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Last Updated2014/12/14
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UpdateCDN is a Python script that downloads the titles (programs) that make up a 3DS FW update and create .cias to use with devmenu. It uses the CSV files from here.


Download contains the following versions (requires Python 2 to use):

  • UpdateCDN.zip - Orignal version with a mac version of make_cdn_cia.
  • UpdateCDN-update.zip - Includes an updated make_cdn_cia for Linux x86_64 with sources (by lucks).
  • make_cdn-cia.zip - Windows bin of make_cdn_cia (from here).

User guide

How it works

  • You download the csv file you want (2.0.0-2 - 9.4.0-21 are already included), and this tool will download everything, and create cia files that will install on your 3DS.
  • The tool requires make_cdn_cia and you will need to put it in the folder with the UpdateCDN.py.
  • By default the titles are downloaded into folders based on when they were last updated (this can be turned on with -nosort).
    • When downloading FW 9.4.0-21 JPN, title 0004001B00010002 has not been updated since 2.0.0-2 (maybe before, the site "began" with 2.0.0-2).
    • So this title will be in a folder called 2.0.0-2. If you are above FW 2.0.0-2, you do not need to install that cia.
    • If you are on 8.0.0-18, and want to go to 9.4.0-21, simply ignore all the cias in the folders equal and below 8.0.0-18.

Dir Output

-9.4.0-12 (folder created from CSV filename, 9.4.0-21.csv will make a folder called 9.4.0-21)
--JPN (separate folder for each region you specify)
---raw (where titles are downloaded to)
---cia (where cia files are output to)

Command line

Here is how to use it/the help output you get when you type: python UpdateCDN.py -h

Note that you need to specify an input file and at least one region.

inputfile  CSV file that contains title information, ideally from:
-JPN        Download JPN titles
-EUR        Download EUR titles
-USA        Download USA titles
-KOR        Download KOR titles
-CHN        Download CHN titles
-TWN        Download TWN titles
-ALL        Download all regions
-nosort    Turn OFF sorting of the titles into folders based on their debut
           fw. For example, if title X was added in FW 4.0.0 and not
           updated since, by default it is placed in a folder called 4.0.0.
           So, if you are on 4.0.0 or above, you will not need to install
-nobuild    Turn OFF generation of CIA files, titles will be downloaded
-h, --help   show this help message and exit

Note: Be careful with using this, though it is only on emuNAND you should still make an emuNAND backup.


Thanks to friendxsis and riku for help, person/people who managed http://yls8.mtheall.com, sbJFn5r for the python files which this tool is based off.

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