PokemonCheatPlugin by Hartie95 3DS

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PokemonCheatPlugin by Hartie95
Last Updated2016/06/30


This plugin for NTR CFW adds some features to Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS.

The Cheats

  • Pokemon Generation modifier(thanks to MrNbaYoh) *All Shiny Pokemon
  • Wild encounter modifier
    • Species
      • Random/by item count
    • Always shiny (thanks to MrNbaYoh)
    • Variation
      • Random/by item count
    • Level
      • Random/by item count
    • Update Dexnav(OR/AS only)
  • Item modifier
    • Item type
    • Item count
  • Battle modifier(thanks to MrNbaYoh)
    • Unlimited HP
    • Unlimited PP
    • 100% catch rate
    • 1.000.000 Exp Points
    • 1Hit Kill/Opponent 1 HP
  • Other
    • Quick egg hatching(thanks to MrNbaYoh)
    • Unlimited opower
    • Infinit repel

The untested/unstable/beta cheats

  • Get all Items(x999)
  • Max money

Planned features

  • random trainer pokemon
  • maybe all Items cheat(key items are misssing atm)


The plugin

First ntr cfw needst to be setted up on your 3ds, and for full support you need to install the latest update for your pokemon edition.

After this is done, simply copy the plugin in one of the following folders(depending on your game):

  • X: /plugin/0004000000055D00/
  • Y: /plugin/0004000000055E00/
  • OR: /plugin/000400000011C400/
  • AS: /plugin/000400000011C500/

Keep in mind, that only one ntr plugin is supported at the same time.


  • Wild encounter modifier(Item bag)
    • Species
      • Press L+A to set the first item count to 721
      • Modifie the item count using:L+UP(+1)/L+DOWN(-1)L+RIGTH(+10)/L+LEFT(-10)
  • Variation * Press L+A to set the second item count to 27 * Modifie the item count using:L+B+UP(+1)/L+B+DOWN(-1)L+B+RIGTH(+10)/L+B+LEFT(-10)
  • Level * Press L+A to set the third item count to 100 * Modifie the item count using:L+X+UP(+1)/L+X+DOWN(-1)L+X+RIGTH(+10)/L+X+LEFT(-10)
  • ItemModifier
    • Item type(uses the medicine bag items)
      • Press R+A to set the first three medicine counts item count to 1
      • Modifie the item id(third medicine) using:R+UP(+1)/R+DOWN(-1)R+RIGTH(+10)/R+LEFT(-10)
      • Modifie the item bag(second medicine) using:R+B+UP(+1)/R+B+DOWN(-1)R+B+RIGTH(+10)/R+B+LEFT(-10)
      • Modifie the item position(first medicine):R+X+UP(+1)/R+X+DOWN(-1)R+X+RIGTH(+10)/R+X+LEFT(-10)

Supported itemBags

  1. Item bag
  2. Medicine bag
  3. TM/HM bag
  4. Berry bag
  5. Key item bag

Additional information:

Item ID list

The Items IDs Are listet id the wiki, please help to fill it: Item ID Wiki

Shiny Encounter

How the shiny encounter works