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3DS Mii Edit Tool
Last Updated2017/01/14
TypeOther PC Utilities

3DS Mii Edit Tool is a program that allows you to edit your Miis directly on your PC.

Note: By using this tool you are responsible of any data lost, so please keep a backup of your CFL_DB.dat file.


  • Edit your Miis.
  • Take ownership of any Mii (so you can edit them).
  • Set any Mii as your personal Mii (this will swap any Mii you want with you personal Mii).
  • Delete a Mii.
  • Export Miis from CFL_DB.dat to a file (*.3dsmii).
  • Import Miis from a file (*.3dsmii) to your CFL_DB.dat.
  • Supports UTF-16.

User guide

Note: This was made with VisualStudio so it needs .NET Framework (4) to run.

The program was made to work with a CFL_DB.dat file, it can be obtained with JKSM (Shared ExtData > F000000B > Export) and restored with the same tool (Shared ExtData > F000000B > Import); alternatively you can use extdata_dump.

Editable settings include:

  • Name/Author (you can use special characters from DS/DSi/PictoChat/Wii/3DS).
  • Favorite color.
  • Gender.
  • Birthday.
  • Change its "Favorite", "Sharing" and "Allow Copying" properties.
  • Set its specialness (keep in mind that a Mii can't be special and have "sharing" on at the same time as it will crash Mii Maker).

Miis are known to save in real-time, the only thing you need to do is save the CFL_DB.dat file to keep any change made.


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