GCIR - Gamecube Controller Input Redirect 3DS

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GCIR - Gamecube Controller Input Redirect
Version0.2 (3 Oct 2017)

GCIR - Gamecube Controller Input Redirect is a program that allows you to remap GameCube controller to Luma InputRedirect Client, using Python and TPPFLUSH. It also supports remappable keyboard inputs.

The program sends button inputs from a controller over the network to a 3DS running InputRedirect. Hence you will need a device that can run Python and can support controllers, as well as an active internet connection in order to use this.


  • Supports any DInput device (anything your OS sees as a joystick).
  • Also supports Xinput (Xbox 360/One controller).
  • Supports using the keyboard.
  • Supports putting a picture over the touch screen window.
  • Fully re-mappable controls.

User guide


  • Python 3.6 or higher, and the PyGame library.
    • PyGame can be installed with the following command pip install pygame.
    • Or, if you have multiple versions of Python installed python -m pip install pygame.
    • You may have to substitute python for either python3 or python3.6 depending on how you installed it.
    • If neither of those work you may have to type the full path to the python executable (i.e. C:\Python36\python.exe).


  • Technically supports any DInput device (e.g. Windows joystick) or any device that PyGame supports (e.g. XBox 360 Controller), but is currently mapped for a Gamecube Controller via a USB adapter.
  • It also supports putting a picture over the touch screen to help with clicking on things. Put a picture named home.jpg in the images folder (or name your own by changing the source).

Gamepad Buttons

  • To re-map buttons:
    • Edit the buttonMappings dict (for controllers) or KBDButtons class (for the keyboard) in (or if using multiple systems).
    • The buttonMappings array is a list of every button on your controller in order from 0 mapped to a 3DS button.
    • Button IDs can be found in Windows Game Controller settings (Start> Run...> joy.cpl).
  • To add a button mapping to the buttonMappings dict:
    • Type the button ID followed by the 3DS button you want it to be mapped to.
    • For example, if you wanted button 0 to be mapped to HIDButtons.A, add this entry to buttonMappings 0: HIDButtons.A.
    • Likewise, if you want button 3 to be A, put 3: HIDButtons.A in the list instead.
    • If you want a high-numbered button (like the XBox 360 Guide button, 15 on some OSes) to be bound to a 3DS button, add empty list entries (zero) in between the last button map and the one you want.

Joystick Axes

  • To remap joystick axes (if your controller for some reason uses different ones):
    • Find pygame.JOYAXISMOTION with ctrl+f.
    • Change the joystick axis indices (event.axis == 0 etc).

Keyboard Button

  • Edit the KBDButtons class with the keyboard values you want to bind to 3DS buttons.
  • Here is a list of buttons PyGame uses.
  • This one is more straight forward as everything is named instead of being numbered, for instance to set 3DS button A to be keyboad button J type A = pygame.K_j.


When cloning the repository, make sure to use --recursive to download the necessary submodule.


v0.2 2017/10/03

  • Added bare-bones support for putting a photo on the touchscreen, wrote the code more neatly, and updated to the latest version of TPPFLUSH.

v0.1.1 2017/09/25

  • Now with Binaries:
    • The Python binaries require Python3 and PyGame installed.
    • The macOS binaries technically work (they run from the command line just fine) but need testing.

v0.1 2018/09/24

  • Releasing becasue it works.

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