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Media players

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Operating systems

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Title Description Author
Zombie Crisis XBOX This port is based on JFDuke3D. Andrew "Hudson" Childs & Geoffrey van Dijk
X streets Of Rage XBOX Streets of Rage Remake is a tribute to the entire saga of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis series. A600
Xmugen XBOX XMugen-linux is not an xbox port of mugen, it's a mini linux distro reduced to it's minimum in order to launch mugen. chips
Quest For Hussein XBOX Duke3d Port!! Jesse Petrilla
Blob Wars X XBOX A port of the game "Blob Wars : Metal Blob Solid" to the Xbox. xport
Quest For Al-qaeda - Hunt For Bin Laden XBOX Osama Bin Laden and his cronies must be hunted down and destroyed. N/A
Quake2leAdd-ons-NoMusic XBOX This is Quake2 for Xbox consoles ported from Quake2Forge sources. Lantus
Njamx XBOX This is a port of the game NJam which is a multiplayer PacMan-type game. xport
KmbxFormido XBOX Port/Adaptation XBOX du jeu Formido par KaMbiOkIkA (GueuX'Net - 2004). Mika Halttunen
Fuel Crisis XBOX Homebrew racing game N/A
Doom Legacy XBOX This is an early version of a port of Doom Legacy v1.42. Carcharius
Catacomb 3D XBOX In CATACOMB 3-D you are the high wizard who must rescue your friend from the clutches of the evil lich Nemesis. Using your magical powers, you venture forth into the bizzare dimensions of the Catacombs. N/A
Borg Nukem XBOX This port is based on JFDuke3D. A600
Beats Of RageX XBOX This is a port of OpenBOR/Beats of Rage. N/A
xHexen XBOX This port is based on HHexen, UHexen and Hexen32 (my GP32 port) and it was possible thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus. A600
xHeretic XBOX This port is based on HHeretic, UHexen and Heretic32 (my GP32 port) and it was possible thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus. A600
Wolfenstein 3D XBOX An OpenXDK (no sound) port of the game Wolfenstein 3D to the Xbox. th0mas
Star Wars XBOX A original homebrew game for the Xbox. SHiZNO/PeteGabe
Skull XBOX Original game by Diogo Lapa and licensed to GECA soft. N/A
ShadowX XBOX A port of the game Shadow Warrior to the Xbox. A600
RockbotX XBOX This is a port of the Rockbot game (a fanmade Megaman clone) for Xbox by hcf. HCF
Rise of the Triad XBOX A port of the FPS classic "Rise of the Triad: Dark War" to Xbox. N/A
Quake3 XBOX This is the Quake 3: Arena game engine ported to run on the Xbox. carcharius
Quake2X-LE XBOX Quake2 for Xbox Lantus Edition V1.00

This is Quake2 for Xbox consoles ported from Quake2Forge sources. The distribution comes with the shareware PAK file to get you started.

OdameX XBOX Odamex is a modification of DOOM to allow players to compete with each other over the Internet using the client/server architecture. Odamex also provides a feature-rich single-player engine. deathz0r/AlexMax/Ralphis
Furby Kill 3D XBOX This is a port of Andre Schnabel's FurbyKill3D to the Xbox richi90
Duke Nukem 3D XBOX xDuke v1.0 ported by A600

This port is based on JFDuke3D and it was possible thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus, Jonof and Mephisto.

Doom-X XBOX This port is of "Doom-X" to the Xbox by Carcharius, LikkleBaer.

Plays the following WAD files.. Doom (retail version), Doom (shareware version), Doom II, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom: TNT Evilution, Final Doom: Plutonia Exp.

BarrageX XBOX BarrageX is a port of the game Barrage to the Xbox. Reaper527
Aliens Vs. Predator XBOX This is an unofficial port of the PC version of Aliens Vs Predator to the Xbox. Fox Interactive / Rebellion have nothing to do with this so please do not contact them for support on this port. This port is designed to be used with the Gold Edition of Aliens Vs Predator only. The original of Aliens Vs Predator will be supported soon hopefully. SirLemonhead


Title Description Author
Zelda - Time To Triumph XBOX This is a port of "Zelda - Time To Triumph" to Xbox by Neobomb. Neobomb
Zelda - Return of the Hylian XBOX This is a port of "Zelda - Return of the Hylian" to Xbox by freakdave. freakdave
Zelda - Oni Link Begins XBOX This is a port of "Zelda - Oni Link Begins" to Xbox by freakdave. freakdave
xDink XBOX This is a port of FreeDink to the Xbox by A60 A600
ReminiscenceX XBOX A port of the game Flashback to the Xbox. Lantus
Out Of This World (rawX) XBOX raw is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game Another World. This game, released under the name Out Of This World in non-European countries, was written by Eric Chahi at the beginning of the '90s. More information can be found here :,2/gameId,564/.

The raw homepage can be found at

KoboX XBOX This is a port of the game Kobo Deluxe to the Xbox. xport
EdgarX XBOX EdgarX is a port of the game "The Legend of Edgar" by hcf for Xbox. It is a plattform game with lots of adventure, puzzles and tons of enemies to enjoy! hcf
CaveStoryX XBOX This is a port of the game "Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)" to the Xbox. xport
AmphetamineX XBOX Amphetamine is a 2D-Jump N' run shooter that offers some unique visual effects like colored lighting, fogging and coronas. You must fight eleven evil monsters with your magic weapons, navigate mazes and solve puzzles! loehrerl
AbbayeX XBOX AbbayeX is a port of the awesome game "L'Abbaye des Morts" for Xbox. HCF



Title Description Author
xBomberbox 1 XBOX Inspired the Hudson-award-winning series Bomberman. unknown
xSoRR XBOX This is a port by A600 of bennugd-monolithic (a game development language) to the Xbox. This port is aimed to run the Streets of Rage Remake v5 (other bennugd games may run if they are compiled with the modules used by SorRv5). A600
xBomberbox 2 XBOX XBomberbox 2 is a homebrew Bomberman style game created for the Xbox. Marcel popo and farid.
VectoroidsX XBOX This is a port of the PC game Vectoroids to Xbox.

"Vectoroids" is a clone of the classic arcade game "Asteroids" by Atari. Your objective is to maneuver a space ship within a field of asteroids, and shoot them into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually destroying them completely.

RoadfighterX XBOX This is a port of Road Fighter Remake to Xbox. Neobomb
KIxxx 1.2 XBOX This is the xbox port of U64 arcade emulator for Killer Instinct 1 and GogoAckman/Artik
DefendguinX XBOX This is an Xbox port of the game Defendguin by New Breed Software.

Defendguin is a clone of the arcade game "Defender," but with a Linux theme. Your mission is to defend little penguinoids from being captured and mutated.

Title Description Author
Chess Street Fighter 2 XBOX Play versus all the oponents, beat all of them, and you will become the ultimate Chesstreet Fighter! A original game by hcf!! HCF


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Game engine

Title Description Author
OpenBOR XBOX OpenBOR v3.2 Build 3698 ported by A600 maintained by Madmab. A600/Madmab


Title Description Author
Stepmaniax XBOX StepMania is a cross-platform rhythm video game and engine. xport


Title Description Author
Secret Maryo Chronicles X XBOX A port of the game Secret Maryo Chronicles to Xbox by hcf. HCF
Super Transball 2 XBOX Super Transball 2 is an enhanced version of TRANSBALL 2. Neobomb
PachiX XBOX This is a port of the game Pachi el Marciano which is an....interesting platformer/puzzler. xport
JumpNBumpX XBOX You're a cute little bunny and you have to avoid the other bunnies from stomping on you and at the same time try to stomp as many opponents as possible. freakdave
xRick XBOX A port of the classic game "Rick Dangerous" to the Xbox. Lantus
xBermuda XBOX This is a new Xbox port by A600 of the Bermuda Syndrome interpreter, done by Gregory Montoir.

Included is the full game, I converted all MIDI files to .ogg and placed in the appropriate folder ... also included a wide icon for XBMC users.

Super Mario War XBOX This is a port of the game Super Mario War to the Xbox. Florian Hufsky, Two52 and contributors.
Super Mario War: Halloween Edition XBOX This is a mod of Super Mario War called "Ghost House War", it is also known as "Super Mario War: Halloween Edition" as that is when it was released. It contains the same fun as Super Mario War, but with a little spookier of a tone. Florian Hufsky, Two52 and contributors.


Title Description Author
X Sokoban XBOX Another Sokoban port for xbox. sokoban
X-pired XBOX This is a port of the game X-Pired. xport
Sokoban 3dX XBOX A sokoban game complete in DirectX 3D. JungleBoy
Pig-x XBOX Weird puzzle game for xbox. N/A
Pac-manX XBOX Pacman for XBOX. xfactordev
Pac-man3dX XBOX Pacman in 3D. xfactordev
MineXweeper XBOX The rules are quite simple. Your task is to clear all the fields were there aren't any mines, by clicking on them. Jippie & Novahux
Me And My ShadowX XBOX Me and My Shadow is a free libre puzzle/platform game in which you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles. Luka Horvat
MarblesX XBOX This is a port of the game LMarbles. It's a puzzle game similar to Boxxle/Sokoban where you must guide marbles around in a specific manner. xport
GluttonX XBOX GluttonX is an isometric view Pac-Man clone using graphics made in POV-Ray. freakdave
Miss DrillerX XBOX Miss DrillerX is a clone of the popular game 'Mr.Driller' which some of you might know from the Dreamcast and the GBA. freakdave
BreakoutX 3D XBOX Breakout 3D. Try playing the game breakout installed on our Linux machines to get an idea of basic game play. We will be building a three dimensional version of this game. The goals of this assignment are: Work with cameras, geometry and lighting in Ogre. Construct a scene in 3D space. Implement user interaction. Team Xfactor
Battleblocksx XBOX If you have played Tetrinet you should have a big head start. I assume you know how to play regular Tetris. N/A
Ballzy XBOX Ballzy is an intense dramatic action-packed puzzle game, launch the balls and watch the blocks disappear! Team N’Vision
Atom-X2 XBOX Atom-X 2 is a basic puzzle/strategy game. N/A
Atom-X XBOX Atom-X is a basic puzzle/strategy game. N/A
SensitiveX XBOX Get from the starting position to the Exit block destroying all blocks along the way, You may go over the animated blocks more than once, Teleporters will throw you around the level, One way blocks (blocks with solid lines running through them) will also thwart your journey. You must destroy all of the stripey Yellow blocks, including the animated ones before you can exit the level. Jamie Fuller
Mirror Magic II XBOX A port of the popular game Mirror Magic II to Xbox. N/A
KMBX Tetris XBOX A really nice homebrew Tetris game for Xbox, just stay out of the slanted "3d" view and stick with the classic view. N/A
Bubble Trouble SX XBOX This is a homebrew clone of the popular Mac game Bubble Trouble SHiZNO
Biniax 2 XBOX A port of the game Biniax 2 to the Xbox. freakdave
BakuBakuX 1 & 2 XBOX BakuBakuX 1 and 2 are both really nice homebrew clones of the Sega game Baku Baku

From the wiki "The player must line up falling blocks of animals and foodstuffs. When an animal is aligned adjacent to a tile of its favoured food, the animal eats the food. Larger groups of connected food of the same type scores higher when eaten.

Abombniballx XBOX Abombniballx is a port of the game Abombniball to the Xbox. freakdave


Title Description Author
OutRunX Perfect Arcade Port for XBOX. /NA

Role playing

Title Description Author
Ultima VII - ExultX XBOX Port of Exult which plays "Ultima VII" for the Xbox.

Allows you to play both "Ultima VII: The Black Gate" and "Ultima VII part 2: Serpent Isle" together with their respective add-ons "Forge of Virtue" and "Silver Seed" from beginning to end, with no plot holes.

Exult Team
Panzer Dragoon XBOX Panzer Dragoon for the Xbox. N/A
GladiatorX XBOX From the readme.

This is a Xbox port of the game OpenGlad, which is itself a port of an old DOS game called Gladiator. It's like Gauntlet and an action-RPG. It supports up to 4 players playing competitively or cooperatively.



Title Description Author
Star Wars Aftershock XBOX Star war on xbox. SHiZNO and PeteGabe
Shippy1984X XBOX This is the port of an highly addictive and funny space invaders clone called Shippy1984. freakdave
Sdl-fighterX XBOX This is a great top down scrolling 2D shooter. freakdave
MaelstromX XBOX This is a port of the game Maelstrom. It's like an updated Asteroids, but includes multi-player action and DeathMatches. xport
KmbxX galaga XBOX Port/Adaptation XBOX du jeu XGalaga par KaMbiOkIkA (GueuX'Net - 2K4). Mika Halttunen
Kmbx-Sdl-Invaders XBOX Port/Adaptation XBOX du jeu SDLInvaders par KaMbiOkIkA (GueuX'Net - 2004). Mika Halttunen
InvaderX XBOX This will be the last release of InvaderX, now named INVADER-X3. lubby
Hyper Duel XBOX Hyper Duel is a horizontal scrolling shooter video game. N/A
Heroes Of Roswell X XBOX Destroy a fleet of alien invaders, blast open power ups, and save the earth in this off beat vertical shooter. freakdave
Geca Blaster 2 XBOX a game ported to the xbox useing the bennugd engine. geca soft
Asteroids XBOX Asteroids is an arcade space shooter. N/A
xUrQuan XBOX This is a port for the Xbox1 of The Ur-Quan Masters (a Star Control 2 port from the original sources), possible thanks to the hard work of the team behind it and the SDLx libs by Lantus. This download includes all add-on content, videos, and 3DO music. A600
xTeeterTorture XBOX This is an Xbox port of New Breed Software's Teeter Torture.

Teeter Torture is a simple shooting game (similar to "Space Invaders", "Galaga" or "Galaxian"), but with a unique twist. Your cannon is sitting atop a teeter totter. If it leans too far in either direction, a barrel of TNT explodes!

xMoG XBOX A port of The Maze of Galious to the Xbox. Neobomb
StarfighterX XBOX This is a Xbox port of the game "Project - Starfighter" which is a really slick/polished 2D shooter that includes an upgrade system.

Developers Site Here

rRootageX XBOX A port of the game rRootage to Xbox

Project Page Here

PowermangaX XBOX This is a port of the game Powermanga to the Xbox. xport
Noiz2saX XBOX A port of the game noiz2sa to Xbox. questor/fused
KETMX XBOX A port of the game KETM (Kill Everything That Moves) to Xbox. freakdave
Dodgin Diamond 2X XBOX A port of the game Dodgin Diamond 2 to the Xbox. freakdave
xDescent XBOX This port is based on D2X-Rebirth done by A600 that plays both "Descent" and "Descent 2".

- Compiled with the assembler code instead of the C one. Now is 15 fps faster. - Added support for CD audio tracks (read below) - Primary and secondary weapon autoselect ordering option can be changed with

the black/white buttons.
Dead Babies Xtreme XBOX DeadbabiesXtreme is a homebrew shooter for the Xbox. It is an update to the original DeadbabiesX which had quite a few bugs/issues/broken menu. friesen
BlasteroidsX XBOX BlasteroidsX is a nicely polished clone of the Atari classic Blasteroids, which is a lot like Asteroids :D MorseKode
AbuseX XBOX This is a port of the game Abuse-SDL to Xbox.

It's a 2D action/shooting/platformer

D3D QuakeX Quake port for XBOX. FakeGLx/Marty
XWolf3d Wolf3d AND Spear of Destiny for xbox WITH full sound. A600/XTECUTERX73


Title Description Author
xGecaBlaster 2 XBOX A port of the game Geca Blaster 2 to Xbox by GECA soft

Open Transport Tycoon XBOX A port of Open Transport Tycoon to Xbox. HCl
BraXil 2014 XBOX "BraXil 2014" is a retro soccer game for Xbox. Its gameplay is inspired in some old classic games like "Kick and Run", "Match Day 2", "Sensible Soccer" or "Super Sidekicks", gathering details of these games. But it is developed trying to simulate the Brasil 2014 Soccer World Cup. hcf


Title Description Author
Xconnect 4 XBOX Play xbox 4 on your XBOX. Jippie & Novahux
Worms XBOX Worms is a 2D artillery tactical video game developed by Team17 and released in 1995. It is the first game in the Worms series of video games. xfactordev
Arcadian Tactics XBOX Original Xbox homebrew game by hcf.




Title Description Author


Title Description Author
X-pong XBOX Another Pong game for XBOX. XL productions
Xmas Xfd XBOX Skiing all the way. XFD
X-marbles XBOX Marbale game - just like playing with your real marbles. Mastermind
Star Control 2 XBOX Xbox port of star control 2 N/A
KmbxDelirium XBOX Port/Adaptation XBOX du jeu Delirium par KaMbiOkIkA (GueuX'Net - 2004). Mika Halttunen
Duck Shoot XBOX Like Duck Hunt NES. X-Factor Devlopment
Divi-Dead XBOX Divi-Dead is a Japanese 2D adult game released by C's Ware in 1998. The game's theme falls into the category of adult horror, as it deals with supernatural and sexual topics. N/A
xMadbomber XBOX This is a port of Bill Kendricks "Madbomber" to the Xbox. Mad Bomber is a clone of the Atari 2600 game "Kaboom!". Neobomb
xLime XBOX Xlime is an original homebrew game for the Xbox based on the popular java game "Slime" by Quin Pendragon. N/A
xHeroes XBOX This is a port of the game Heroes to the Xbox. xport
xHamstersEscape XBOX A port of the game Hamsters Escape to Xbox by GECA soft.

xArtShot XBOX A port of the game Art Shot to Xbox by GECA soft.

VideoPokerX XBOX VideoPokerX is an original homebrew game of Poker for the Xbox. ti85man
Madness Interactive SX XBOX This is a homebrew clone of the flash game Madness Interactive for the Xbox. SHiZNO
Battle Pong X XBOX A port of the game Battle Pong to the Xbox. bmy6063
Aftershock Pool SX XBOX Aftershock Pool SX is an original homebrew pool game for the Xbox. It features solid gameplay, and a nice table editor. No AI in this though, so grab some friends before you play :) SHiZNO



Title System(s) Author
Yabause CE XBOX This is the XBOX port by freakdave of Yabause (, an Open Source Sega Saturn emulator. freakdave
Virtual JaguarX XBOX Virtual JaguarX is an Atari Jaguar emulator for Xbox. It is a port of an old version of the Virtual Jaguar emulator (v1.0.5) with some improvements taken from later versions. hcf
RetroArch XBOX RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight and portable. Themaister, Squarepusher/Twin Aphex, Freakdave
Nestopiax Another update of NestopiaX by XtecuterX73. xport/XtecuterX73
MuchimeX: Multi Chinese Machine Emulator for Xbox MuchimeX emulates the SPG2XX family processors manufactured by Sunplus. hcf
MessoXtras A port of Mess 0.140 to the Xbox by HCF. hcf
Final Burn Consoles Xbox Final Burn Consoles is a build of Final Burn Legends thatcontains only drivers for the home console systems. + T +
DaphneX Xbox DaphneX is a port of Daphne, the laser disk emulator to Xbox. Kubik
3Dox 3dox is an Xbox port of 4DO by incrediclint. incrediclint
MessTrex MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
MekaX MekaX - Sega Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000/SC-3000/SF-7000/MK3 Emulator for XBox xport/Madmab
AtariXLBox AtariXLBox Atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE Emulator xport/Madmab
Blissx Blissx Intellivision Emulator Port For Xbox xport/Madmab
AdamX AdamX Colecovision / Adam Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
OdysseyX OdysseyX Odyssey 2 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Surreal64CE Nintendo 64 Emulator port for Xbox weinerschnitzel
BlueMSXBox BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Atari7800x Atari7800x Atari 7800 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Neogenesis For Xbox NeoGenesis Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator for XBox v25.19b Madmab Ed (Hybrid) xport/Madmab
NeoGensPlusGX Emulates - Sega Genesis/Megadrive, 32X, SegaCD/MegaCD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, MK3 Emulator XtecuterX73/Madmab
MednafenX-PCE MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox xport/Madmab
MednafenX-NES ednafenX-NES - NES Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
SNES9XBox SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Z26X Z26X - Atari 2600 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Pcsxbox Play Playstation 1 on Xbox xport/Madmab


Title System(s) Author
MADrigalX MADrigalX is a port to the xbox of a lot of "game and watch" handheld simulators developed by MADrigal. hcf
DesmumeX Nintendo DS emulator for xbox. HCF
VirtualBoyX VirtualBoyX - Virtual Boy Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
MednafenX-Lynx MednafenX-Lynx - Lynx Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
NeoPopX NeoPopX - NeoGeo Pocket Color Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
SoftVMUX SoftVMUX - Sega Dreamcast VMU Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
PokemonMiniX PokemonMiniX - Pokemon Mini Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
WonderSwanX WonderSwanX WonderSwan Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
SuperVisionX SuperVisionX - Watara Supervision Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
XBoyAdvance XBoyAdvance - GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator xport/Madmab


Title System(s) Author
xRaine XBOX Raine is a arcade emulator which emulates some games which use M68000 or M68020 CPUs. A600
xNeoRaine XBOX This is an Xbox port by A600 of NeoRaine, the best Neo Geo CD emulator out there, coded by Emmanuel Anne. A600
MAMEoXtras MAME on XBOX. destronger/gamezfan
Final Burn Legends Xbox This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. + T +


Title System(s) Author
ScummVM XBOX An all new update to the port of ScummVM, an implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. interpreter to Xbox by A600. A600/ScummVm Team
SamCoupeX SamCoupeX is an emulator of the "SAM Coupe" computer for Xbox. It is a port of the "Simcoupe" emulator. hcf
Neko Project2X Neko ProjectX is a PC-98 emulator for Xbox (it is a port of the emulator Neko Project II). hcf
DidntXSpectrum WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
WinUAE WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Vice20X Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
X68000X X68000X X68000 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Classic99x Classic99x - Texas Instruments 99 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
KEGS-X KEGS-X Apple IIgs/e/c/+ Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
WinSTonX WinSTonX Atari ST Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Chip8X Chip8X - CHIP8/SuperCHIP8 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
ArnoldX ArnoldX Amstrad CPC Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
VicePETX VicePETX Commodore PET Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Vice64X Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for Xbox xport


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System tools

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PC utilities

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