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Media players

Title Version Description Author Last updated
BCSTM-Player 1.0.0 BCSTM-Player for 3DS. NPI-D7 2021/04/03
LimePlayer3DS 0.0.10 GUI music player for the Nintendo 3DS (WIP). Oreo639 2021/05/15
Background MP3 Player 2021 (POC) 3DS PDN module rewrite. hax0kartik 2021/06/14
ThirdTube 0.4.0 A homebrew YouTube client (N3DS only). windows-server-2003 2021/11/28
3DAmnesic alpha (POC) Video player. Lectem 2015/08/31
3DSurfer full WAV player, written with LPP. Rinnegatamante 2015/01/03
3ds-theoraplayer r3 (POC) Video player for 3DS using libtheora+citro2d. Oreo639 2021/04/07
3ds-vgmstream v0.2.0 A port of vgmstream for the 3DS with a simple text based player. TricksterGuy 2016/07/11
blargSPC v0.1 Plays SPC files. DiscostewSM 2016/02/26
ctrmus v0.4.12 A music player supporting WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OPUS and MP3. deltabeard 2017/07/09
Libcwav v1.0 A 3DS library to play BCWAV files. mariohackandglitch 2021/01/27
NintenBrew Video v1.0 Video Application for modded 3DS consoles. MegaMemeMan 2018/08/03
OGG Vorbis Player v0.9 OGG Vorbis player for 3DS. machinamentum 2015/07/16
RipEX 3DS v2.0 Anime viewer. darkxex 2018/03/25
Tangerine v0.1.0 A music player for 3DS and Nintendo Switch (WIP). tesnos 2018/01/21
Video player for 3DS v1.4.0 Motion JPEG, MPEG4, H.264, H.265. Core-2-Extreme 2021/10/25


Title Version Description Author Last updated
Redshift 2019 Hardware-based blue light filter for old3DS and 2DS. Nutez 2019/02/24
3DS-PAD 2014 Basic example of using Touchpad and Circlepad in ARM11 mode 3DS Homebrew nop90 2014/04/28
SwKbd 2014 3DS Custom Software Keyboard Module nop90 2014/12/19
GYTB by MechanicalDragon0687 1.0 Super simple custom badge homebrew for the 3DS home menu. MechanicalDragon0687 2019/02/03
TWLFix-CFW 1.3 Uninstall the stock TWL apps, to allow system to reinstall them from CDN MechanicalDragon0687 2021/09/17
WiFi-Status-Checker 1.0 You can check your Wi-Fi status. HIDE810 2019/05/26
Faketik 1.1.2 Generates fake tickets to make missing titles re-appear on 3DS. ihaveamac 2020/11/15
NDSForwarder 1.2.0-beta Generate and Install NDS Forwarders! MechanicalDragon0687 2021/08/25
GodMode9i v2.7.1 GodMode9i is a full access file browser for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS library of consoles. RocketRobz 2021/08/01
00Text v1 Open Source text editor with an old mobile phone like keyboard. K0ryan 2016/09/07
3DeMore v1.0.0 Reset the usage count for demos. Kyraminol 2017/01/21
3dfetch v1.1 Displays various information about your Nintendo 3DS in pretty colors. aliceinpalth 2017/07/01
3DS Ebook Reader v1.2 Nintendo 3DS eBook Reader. reworks 2018/01/29
3DS HomeMenu extdata Tool v1.1.1 Tool for accessing the SD extdata which Home Menu uses. This essentially allows writing custom themes to extdata which get loaded at Home Menu startup. yellows8 2015/07/09
3DS Motion v0.2 3DS Paint with added Stop-Motion animation support. norips 2015/11/18
3DS Multi Hex v1.0.0 Easy menu customization. Metab 2016/05/29
3DS Paint v2.0 Drawing program. AlbertoSONIC 2015/10/20
3DS Quick Reboot 2015 Reboots the Nintendo 3DS console. AlbertoSONIC 2015/03/20
3DS Quick Reboot by Asellus v1.0.1 Quickly reboot your 3DS. Asellus 2016/05/18
3DS Quick Shutdown by thedax| v1 Shut down your 3DS. thedax 2016/09/17
3DS Quick Shutdown by Asellus v1.1.2 Quickly power off your 3DS without using power button. Asellus 2016/05/18
3DS Remote Desktop 2015 Stream Windows computer's screen to 3DS and send 3DS input to Windows. Retrozelda 2015/02/15
3DS Wifi Toggle v1 Turn Wifi on or off. thedax 2016/09/17
3DS-PluginsFolder v1.3 This program will allow you to create folders for all Titles ID on the directory sdmc:/plugin/. Klairm 2021/03/20
3DSafe 2016 In-NAND PIN lock for 3DS. mashers 2016/10/10
3DSBank v1.1 "Nintendo 3DS" folder selector. RocketRobz 2020/11/04
3DSController v0.6 Use your 3DS console as Windows controller (sends data to keyboard, joypad and mouse). CTurt 2015/09/09
3DShell v5.1.0 A multi purpose file manager, heavily inspired by the CyanogenMod/LineageOS file manager. joel16 2021/03/24
3DSync v0.2.0 Upload your saves to a cloud/pc/another 3ds locally. Kyraminol 2020/05/21
3DText v0.9 Simple text file viewer. DarkFlare69 2015/01/09
3input v0.1 A 3DS Input Viewer/Monitor. PhlexPlexico 2020/09/10
Alarm Clock v1.4 A basic alarm clock. 730 2018/06/23
ami² v2.0.0 Amiibo Duplicator. moriczgergo 2017/08/08
amibac v1.1.0 An Amiibo backup homebrew. amibacmoriczgergo 2017/08/06
Anemone3DS v2.2.0 A theme and boot splash manager for the Nintendo 3DS console. astronautlevel2 2020/12/25
Battery mark v2.0 Battery mark for 3DS. Core_2_Extreme 2020/01/30
BiPoLAR-3ds v0.02 Enable/Disable the power LED. Spaqin 2016/12/21
BootCtr v2.1.0 A simple boot manager for 3DS. thiagokokada 2016/01/30
BootNTR Selector v2.13.4 A BootNTR which will allows you to choose the version of NTR you want to load. Nanquitas 2020/11/23
BrewMan v1 Homebrew repository downloader, supports github and screenshots. Repo3DS 2016/03/01
3DS-TEST v1.0 3DS-TEST, a button/pad tester for 3DS and 2DS systems. 16BitWonder 2017/11/12
ButtonSwap3DS 2017 Remap buttons on your 3DS! mcaboosec 2017/04/15
CaptureAssistant v1.3 A capture alignment tool for use with 3DS Capture Cards and NTRViewer, based on lpp-3ds. Sasori 2016/08/27
Checkmii v1.0 Checks what buttons are pressed. Darkrevol 2015/08/22
Checkpoint 3DS v3.7.4 Fast and simple homebrew save manager for 3DS and Switch. FlagBrew 2019/12/09
CIAngel v0.81 Downloads good CIA files right on your 3DS. llakssz 2017/05/12
Colouredgbc 2017 Coloured carts with the GBC banner. AyanamiRei0 2018/02/17
Cthulu v1.3.5 Manages your 3DS's Activity Log and more. Ryuzaki-MrL 2019/11/28
ctr-led-brary alpha Small 3DS library to play patterns with the RGB notification LED. mariohackandglitch 2017/10/14
CtrBootManager 1.9 A boot manager for some 3DS homebrew applications, like HBL and CFW. Cpasjuste 2016/03/03
CtrBootManager9 v0.5 ARM9 version of CtrBootManager. For use with arm9loaderhax. cpasjuste 2016/03/08
CTroll3D v0.0.1 Control the Citra emulator from your 3ds. CarlosEFML 2021/06/06
CtrRGBPATTY v1.1 This 3DS application allows the LED color to be changed. Cpunch 2017/11/14
Ctrrpc Beta RPC server/client for poking the 3DS usermode. Build from repo. plutoo 2014/12/09
Custom Home Menu Manager 2 v2.8 CHMM2 is a theme manager for Nintendo 3DS for custom themes. Rinnegatamante 2016/07/05
Custom Install v2.1b Install CIAs to a Nintendo 3DS SD card entirely on PC. ihaveamac 2021/07/08
Downgrade Check v2.0 A small tool will check if you have downgraded your Nintendo 3DS system. svanheulen 2016/01/21
3DS-DSiWare Dumper v1.3 Dump system DSiWare to sdmc:/. MechanicalDragon0687 2019/07/30
DSP Dump v1.0 A simple 3DS utility app to dump the DSP binary component. Cruel 2016/04/24
DSP Firmware Dumper v1.0 Another utility app to dump the DSP binary component. rinnegatamante 2016/04/23
EasyRPG Player Updater - RE v2.1.1 Updater for EasyRPG Player 3DS. gnmmarechal 2016/04/27
edpJoy3DS v0.6.2 edpJoy client for 3DS. edicpop 2017/08/28
encTitleKeys Updater v1.3 A tool used to update freeShop keys. MatMaf 2016/07/09
Eshop Debugger v0.2 Tool used for eshop related stuff. Reisyukaku 2016/09/14
FileKong v0.1 Opensource FTP Client for Nintendo 3DS. Rinnegatamante 2016/06/09
Flite-3ds v1.5 Voice synthesizing engine. Cruel, Pirater12 2016/11/29
Font Viewer/Tester 2015 View fonts from your SD card. Jwiz33 2015/09/24
Forecast v1.0.1 A weather app for the 3DS. NatTupper 2017/07/25
ftbrony 2014 FTP Server for 3DS. yellows8 2014/11/27
FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition v2.2 Custom FTP Server for 3DS, forked from mtheall's ftpd. FloatingStar 2016/01/27
ftpd by mtheall v3.1.0 A FTP server. mtheall 2021/06/13
FTPd by GizmoTheGreen v2.3 FTP Server for 3DS, forked from mtheall's ftpd. GizmoTheGreen 2018/07/31
FTPDB v1.4.1 FTP for 3DS. Favna 2017/01/20
ftpony beta A basic FTP server, useful for testing new homebrew versions without swapping the SD card (no longer under development). smea 2014/11/24
Gamecard Dumper 2016 Dump 3DS and DSi game cartridges. TheGreek Boy 2016/08/16
Gateway CIA v1.1 CIA shortcut that opens Gateway Launcher. Rohul1997 2016/03/02
GodMode9 v2.1.0 GodMode9 Explorer - A full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console. d0k3 2021/11/21
masher's Grid Launcher Updater 3DS v2.21 Get mashers's Homebrew Launcher with grid layout. ihaveamac 2015/12/08
HackChat v1.0 Chat application. GitGarage 2016/03/01
HexEditor v0.25 HexEditor for 3DS. Marshmallow 2016/02/25
Homebrew Launcher Wrapper v1.0 Homebrew Launcher Loader - Dummy App. mariohackandglitch 2018/07/27
Imgurup-3ds v2.0 Basic Imgur Upload Client for 3ds. hax0kartik 2017/03/12
Input Redirection v1.3 Change Input. Stary2001 2017/02/18
InstallMii v0.1c Graphical homebrew repository downloader. simonepsp 2015/01/19
JEDECheck v1.0.0 3DS homebrew tool to check undocumented DS cartridge data. FlagBrew 2018/09/15
JKSM - JK's Save Manager 2020 Save/Extdata Manager. JK_ 2020/05/08
JKSM Rosalina v0.0.1 Modded version of JKSM for use as 3DSX on Luma 8+. Phalk, JK_ 2017/07/12
JKSM Rosalina: revision v4f1a90b This is a fork from Phalk's JKMS, originally forked from J-D-K's JKSM - JK's Save Manager. This version's 3DSX is only compatible with the Rosalina entrypoint of the Homebrew Launcher. DeathAngel74 2017/07/09
LuCIAfer v1.0 Forked from CIAngel, this program is a simple approach to avoiding writing ids and keys when downloading games. Aiscrim 2016/04/23
Luma Locale Region Auto Setter v1.1-225 3DS Homebrew to create locale files to run out of region DLC with less hassle. DarkSynopsis 2018/12/09
Luma3DS Updater v1.4.2 A boot.firm updater for Luma3DS and boot9strap! Hamcha 2016/08/27
LumaLocaleSwitcher v0.04 LumaLocaleSwitcher can be used to manage per-title locales for Luma3ds. Possum 2017/04/23
Magikoopa 2019 Code patcher for 3ds games. RicBent 2019/06/29
Mandelbrot set viewer 3DS 2015 3DS homebrew Mandelbrot set viewer. meladroit 2015/10/25
MCU Bricker v1 A simple makes the 3DS's notification LED flash! MarcusD 2016
Multidownload v3.2 Downloads files straight to your 3ds. hax0kartik 2017/05/15
MultiUpdater v4.0.2 Updates files, cias, etc for you. LiquidFenrir 2018/03/07
NDS-controller v1.2.0 Nintendo DS that allows the DS to connect to an Android device. Louisvh 2017/10/24
Newquay v0.3 Install titles recently added to that titlekey site. hippydave 2016/10/12
NFCReader V1.0 Allows you to use your 3DS as a NFC/RFID UID Scanner. MrJPGames 2017/01/21
nimSM v1.0.0 Nim save manager that uses PxiFS0 to backup! Plailect 2016/12/26
NinjaCam v1.0 Camera without shutter sound. Rinnegatamante 2015/12/08
Nitrohax v0.99.dsi NitroHax cheat tool for Nintendo DS games, ported to Nintendo 3DS. ahezard 2018/04/26
NoAmii wip Amiibo emulation within 3DS. HiddenRamblings 2017/08/06
NotifyMii v1.2 Homebrew notification manager. Ryuzaki-MrL 2016/05/24
NTR Launcher v2.5 NTR Launcher - Apache Thunder Original code from NitroHax but with cheat engine/menu stripped out. ApacheThunder 2021/03/02
ntrboot_flasher v0.5.0 A tool to flash that bootrom-hax goodness to your flashcart using your 3ds. ntrteam 2018/11/21
OnionFS v2.1 ROMFS and SAVE redirection to the SD. mariohackandglitch 2021/04/24
OpenRegion v1 Bypass region lock on 3DS firmware v4.x and v6.x. YourNerdyJoe 2015/04/02
PDSX v0.3.0 Recreation of PS1 BIOS for 3DS/2DS. RocketRobz 2018/08/18
PHBank v2.0.1-beta Pokemon Homebrew Bank. gocario 2016/03/12
PHBankGB v1.0.2 Pokemon Homebrew Bank for the Pokemon RBY VC release. Gocario 2016/06/25
PHBankManager v2.0.1 PHBankManager (not affiliated with PHBank and its creator) allows the user to have multiple bank files! zaksabeast 2016/03/12
PinBox r0.2.4_test_1 PinBox is a homebrew for 3DS system to stream content from a windows PC to 3DS. namkazt 2018/08/14
PKSM v9.2.0 Save editor for Pokemon generations 4 to 7. Bernardo Giordano 2020/07/26
PowerPrevent_SysModule v1.1.0 Add power button safety mechanic. WerWolv 2018/04/16
Purgification v1.1 Purging tool for notifications. Rinnegatamante 2016/04/21
QR-Poster 2017 3DS homebrew QR poster. nwk6661 2017/09/04
Qraken v1.2 PoC .cia QR Code scanner and installer. FlagBrew 2018/05/21
Quick Payload Switcher v1.3 Switches two A9LH payloads (by renaming them). gnmmarechal 2016/07/09
REDThreeUp 2016 Apply IPS patches to ROM files. gnmmarechal 2016/07/28
Rehid v3.0 Hid module rewrite for easy button remapping and more. Kartik 2021/06/07
RTChanger v1.0 Lets you change your 3DS RTC. GodMode9 does this as well, but you have to power off your 3DS for this. Storm-Eagle20 2017/07/31
SaltySD smash4-v1.2 A collection of SD redirect patches for 3DS games. shinyquagsire23 2017/12/05
Save Data Manager and Editor v0.1 Proof of concept save exporter/importer - for firmware up to 9.9. profi200 2015/09/13
ScreenInfo v1.01 Identify whether New 3DS LCD panels are TN or IPS. SciresM 2016/09/04
screenshot-merge v1.4 Merges screenshots taken with ninjhax 2.5 or NTR CFW. ihaveamac 2018/02/03
scrtool v1 Screenshot Tool. TheCruel 2016/03/05
scrup v0.03 Upload screenshots to imgur. JerwuQu 2016/09/16
Sharkive v1.0.0 Cheat codes for 3DS games for use with Rosalinas cheat menu. FlagBrew 2018/08/02
SmileBASIC File Manager v1.7 SmileBASIC File Manager is an application designed to make transferring resources from a PC to SmileBASIC easier. Trinitro21 2019/05/09
SpecializeMii 0.1.4 Golden Pants for your personal Mii. phijor 2017/01/22
SpecializeMii+ 0.2.0 On-console Mii database editor. Fork of SpecializeMii and able to share up to 2 consoles. phijor, Ryccardo 2017/08/13
StarUpdater v1.4.1 Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. astronautlevel2 2016/08/27
StarUpdater-UN v1.5.3-un Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. Usually more updated than the original StarUpdater, though the fork does send pull requests to the original StarUpdater when a feature is added. gnmmarechal 2016/11/20
svdt v0.10.42d Save Data Explorer/Manager. meladroit 2015/10/17
Themely v1.3.1 A custom home menu manager for the Nintendo 3DS. ihaveamac 2017/09/05
Thenaya v0.7 Thenaya is a homebrew app which can program Amiibo dump files into blank NTAG215, making brand new Amiibos. HiddenRambler 2017/08/03
Tinker v1.0.2 3DS Homebrew Theme Manager for Shufflehax/Menuhax/Themehax. HeyItsJono 2016/01/03
Titlekeys Tools v1.6.1 A tool to easily update freeShop keys based on lpp-3ds or download the seeddb.bin and decTitleKeys.bin. Wolvan 2016/09/28
TWiLightMenu Updater v4.5 Easy to Update TwiLightMenu. RocketRobz 2021/04/05
uncart 2016 Dump decrypted 3DS games cartridges. citra-emu 2016/06/24
Universal-Updater v3.2.3 A multiapp, JSON script-based updater for Nintendo 3DS. Universal-Team 2021/08/11
WifiManager v1.1.2 Attempt at a wifi slots saving/restore/edit on 3ds. LiquidFenrir 2018/01/16
Wooddumper v1 A way to dump original DS games to 3DS sd card! shutterbug2000 2018/05/23
Wumiibo v3.0 Amiibo Emulation for 3ds. hax0kartik 2020/12/18
YARU - Yet Another Regionfree Utility v1.0 Region free cartridge loader for Palantine CFW/Emunand. Rinnegatamante 2015/01/24
Yuki FM 2016 File Explorer/Manager for the 3DS, written in lua. skiptirengu 2016/08/27

Operating systems

Title Version Description Author Last updated
Linux For 3DS 2021 Linux kernel source tree. kleo, nickdesaulniers, ParzivalWolfram, Wolfvak, xerpi 2021/10/19
Linux v5.10.0+ Linux on 3DS. xerpi 2020/12/20


Title Version Description Author Last updated
CalculaThreeDS v0.2 3DS homebrew scientific calculator. LiquidFenrir 2021/01/10
Simple Calc v1.2 Another calculator for simple math operations. GalladeGuy 2015/11/27
Super Simple Calculator 2015 Calculator for simple math operations CKlidify 2015/10/12
GraphCalc 3DS v1.5.1 Graphical calculator. flarn2006 2016/12/04
InttoHex v1.1 3DS Homebrew that convert integer to Hex and Bin. darkxex 2016/06/14
3DS Binary Decimal Converter v2.0 Converts an entered binary number to its decimal equivalent AlbertoSONIC 2015/04/22
Mandelbrot 3DS 2014 Mathematical-based Homebrew. Aliakr18 2014/01/14


Title Version Description Author Last updated
kit-kat by Nanquitas 1.6.5 MEGA toolkit chain with many useful features like Streaming, Pushing files to the 3DS wirelessly, Input Redirection, HostedNetwork Automation, And many many more. Nanquitas 2017/05/20
Guitartuner-3DS Experimental chromatic tuner for the 3DS!
Fast PlayCoin 1.0 [3DS] Fast PlayCoin CorySanin 2017/11/17
Notepad3ds 1.1.2 Text editor for the Nintendo 3DS console RMcTn 2017/12/06
ButtonPresser3DS 2.0 Is this good? trainboy2019 2017/06/22
SharedFontTool 3.1 3DS SharedFontTool dnasdw, enler 2018/08/13
CartInstall 1.3.0 An uncreatively named (and now deprecated) GodMode9 fork for installing 3DS cartridge games directly to the SD aspargas2 2019/11/28
Demo-Reset 1.0.0 This app resets the democounter of the 3ds NPX-I7 (Tobi) 2020/07/16
GBAVCSM 1.3 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console Save Manager - A GodMode9 script dedicated to handling GBA VC saves. TurdPooCharger 2020/04/09
3DS Crypto Server v1.1 Userland homebrew for 3ds crypto over the network! SciresM 2017/01/20
EPF Theme for FBI 2019 Club Peaguin theme for FBI. jeffyTheHomebrewer 2019/01/14
Super Photo Studio v1.0 Take pictures of your favorite characters, in glorious Hori-HD. RocketRobz 2020/09/07
TinyVNC v1.0 VNC viewer for Nintendo 3DS. Badda 2020/10/12
VNDS-LOVE v0.0.12 VNDS-LOVE is a cross platform program that plays Visual Novel Dual Screen formatted novels. ajusa 2021/05/12
Switch-Fightstick 2020 3DS as a Switch Controller. cluckclock 2020/05/13
Hori-HD Image Gallery v1.0.2 Demonstration of the 800px wide mode. Robz8 2020/06/21
PixelChat beta A chat-based replacement for Miiverse. codeHusky 2020/04/20
badapple3ds v1.1 Bad Apple PV on 3DS. Chromaryu 2018/07/15
S3SH v1.0 SSH Client for 3DS. Kartik 2019/06/14
kSketch v1 An etch a sketch on the 3DS. thekman 2014/12/04
3DSBFI v1.1 A 3DS Brainf*ck Interpreter. josamilu 2015/07/10
Miiverse Custom Image Tool v1.3 Making it easy to post custom images to Miiverse. PF2M 2016/02/19
Monty v0.9.1 A port of MicroPython to the 3DS. ObsidianX 2016/04/24
Custom mmap XML Downloader v1.0 Custom mmap XML Downloader. Ryuzaki-MrL 2016/08/23
C_O_M_R_E_D 3DS v0.1a A theme-able comic reader for the 3DS. BEPISMAN2 2016/10/04
luaIRC v1.0 LuaIrc is an IRC client for 3DS written with Lua Player Plus 3DS. rinnegatamante 2016/11/14
amiibo Collection v0.2.0 Amiibo collection manager - Homebrew for 3ds. Slimfr01 2017/01/25
SDLPAL v1.1 SDLPAL is an SDL-based open-source cross-platform reimplementation of the classic Chinese RPG game. ZephRay 2017/02/18
MegaNTR 2021 NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. ItsDeidara 2021/11/28
NTRDBI v0.1.0 NTR plugin for a majority if Nintendo 3DS games. adrifcastr 2017/04/27
Lua Red v1.5 A scriptable Pokemon Red for N3DS and o3DS. noahc3 2017/04/09
3DiScord v1.2 3DiScord is a heavily WIP Discord client for the 3DS. cheuble 2017/06/23
irctr 2016 IRC client for 3DS. Sanqui 2016/10/27
VN3DS wip Visual Novel Interpreter. dfsa3fdvc1 2015/09/06
TWL Slot-1 Launcher v3 Boots blocked DS flashcards on any 3DS model. Apache Thunder 2016/02/16
Pictochat3D v0.3 Pictochat clone for 3DS. Tjessx 2016/05/31
FakeBrick9 3DS 2016 Shows a fake brick screen (a9lh). Wolfvak 2016/03/14
Fake Brick 3DS 2015 Shows a fake brick screen. flarn2006 2015/01/29
Dice 3DS 2015 Roll some dice. keanutah 2015/10/19
BLEND3R v1.1 3D Model Viewer. Rinnegatamante 2016/03/03
Clock v1.1.1 A simple clock app for the 3DS. arc13 2017/08/12
3DSThemeManager v1.3.1 A 3DS Theme Manager. Favna 2017/08/26
Clive 2017 A Homebrew Colors! Live Replacement Server. JoshuaDoes 2017/08/21
CTROLLER for Android v0.1.3 Use your Nindendo 3DS as a game controller for Android. superl2 2018/01/29
NTR Plugins Collections 2018 A Complete Package of NTR Plugins. Leafgreen26, comput3rus3r 2018/09/23
CTRPluginFramework 2018 Blank Plugin - Now with Action Replay. Nanquitas 2018/06/23
TinyTot v1.0.1 2 Factor Authentication token one-time password generator. thejsa 2016/07/10
Orchestrina v0.5.0-beta Play the ocarina from Ocarina of Time. EBLeifEricson 2017/03/30
Manga Reader v2.1 Manga/Comics Reader for 3DS. MyLegGuy 2018/02/05
krypto v1.0 A cryptocurrency ticker homebrew app for the 3DS. sereneblue 2017/03/12
Koopa Cruiser v0.5 Web Browser. thejsa 2015/12/21
imgr3ds v1.0 A basic Imgur client for the 3DS. sereneblue 2017/04/17
forecast3ds v1.0 A simple weather homebrew app built with lpp-3ds. sereneblue 2017/01/02
Drider v0.6 ePub reader. ingolemo 2017/11/15
DDexter v0.4.1 Pokedex application for 3DS. feuerpanda 2016/11/21
Crimson Scripter v0.3.4 Sound novel interpreter, made using lpp3ds. Phalk 2016/05/29
A9NC v0.1.4 Receives ARM9 payloads over network and runs them. d0k3 2018/02/23
Cyanogen 3DS v1.0 Cyanogen3DS - A W.I.P Alternative Custom GUI Menu for the Nintendo 3DS, inspired by the design of Cyanogenmod. This is a port of CyanogenPSP running on the 3DS. Joel16 2017/01/04
Sunshell 2016 Multifunction shell written in LUA. Contains a variety of useful tools including an SD file manager, extdata dump/restore tool, and media players. Rinnegatamante 2016/02/07
TWLSaveTool v1.2 Manage saves from NDS cartridges. TuxSH 2016/08/28
Agbsave9 v1.0.1 Dump GBA VC savefiles to SD card. alex34567 2016/05/07
DiscordCTR WIP Discord client written in C++ for the Nintendo 3DS. dvdcd 2018/07/30
Discord Client 1.1.1 A simple unofficial Discord client to use as an example. yourWaifu 2017/10/16
ESPerPass 0.1.0 michaelshmitty 2018/06/20
GM9Megascript v1.2 An all-in-one script consisting of almost all available gm9 scripts I can find. annson24 2018/04/05
Pre9otherapp v2.0 pre-9.2 otherapp which can be used to launch an arm9 payload off the sd card. hax0kartik 2020/04/19
Samus Returns - Amiibo Unlocker v1.1 Amiibo Unlocker. noirscape 2018/04/14
acnl-chat-sender v1.0 A chat sender utilizing NTR Debugger to send messages to the ingame chat via your PC. rydoginator 2018/05/13
CTRPF AR CHEAT CODES unknown CTRPF Action Replay cheat code database. JourneyOver 2019/05/08
NTRRemoteplaySimulator vWhatever NTRRemoteplaySimulator is a script that simulates a (New)Nintendo 2/3DS sending frames to a PC. RattletraPM 2018/05/31
PaintAR v0.0.1 Attempt at an AR homebrew game for the 3ds console family, similar to the built-in Face Raiders. LiquidFenrir 2018/06/15
FriendMii v1.00 An experimental open source friends app for the Nintendo 3DS. joel16 2018/07/30
3DS-Gamecard alpha Eagle Board for nintendo 3DS Gamecard Cartidge. AhmedTheGeek 2018/09/23
Dead Simple EULA Set v1.1 Dead Simple Eula Set. noirscape 2018/10/12
ModMoon v3.0.1 A beautiful mod loader for games. Works for SaltySD, and LayeredFS. Swiftloke 2018/09/30
Line for 3DS v1.7.2 Line for 3DS. Core-2-Extreme 2021/01/07
3DSplit v1.0.4 A speedrunning timer for the (New) Nintendo 3DS (XL). LetsPlentendo-CH 2019/07/11
kodiremote-3ds v0.3-alpha Remote control for Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) that use the WebSocket port to control Kodi. proconsule 2019/10/29
Modern UI beta A simple icon pack with a flat and minimalist design. LouchDaishiteru 2016/02/15
Simplok beta Simplok for the Homebrew Launcher. link6155 2015/09/12
FreeShop v4.1.4 Open-source eShop alternative for the Nintendo 3DS. TheCruel/arc13/Paul/evi 2018/09/09
Homebr3w v1.4.0 Simple Homebrew browser and installer. Wolvan 2016/08/03
3DS Homebrew Browser v0.1.1 An application browser for Nintendo 3DS Homebrew. zeta0134 2015/07/04
For Anyone Who Walks A Lot v0.1b Tool to get past the 10 coin per day limit on earning Play Coins by walking. iamevn 2015/08/15
fb43ds Beta Facebook's Client for Nintendo 3DS. Build from repo. linoma 2015/04/08
DownloadMii v1.0.5.10 DownloadMii is an online marketplace for homebrew applications & games. Build from repo. filfat 2015/02/23
3dsfetch Alpha Small 3DS version of a popular Linux ricing script called screenfetch. VideahGams & Advanced Memb 2015/09/18
nds-bootstrap 0.46.2 Boot an nds file. Robz8 2021/08/11
Pokething v2.0 DS AR marking viewer to be used with the 3DS Pokedex app. Snailface 2011/06/14


Title Version Description Author Last updated
CTGP-7 Launcher 1 Launches the CTGP-7 mod using Luma3DS plugin loader. PabloMK7 (mariohackandglitch) 2020/11/01
CTGP-7 EveryFileExplorer Plugin 1.0 CTGP-7 Plugin for Every File Explorer PabloMK7 (mariohackandglitch) 2021/12/11
REaMscreenshot 2015 Open sourcing screenshot plugin for NTR CFW (1.0 or 2.x) conanac 2015/07/19
PokemonCheatPlugin by Hartie95 1.2.0 This plugin for NTR CFW adds some features to Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS. Hartie95 2016/06/30
blankCheatMenu 2016 blank cheat menu to build NTR cheat plugins off of. @Nanquitas gets all the credit for this. I'm just using it to help teach people how to create their own plugins. rydoginator 2017/01/22
Pokemon Sun & Moon Cheat Plugin 1.0.0 Pokemon Sun and Moon cheat plugin based off blank cheat menu to build NTR cheat plugins off of. Credit to @Nanquitas for blank menu and lib. AnalogMan151 2017/06/21
Clock & FPS with menu 0.6 Sample overlay plugins for NTR CFW. Nanquitas 2017/02/13
Zelda-Ocarina-Of-Time-3D-Plugin 3.3 A cheat plugin using CTRPluginFramework Nanquitas 2018/04/03
3gxtool 1.0 Create the plugins for Luma3DS Nanquitas 2018/11/15
Luma3DS-Plugin-sample 1.0 A basic game plugin which can be loaded by Luma3DS Nanquitas 2018/11/15
Monster Hunter 4U/XX QoL codes 2.0.0 Monster Hunter 4U/XX QoL plugin for Luma3DS. mikewii 2021/09/27
Vapecord-ACNL-Plugin 1.9.5 Animal Crossing NL Vapecord Public Plugin WIP! RedShyGuy 2021/10/30
Multi-Pokemon Framework 21.12.19 Multi-Pokemon Framework is a Pokemon plugin developed. Jared0714 2021/12/21