/04/07
Spider-Man - Homecoming Ninja Cop rom hack where you play as Spider-Man. Game Hacks 1.0 fex34 2022/07/25
Extended Easy Mode Ninja Cop rom hack that makes the whole game completable on easy difficulty. Game Hacks 1.0 fex34 2022/01/02
Pac-Man Collection Plus Pac-Man Collection palette & sprite fix/restoration hack. Game Hacks 1.0 JY 2021/12/02
Pokemon Adventure - Red Chapter Pokemon FireRed rom hack. Adapted from the Pokémon Adventures/Special Manga, in the eyes of Red. Game Hacks Beta 15 + Expansion FIX C Aethestode 2020/10/05
Pokemon Light Platinum Pokemon Ruby rom hack Game Hacks Final + Plus WesleyFG 2013/12/17
Pokemon - Giratina Strikes Back Pokemon Ruby rom hack. Game Hacks 2017 Sloo 2017/10/09
Pokemon - Advanced Adventure Pokemon Leaf Green rom hack with new storyline. Game Hacks 2018 Final dbzmay 2018/10/28
Pokemon Flora Sky Pokemon Emerald rom hack. Game Hacks Main + Complement Dex 12345 (SKY) 2011/08/05
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team EX Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team EX hack that makes Pokemon easier to recruit with other QOL improvements. Game Hacks 1.2 holocron 2020/11/29
Pokemon Gaia Version Pokemon FireRed hack. Game Hacks 3.2 Gaia Team 2018/11/08
Pokemon Fire Red Omega Pokemon FireRed difficulty hack. Game Hacks 1.0 Drayano 2010/08/12
SMA4 - e-Reader Rampage Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 hack containing 32 all new levels. Game Hacks 1.0 English1stud 2022/05/29
Orange Islands Pokemon FireRed hack that follows the Orange Islands anime storyline. Game Hacks Beta 5.7 Kalarie 2021/06/12
Pokemon Dark Rising II Pokemon FireRed rom hack. The Sequel to Dark Rising 1 Game Hacks Complete DRG Team 2016/06/26
So Little Bubble Metroid: Zero Mission hack made in 24 hours offering a short and fun challenge. Game Hacks 1.1 Conner (Contendo) 2021/02/01
Project ZM Metroid: Zero Mission WIP hack designed to fix errors and add new gameplay routes, tricks and mechanics. Game Hacks 0.8.3 FelixWright 2022/07/10
Metroid: FreezeFlame Metroid: Zero Mission hack, designed to be easy for veterans and slightly challenging for beginners/vanilla players Game Hacks 1.2b Conner (Contendo) 2020/02/15
Metroid: Deep Freeze Metroid: Zero Mission hack with new environments, item progression, layout and more Game Hacks 1.4 Captain Glitch 2017/02/27
Metroid: Subzero Metroid: Zero Mission rom hack with a unique design and some surprises. Game Hacks 1.2 Conner (Contendo) 2020/03/20
Metroid: New Zero Mission Metroid: Zero Mission rom hack with new map, "new" bosses, secret/puzzles and more. Game Hacks 2.4 FInal jasinchen 2022/01/03
Spooky Mission 2: The Nightmare Before Christmas Metroid: Zero Mission rom hack, sequel to Spooky Mission. Game Hacks 1.2a Spooky Team 2021/10/31
Metroid: Scrolls 6 Metroid: Zero Mission rom hack, featuring graphical changes and a full original soundtrack. Game Hacks 1.1 Captain Glitch, OneOf99, Contendo, JRP 2022/08/07
Metroid: Spooky Mission rom hack made for the Metconst 2017 Fall Contest. Metroid: Zero Mission Game Hacks 1.2.1 Magconst 2018/02/16
Mintroid Metroid: Zero Mission hack, designed to be a short, compact and fun hack. Game Hacks 1.01 Golden Warrior 2020/06/18
Super Bust-A-Move GBA Color-Blind Friendly Patch Super Bust-A-Move patch that allows color-blind people to play the game. Game Hacks 1.0 theColorsGuy 2016/12/12
Super Puzzle Fighter II GBA Color-Blind Friendly Patch Super Puzzle Fighter II patch that allows color-blind people to play the game. Game Hacks 1.0 theColorsGuy 2016/12/12
Doom GBA - PC Doom Total Conversion Doom GBA complete conversion based on doomhacks's homebrew port GBA Doom. Game Hacks 1.7 Kippykip 2021/11/28
Doom II Paint Edition Doom 2 texture mod, replaces every wall texture to a cartoony, low quality version made with Paint. Game Hacks 1.0 Roebloz 2020/0424
Doom 2 GBA - PC Conversion Pack Doom 2 GBA mod which replaces all Sprites, Palettes, Textures, Flats etc as closely as possible to the original classic DOS PC counterparts. Game Hacks 1.3.1 Kippykip 2019/12/19
Wario Land 4 - Parallel World Wario Land 4 complete rom hack. Game Hacks 1.03 beco 2021/08/27
Wario Land 4 - Burning Nightmares Wario Land 4 hack, featuring a new level in the style of the original Wario Land titles (2, 3 and 4). Game Hacks 1.0 Hiro-sofT 2022/06/08
WL4Editor Wario Land 4 Level Editor. Hack Utilities 0.15.2 wario-land 2022/09/21
Metroid Advance Game Editor - MAGE A comprehensive hacking utility for Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission. Hack Utilities 1.3.2 biospark 2018/03/31
Random Randomizer Metroid: Zero Mission randomizer tool for items, enemies and text. Based on MZM Randomizer 1.4. Hack Utilities 1.4.9 Captain Glitch 2022/09/20
GBA Doom II Modding Tools Rom hacking tools for GBA Doom II. Hack Utilities 0.2 Beta Kippykip 2018/03/12
MZM Randomizer Metroid: Zero Mission randomizer. Hack Utilities 1.4.0 biospark 2021/07/25
Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal full translation patch. Translations 1.1.8 The KMC Translation group 2022/08/24
Crash Nitro Kart Crash Nitro Kart (GBA JPN) retranslation patch. Translations 3.0 Cornholio309 2022/02/12
Napoleon English Translation Aigle de Guerre, L' English translation patch. Translations 0.50 Nebelwurfer HQ 2006/12/18
Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart complete fan translated patch. Translations 1.0 KaioShin 2015/12/05
F-Zero - Climax F-Zero Climax full translation patch. Translations 1.1 F-Zero Climax Translation Project Team 2021/11/18
Hikaru no Go GBA Translation Hikaru no Go GBA fan translation. Translations 2017-07-18 macmillan333, Ricardo Bittencourt 2017/07/18
Spyro Advance Spyro Advance re-translation patch. Translations 1.0 Cornholio309 2022/01/19
Fullmetal Alchemist - Sonata of Memories Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Omoide no Sonata full translation patch. Translations 1.0 Iredc 2021/01/03
Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata English patch. All scripts are translated except graphics. Translations 0.7 Beta Spikeman, DarthNemesis, LordHuffnPuff 2022/01/17
World Soccer Winning Eleven Soccer Winning Eleven full English patch. Translations 0.99 knighTeen87 2016/05/10
Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade Fire Emblem 6: Fuuin No Tsurugi (FE6) complete English translation. Translations 1.1.3 gringe 2022/02/03
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Gyakuten Saiban 1 translation patch (partial). Translations 006 h3rmit, spazzery 2021/07/08
Rhythm Heaven Silver Rhythm Tengoku GBA fan translation project. Translations Beta 13a W hat 2019/04/21
Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai complete translation patch. Translations 1.0 The Romhacking Aerie 2022/05/09
Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations Gyakuten Saiban 3 translation patch, adapted from the NDS English translation. Translations 015.8 h3rmit, Comeback Courtroom 3 Team 2020/05/08
Magical Vacation Magical Vacation fully tranlsated English patch. Translations 1.0 magicalpatcher 2019/09/23
Tomato Adventure Tomato Adventure English translation. Translations 1.1.0 Unknown W. Brackets, CrazyMLC, Tomato, DeMille 2022/08/03
Shin chan Adventures in Cinemaland Crayon Shin chan: Arashi no Yobu Cinema - Land no Daibouken fully translated English patch. Translations 1.0 Full LeonarthCG 2019/05/20
Gensou Suikoden Card Stories Suikoden Card Stories tranlsation patch. Translations 1.00 Pokeytax 2013/09/08
Mother 1 and 2 Mother 1 complete translation + minimalist menu hacking for Mother 2. Translations 1.01 Tomato, Jeffman 2022/05/09
Mother 3 Mother 3 complete fan translation. Translations 1.3 Tomato, Jeffman, Chewy, Lorenzooone, Karmageddon 2022/05/28
The Morning Adventure The Morning Adventure English translation. Translations 1.01 Vague Rant, Prof. 9 2022/05/09
Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation full translation patch. Translations 1.1a The Rockman EXE Zone 2020/11/29