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Last Updated2017/05/18
TypeOther PC Utilities

Shameless is an applicatoin that allows you to generate a valid ticket + FBI-compatible QR Code for any title or multiple titles in the list. It has a search box and you can find out how big a title is before downloading it on your console if you want. You can also sort the list by clicking the columns.

Note: No longer works.


  • Search as you type.
  • Non diacritic search (for example you only have to type in "pokemon" to get all pokémon titles.
  • Partial search (again, searching for part of a title's name will list all the titles which contain what's in the search box).
  • Title filtering: only display the titles you want to see.
  • Generating QR code for installation with FBI.
  • Generating multiple QR codes if the user selects multiple titles. These install simultaneously by FBI.
  • Generating all tickets with the applied filter.
  • Updating the database (this also shows which new titles were added and how many).

User guide

Launch the program and let it prepare the database. Shouldn't take long, it's about a ~0.4MB download.

Select a title and press "Generate QR Code for FBI".

Scan the QR code with FBI's QR Code install option in the main menu, it will hopefully install the ticket. It will then ask if you would like to install the contents from the Nintendo CDN. Click "Yes".


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