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IRdA is an InputRedirection client for Android 3.1 and above.

Note: this application has no on-screen controls. This is only for using external controllers via Bluetooth or USB (or built-in controls for those all-in-one gaming tablets).


  • Button binding.
  • Axis binding.
  • Power saving mode*.
  • Persistent config.
  • "NoDefault" option to disable default Android key press action for unhandled keys.
  • No accidental config resetting via recovery-style "yes" selection.
  • Autoconnect option on program open.

User guide

Input Redirecting to your controller

  • Connect your controller to your android phone in whatever way works (usb or bluetooth).
  • Install and start IRdA on your phone.
  • Check CAL Button and map your controller to the 3DS inputs. Uncheck it when completed.
  • Check CAL Axis and bind the analog sticks axis. Cicle Pad is left stick. C-Stick is right stick.
  • Start input redirection on your 3DS. Enter Rosalina menu on your 3DS (L+Down+Select) > Miscellaneous options > Start InputRedirection.
  • Press B and take note of the IP adress on the top right of your screen.
  • Press input IP address in the options in IRdA and write that IP address (both should be on the same network). Select Commit config.
  • Exit out of rosalina and you should be able to control your 3DS with the controller.

Retroarch Multiplayer

  • Go to settings and input. Scroll down to User 2 and set device to 3ds. Use the latest stable retroarch.
  • Start any game with the emulator you want (snes9x2002 has issues with input changing).
  • Go to quickmenu and controls. Go to Player 2 and set the corresponding left analog axes as dpad directions.
    • Remember how you mapped your controller earlier and scroll down and set L as A and R as B etc.
    • Then set Left Analog as the dpad by mapping the respective direction.
    • The person using the controller will have to use the analog stick for movement, because the 3DS' Circle Pad won't work as long as it is receiving input from a controller.
  • Make sure two controllers are connected for the system you're emulating. Sometimes this is in quickmenu options (i.e. pcsx_rearmed) other times in controls.
  • You should be ready to play.

Tutorials are based on this guide by zense.





Does not support New 3DS inputs (ZL, ZR, C-Stick).

Known issues

  • Rotating the screen restarts the application.
  • Input is not pollable in the background.
  • Input is not pollable when the screen goes to sleep.
  • Some graphics drivers die when entering power save mode*.
  • Analog triggers aren't bindable to L/R/ZL/ZR.
  • D-Pad behavior is strange.

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