3DS Rom Hacks

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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
3DS ARM Assembly Cheat Creator A tool for creating more complex 3DS Cheat Codes. Hack Utilities 2018 Fishguy6564 2018/03/24
3DS DQ11 SaveDate Editor Save editor for Dragon Quest XI 3DS. Save Editors 2.30 turtle-insect (kamemushi) 2018/10/27
3DS DQ8 SaveDate Editor 3DS Dragon Quest 8 (JP) Save Editor Tool. Save Editors 0.120 turtle-insect (kamemushi) 2019/04/07
3DS Dragon Quest VIII Save Editor Save editor for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS. Save Editors 1.1.1 jbiscuit 2022/04/26
3ds Nintendogs+cats Save Editor Edit your 3ds Nintendogs + cats save file. Save Editors 2.0.0 Brion 2020/03/13
3DS Save Editors Library Edit 3ds games save file. Save Editors 1.0.2 Brion 2018/10/29
3gxtool An utility to generate 3GX plugins. Hack Utilities 1.0 Nanquitas 2022/05/05
7G Replay Editor Edit and convert replays from Pokemon USUM. Hack Utilities 1.1.3 Lyviaff 2017/12/16
ACNL Reditor This tool is a WIP Rom Editor For Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Hack Utilities 1.1 Slattz 2019/10/27
ACNL-NTR-Cheats A combination of cheats for Animal Crossing New Leaf. Plugins 4.2 rydoginator 2020/02/23
AC:NL-WA HD Texture pack Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo HD textures and keyboard hack. Game Hacks 1.4 FILLER Nintendo Fanboy 2018/03/11
Animal Crossing - New Leaf Texture Animal Crossing: New Leaf Minecraft Texture Hack. Game Hacks WIP Nintendo Fanboy 2018/03/30
Animal Crossing New Leaf - Welcome Luxury Animal Crossing in a modern and noble style, only for the riches and high class people. Game Hacks 1.1.33L Kyusetzu 2021/03/10
AR Games Unlocker Unlocks all 3DS augmented reality games. Save Editors 1.0.0 Brion 2017/06/10
ARCode Cheat Finder Simple tool for finding cheat codes for ARCode. Hack Utilities 0.1 raulbojalil 2015/04/08
Batch zTex Conversion Utility A utility for converting files in the ztex format from 3DS games to png files. Hack Utilities neitherman 2019/12/06
BinJ Editor A tool For translating Dragon Quest Monsters games. Hack Utilities 2.2.1 Ich_73 2021/08/25
Monster Hunter Cheat Plugin Blank cheat menu to build NTR cheat plugins off of with example. Plugins 2016 rydoginator 2017/01/22
Bravely Default Village Editor Simple Bravely Default (3DS) Village save editor. Save Editors 1.2.1 Oswarlan 2021/03/17
Cave Story Cave Story 3D Aeon Genesis Translation! Translations 0.96-RC2 CheatFreak47 2018/10/15
Chibi-Robo Zip Lash Save Editor Save editor for Chibi-Robo Zip Lash. Save Editors 1.4.2 Brion 2017/05/29
Chronus Arc Save Editor Save editor for Chronus Arc 3DS. Save Editors CASE_1 rog9001 2017/09/27
CHX Collection for SNES9x 3DS CHX cheat file collection for the Snes9x_3DS. Game Hacks 2021 Hark0n 2021/07/10
CHX-File Creator Cheat file creator for SNES9x and VirtuaNES emulators. Hack Utilities 1.0.5 Computer_Freak_2004 2019/11/22
Clock & FPS with menu A configurable overlay plugin, with an ingame menu.. Plugins 0.6 Nanquitas 2017/02/13
Club Nintendo Picross Full english translation for Club Nintendo Picross. Translations 20.06.2020 Vulpes-Vulpeos 2020/06/20
Club Nintendo Picross Plus Full English translation of Club Nintendo Picross Plus. Translations 2020 Vulpes-Vulpeos 2020/05/31
cro_tool CRO resigner for Pokemon ROM hacks. Hack Utilities 1.2 WulfyStylez 2015/09/15
CTGP-7 EveryFileExplorer Plugin CTGP-7 Plugin for Every File Explorer. Plugins 1.0 PabloMK7 (mariohackandglitch) 2021/12/11
CTGP-7 Launcher Launches the CTGP-7 mod using Luma3DS plugin loader. Game Hacks 1 PabloMK7 (mariohackandglitch) 2020/11/01
CTRPF AR Cheat Collections Cheat code database for CTRPF with Action Replay support. Plugins 2019 JourneyOver, iSharingan 2021/03/03
CTRPF Data Tool A CTRPluginFramework Setting Editor, written in C#. Hack Utilities 1.0.1 rydoginator 2017/09/14
CTRPluginFramework A blank CTRPF plugin for Luma3DS (with Action Replay). Plugins 0.7.3 Nanquitas 2022/05/05
Dragon Ball Heroes - Ultimate Mission X Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X Translation. Translations WIP kamesenin888 2018/08/08
Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime 3DS The translation for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan. Translations 1.0 Team Rocket Slime 2019/12/26
Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 3 Rnglish Fan-Translation. Translations 1.0.2 Team Joker 2019/02/23
Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland 3D Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland 3D English fan translation patch. Translations 1.2 Helmax 2016/06/16
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Cobi and Taras Marvelous Mysterious Key Fan translations for Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Cobi and Tara's Marvelous Mysterious Key. Translations 1.1 Ich_73 2021/04/03
Dragon Quest XI Dragon Quest XI 3DS Orchestral Overhaul. Game Hacks 1.0 Poptheweasel100 2021/05/01
EX Troopers EX Troopers translation. Translations 2019 rd2k3 2019/10/11
Exalt A script editor for 3DSFE. Hack Utilities 0.4.2 thane98 2020/09/03
Fantasy Life Save Viewer/Editor Save viewer/editor for Fantasy Life. Save Editors 1.03b build 36 mvmiranda 2015/02/02
FE Fates Promotion Textures Patch Redux A Mod for Fire Emblem Fates. Game Hacks 0.4 MathCat, Moonling 2019/12/29
FEFTwiddler A save editor for Fire Emblem Fates. Save Editors 0.18.1 Soaprman 2017/04/06
Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition English Patch Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition English Patch. Translations 2022 Oersted, Silvris, Desko 2022/03/20
Final-Fantasy-Explorer-Plugin Plugins 2016 Nanquitas 2016/04/01
Fire Emblem Awakening Cheat plugin Character/Hair/Class modifier. Plugins 2017 Silent Hell 2017/02/01
Fire Emblem Conversation Editor A simple GUI interface for working with text for 3DS Fire Emblem games. Hack Utilities 1.2.1 secretivecactus 2017/02/16
Fire Emblem Fates - Good Guy Garon Edition Conquest Story Overhaul of Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition. Game Hacks 20180908 AgahnimD 2018/09/08
Fire Emblem Fates Enanc Aims to balance the roster in Revelation, give some love to the boss captured units and the low-growths pre-promotes. Game Hacks 1.1 IWantAHug 2017/10/08
Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap Hack Fire Emblem Fates Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap Hack. Game Hacks 0.14 Fishmalk 2020/08/29
Fire Emblem If Fire Emblem If Fan Translation. Translations 4.2 Team If 2017/07/02
GabrieloRomToolsGUI GUI for extracting and rebuilding 3DS/CIA. Hack Utilities R1 gaberilde 2019/07/12
GamePatcher A small program to automatically patch CIA and 3DS files. Hack Utilities 1.1.3 Ich73 2021/08/22
Gar-Zar UnPacker Decompress Gar and Zar format. Hack Utilities 0.2 TTEMMA 2015/03/27
Gateshark2NTR A piece of soft will allows you to "convert" a Gateshark's cheats text file in a plugin usable with NTR. Hack Utilities 1.1 Nanquitas 2016/08/07
Gateway To NTR Converter A convert Gateshark codes to NTR. Hack Utilities 09/30 DarkFlare69 2018/09/30
GodHand - Japanese Game Translator Japanese Game Translator. Hack Utilities 1.3.2 Insight2k 2017/06/07
Golden Memories Remaking New Super Mario Bros DS in New Super Mario Bros 2. Game Hacks 2019 Golden_Memories 2019/04/05
Hatsune Miku - Project Mirai DX - Mix Edition Project Mirai DX with new songs, menu graphics and its own opening. Game Hacks 1.1 Stewie1.0 2017/01/06
HTML5 Savegame Editors A compilation of console savegame editors made with HTML5 technologies. Save Editors 1.3 Marc Robledo 2020/07/19
iNaHeX CTRPluginframework for inazuma eleven GO galaxy Supernova. Plugins 1.0 David13 2019/06/10
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone - Neppuu/Raimei Undub Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone - Neppuu/Raimei Undub Version. Game Hacks 2.1 plasma 2021/09/01
Ironfall Invasion Save Editor Save editor for Ironfall Invasion. Save Editors 1.0 Brion 2017/05/20
Kirbys Blowout Blast Kirby's Blowout Blast Save Editor & Save Documentation. Save Editors 1.0 newluigidev 2017/12/04
KMP Expander Mario Kart 7 KMP editor. Hack Utilities 4.7 Ermelber, PabloMK7 2022/01/17
Kuriimu A general purpose game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations. Hack Utilities 1.0.15 IcySon55 2020/08/22
Kuriimu2 A general purpose game translation project manager and toolkit for authors of fan translations and game mods. Hack Utilities 1.2.1 Fan Translators Int. 2021/06/28
Labyrinth no Kanata - Beyond the Labyrinth Beyond the Labyrinth English Translation. Translations 1.1 Nagato 2021/06/30
Lua Red A scriptable Pokemon Red for N3DS. Game Hacks 1.5 noahc3 2017/04/09
Luma3DS-Plugin-sample A basic game plugin which can be loaded by Luma3DS. Plugins 1.0 Nanquitas 2018/11/15
Magikoopa Code patcher for 3ds games. Hack Utilities 2019 RicBent 2019/06/29
Majora Mask 3D Project Restoration A Majora's Mask 3D patch that restores some mechanics from the original Majora's Mask. Game Hacks 1.5.9 leoetlino 2022/01/03
Majora's Mask N64 OST to 3DS Replace 3DS OST with N64 OST. Game Hacks 3.0 DeathWrench 2021/05/07
Maplestory 3DS: The Girl of Destiny 100% English Patch of the game: Maplestory: The Girl of Destiny (3DS). Translations 1.03 WillTheLion 2017/01/21
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team - Save Editor A save file editor for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Save Editors 0.1.3 Snodeca 2020/12/08
Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga Replace the BGM of M&L Superstar Saga+Bowser's Minions with the original soundtrack from the GBA version. Game Hacks 2017 Shrinefox 2017/10/05
M & L Bowser's Inside Story DX: DS Soundtrack + Voices Restoration DS Soundtrack + Voices Restoration. Game Hacks 1.1 BlazeHeatnix 2021/01/23
CTGP-7 A romhack for Mario Kart 7 adding many new features to the game. Game Hacks 1.2.2 PabloMK7 2021/12/10
Mario Kart 7 Plugin Deluxe Hacking Cheating For Mario Kart 7. Plugins 1.0.7 SFC-hacker 2021/08/21
Mario Party IT Save Editor Edit your Mario Party Island Tour save file. Save Editors 1.1.0 Brion 2016/09/17
Medarot 9 Translation English Translation of Medarot 9 (Rokusho + Metabee Ver.). Translations 1.0.1 Sotaeko, Omnija 2022/01/07
MegaNTR NTR plugin for a majority of Nintendo 3DS games. Plugins 2018 ItsDeidara 2021/11/28
MH4U Steak Swap Mod A simple romFS mod for MH4U to swap the names of Rare Steak and Well-done Steak. Game Hacks 2021 tbsp 2021/01/02
MHXX 1st & 2nd Monster Size Plugin 2 NTR cheat plugins for MHXX 1st & 2nd. Plugins 2.3 Vermil 2018/03/31
MHXX Monster Info Overlay NTR Plugin A NTR overlay plugin for MHXX. Plugins 1.4.1 jc28735250 2017/05/13
MHXX NTR Cheat Plugin NTR cheat plugin for MHXX 1.2. Plugins 2017 xelrix 2017/10/19
Miisona A Persona music mod for Miitopia. Game Hacks 0.4.1 OkazakiTheOtaku 2017/08/25
Miitopia Save Editor Edit your Miitopia save file. Save Editors 2.0.7 Brion 2022/05/01
Minecraft - New Nintendo 3DS Edition Texture Modifications Texture packs for Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition. Game Hacks 2022 DeadSkullzJr 2022/02/10
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey SaveEditor Save editor for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey. Save Editors 0.2b ladygugu 2019/09/23
MLSSE - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Editor Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Editor. Hack Utilities 2019 GoobyCorp 2019/05/19
Monster Hunter Double Cross English UI Patch UI English patch for Monster Hunfer Double Cross. Translations 5 Team dasding 2019/04/08
Monster Hunter Double Cross A continuation of Dasding's UI translation patch for MHXX by Crosshex. Translations 1 Ender3Guy 2020/08/14
Monster Hunter Stories Save Editor MHSEC-G A save editor for Monster Hunter Stories. Save Editors 1.22 secXsQuared 2018/03/01
MSBT Editor Reloaded Hack Utilities 0.9.8 IcySon55 2017/06/15
Multi-Pokémon Framework A plugin that uses the CTRPluginFramework library from The Pixellizer Group. It supports both the 6th and 7th generations of the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon games. Plugins 1.0.1 Jared0714 2022/08/09
Mystery Machine Mystery Gift Server Spoofer for Pokemon Gen VI (XYORAS). Hack Utilities 0.2 shinyquagsire23 2016/04/11
Neko Atsume - Kitty Collector English patch for Neko Atsume Kitty Collector 3DS. Translations 1.1 Lycanroc 2018/02/05
NEW LOVE PLUS+ Translation patch for NewLovePlus and NewLovePlus+. Translations 0.3.4 Makein 2022/02/25
New Style Boutique 3 Save Editor New Style Boutique 3 Save Editor. Save Editors 5.1 rog9001 2019/09/18
New Super Classic Mario A rom hack for NSMB2 that aims to recreate most the classic Super Mario. Game Hacks 0.3 SpeedxxGaming 2018/04/03
New Super Mario Bros 2 - Gold/Special Edition Cheat Codes Cheat codes for New Super Mario Bros 2 - Special Edition (Europe) & New Super Mario Bros 2 - Gold Edition (USA). Plugins 2.2.1 KDb 2019/11/21
NSMB2 Luma Plugin New Super Mario Bros. 2 customizable, Region Free Luma Plugin. Plugins 2020 DarkFlare69, NintendoGamer28 2020/03/09
NTR 3DS Corruptions Plugin A fun plugin that creates a sort of stable corruptions during gameplay. Plugins beta shutterbug2000 2016/09/20
NTR Plugin Manager Convert Gateshark's text files into plugins usable on the NTR CFW. Hack Utilities 2018 Nanquitas 2018/01/11
NTR Plugins Collections NTR Plugin compilation. Plugins 2018 Leafgreen26, comput3rus3r 2018/09/23
NTRCCompiler Cheats maker. Hack Utilities 2.0 David Zocchi 2017/02/27
Ocarina of Time 3D Play Ocarina of Time 3D with controls slightly closer to the N64 version. Game Hacks 1.01 Vague Rant 2019/07/07
Okku Import custom TJA's to Taiko 3DS and possibly other Taiko games. Hack Utilities 1.0.4 Team Papafox 2020/09/20
One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X English Translation. Translations 1.0.4 Sotaeko & Omnija 2022/02/22
Paper Mario SS Save Editor Edit your Paper Mario Sticker Star save file. Save Editors 1.0.0 Brion 2017/05/29
Paragon Toolkit for editing and creating editors for FE13, FE14, and FE15. Successor to FEFEditor. Hack Utilities Alpha-2-2-1 thane98 2022/04/06
Persona Q Save Editor Save editor for Persona Q on 3DS. Save Editors Dasanko 2019/04/16
Persona Q2 Save Editor Save editor for Persona Q2 on 3DS. Save Editors Dasanko 2022/05/01
PicrossE9 Full english translation of Picross E9. Translations 14.03.2020 Vulpes-Vulpeos 2020/06/08
Pictlogica Final Fantasy English translation for Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Translations 04.05.2020 Vulpes-Vulpeos 2020/05/21
PKHeX Pokemon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Save Editors 22.03.18 Kaphotics 2022/03/18
Pocket Card Jockey A save editor for the Nintendo 3DS game Pocket Card Jockey. Save Editors 1.1 Taser9090 2018/08/15
Pokemon Bright Diamond and Dazzling Pearl Pokemon Sun & Moon hacks. Game Hacks wip Kobazco 2017/11/01
Pokemon Double XY All battles in XY, converted to double battles, with a steeper, challenging level curve. Game Hacks Alpha 2 Saiklex 2021/06/02
Pokemon OR/AS GBA Music Swap Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire GBA Music Swap. Game Hacks 1.1 Yoshistar-Baxter 2019/10/03
Pokemon Rising Sun & Waning Moon Pokemon Moon and Sun ROM hack. Game Hacks 2.0 Kobazco 2017/12/01
Pokémon Setting Sun and Waxing Moon Ultra Sun & Moon Romhacks. Game Hacks 1.0 Kobazco 2017/12/16
Pokemon Star A Fully-featured Pokemon Sun and Moon Sequel Mod. Game Hacks 0.2 rusyaas 2018/09/07
Pokemon Sun & Moon Cheat Plugin Pokemon Sun and Moon cheat plugin based off blank cheat menu to build NTR cheat plugins off of. Credit to @Nanquitas for blank menu and lib. Plugins 1.0.0 AnalogMan151 2017/06/21
Pokemon Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon Fully-Featured Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon ROM Hacks. Game Hacks 1.0.5 diovento 2018/03/22
Pokemon Ultra Sun-Ultra Moon Music Mod Persona Music Pack for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (discontinued). Game Hacks 4.0 BiggusWeeabus 2020/06/29
Pokemon Ultra VICIOUS Sun and Ultra BRUTAL Moon An ultra hard mod for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Game Hacks 2018 AvatarMew 2018/09/30
Pokemon Virtual Console Patches Debug Menu, Speed Up, Full Screen for Pokemon VC (Gen 1 and Gen 2). Game Hacks 2018 zaksabeast 2018/03/18
Pokemon X and Y Battle Analyzer Read enemy team stats and moves from a network stream of Pokemon X or Y. Hack Utilities 2013 Fierce Waffle 2013/11/26
PokemonCheatPlugin Cheat plugin for Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS that combines multiple cheats. Plugins 1.2.0 Hartie95 2016/06/30
Pokeon Sigma Ruby Pokemon Omega Ruby romhack featuring Inverse Battles. Game Hacks 1.3 Favna 2018/08/01
PokeViewNTR Pokemon data viewer overlay for NTR. Plugins 0.2-alpha dragonfyre173 2017/02/13
Puyo Puyo Tetris English Puyo Puyo Tetris English Translation. Translations 0.3b & 0.3dx OngoGablogian, mod by Partyderp64 2019/04/23
RAM Explorer A plugin for NTR CFW, which allow you to navigate through the memory region used by a process. Plugins 1.2.5 Nanquitas 2017/05/28
RAM2Sav Save File Dumping/Injection for X/Y/OR/AS. Hack Utilities 1 SciresM 2015/03/14
RidgeRadio A music replacement mod for Ridge Racer 3D. Game Hacks Initial-D, No Backseat Driving, R4-OST SleepyLark 2021/01/30
Pokemon Rumble World Diamonds/P Tool A tool for editing/decompressing Pokemon Rumble World save files. Save Editors 4-18-15 SciresM 2015/04/18
Rune Factory 4 Save Editor Save editor for Rune Factory 4. Save Editors 0.0.8 seikur0 2015/08/07
Samus Returns - Amiibo Unlocker Unlock the amiibo gated content in Samus Returns. Game Hacks 1.1 noirscape 2018/04/14
SangoKuro Translation tools for Yo-kai Sangokushi. Hack Utilities 1.2 Lord Prime (kuronosuFear) 2019/01/24
Shin Megami Tensei - Strange Journey Redux Restoration Mod A small mod of SJR to make it look more in-line with the original art direction. Game Hacks 2.0a AlternativeZero 2018/11/02
Smash-Selector Homebrew application for managing modpacks. Game Hacks 0.1 Cydget, Swiftloke 2017/08/27
Snack World - More Then UI English Translation of The Snack World Trejarers. Translations 1.1.2a Sotaeko, Omnija 2022/02/22
SpeedX3D Stage Creator A program that edits the level files that are used in the game SpeedX 3D. Hack Utilities 0.4 kprovost7314 2016/10/22
Star Fox 64 3D Mod Voice Acting Restoration Mod. Game Hacks 2018 ThatInvaderGuy 2018/04/23
SoSToT - Hamtaro & Cheburashka Restoration Patch Hamtaro and Cheburashka Restoration Patch. Game Hacks 1.2 ubergeek77 2019/08/02
Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns - True Love Edition A patch for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns that allows the player to romance any bachelor or bachelorette regardless of their gender. Game Hacks 5.0.1 Silrae 2019/05/16
Story of Seasons Save Editor A save editor for Story of Seasons (USA) game. Save Editors 1.4 RainThunder 2016/03/11
Story of Seasons Save Editor EUR A save editor for Story of Seasons (EUR) game. Save Editors 1.8.1 Alex193 2016/02/20
Streetpass Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap Save Editor Allows you to unlock specific or all (as of 2016/04/23) puzzle swap pieces. Save Editors 1.01 princeken09 2016/04/23
Sumikko Gurashi - Here You Settle Down Fan translation of Sumikko Gurashi - Here You Settle Down. Translations 7 RandomKid150 2016/06/13
Super Mario 3D Land Cheat Codes for Super Mario 3D Land (All Regions & Revisions). Plugins 1.1.0 KDb 2019/12/19
Super Mario Bros Next - A NSMB2 Mod SMBNext: Halloween Special DX, SMBNext: Sunset Shores, and SMBNext. Game Hacks 2021 SMBNext Team 2021/08/02
Super Robot Wars UX English Patch Super Robot Wars UX Partial English Translation. Translations 2.0 Utopiaray 2017/05/05
Taiko no Tatsujin - Dokodon Mystery Adventure English translated images/scripts for the 3DS game Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure! Translations 1.1 Team FULL COMBO! 2017/05/06
Taiko no Tatsujin: Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken - English Translation Taiko no Tatsujin: Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken?.(a.k.a "Taiko no Tatsujin: Don and Katsu's Spacetime Adventure" or "Taiko Drum Master: Adventures Through Time and Space"). English Translation. Translations 1.1 Team Full Combo 2016/04/24
Tales of the World - Reve Unitia International Tales of the World: Reve Unitia International translation! Translations Beta InochiPM 2019/09/08
tcpGecko dotNet for 3ds A 3DS Utility using a network connection. Hack Utilities 2017 Nanquitas 2017/03/10
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe NTR Cheat Plugin Team Kirby Clash Deluxe 3DS Cheats Plugin. Plugins 1.2.2 Slattz 2017/04/22
Terratale Terraria with Undertale's music. Game Hacks 2017 Lycan911, Rohul1997, Akawashi 2017/01/10
The Binding of Undertale Port of Binding of Isaac Rebirth mod The Binding of Undertale for N3DS. Game Hacks rev.1 sickneckbeardbro 2017/06/07
The Denpa Men 2 Save Editor Save Editor for The Denpa Men 2. Save Editors 1.0 A H4CK3RS L1F3 (Newedge_Isaiah) 2020/01/06
The Denpa Men 3 - Save Editor Save editor for The Denpa Man 3. Save Editors Enchanced Edition A H4CK3RS L1F3 (Newedge_Isaiah) 2022/04/16
The Great Ace Attorney 1 The Great Ace Attorney 1 - English Fan Translation Patch for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1. Translations 2.4.1 ScarletStudy 2019/01/05
The Great Ace Attorney 2 Parital translation patch for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2. Translations 2.1.0 ScarletStudy 2021/04/02
The Sharing of Isaac The Sharing of Isaac is a sharing savegame system for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Hack Utilities 2016 rinnegatamante 2016/04/21
TLOZ A Link Between Worlds Save Editor Edit your The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds save file. Save Editors 1.0.0 Brion 2022/05/03
Tomodachi Collection: New Life Translation Partially translated English patch. Translations 0.05 J-Lin (Fuffley) 2022/03/07
Tomodachi Life Save Editor Edit your Tomodachi Life save file. Save Editors 5.0.8 Brion 2022/08/11
TR4SH 3ds A silly mod for Super Smash Bros (3DS). Game Hacks 1.10.5 JABrules 2021/10/10
TranslationToolkit A command line interface to simplify the workflow for translating 3DS games and releasing patches. Hack Utilities 2.7.2 Ich73 2021/09/25
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Pokemon Model Data and Tools List of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Pokemon 3D Model data, including Battle Animations, Shiny Textures and Tool kits. Hack Utilities 2020 Rosieplier 2020/07/09
Unchained Blades Save Editor Unchained Blades Save Editor for Nintendo 3DS. Save Editors 1.0 RPG_FAN128 2018/10/11
Untitled ACNL Plugin Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheat Plugin. Plugins 1.5.0 unstable SirEnder125 2021/02/12
USM-eM Winds Edition A Melee-oriented expansion to Smash 3DS. Overhaul based on USM-eM. Game Hacks 2018 USM-eM team 2018/03/27
Vapecord-ACNL-Plugin Animal Crossing NL Vapecord Public Plugin WIP. Plugins 1.9.6 RedShyGuy 2022/04/08
Virtues Last Reward Virtue's Last Reward ROM Hacking Tools Hack Utilities 2016 lucaboy 2016/04/29
Virtue's Last Reward Safe Launcher Virtue's Last Reward for Nintendo 3DS is affected by a critical bug. Game Hacks 1 lucaboy 2016/08/23
Yo-Kai Watch Blasters NTR Plugin NTR Plugin for Yo-kai Watch Blasters. Plugins 2018 Wicked13 2018/09/28
Yoshi's New Island Music Mod 3DS Music improvement. Game Hacks 1.0 DPS2004 2018/04/14
Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D - No Navi Text Removes the name Navi that flashes on the screen during gameplay. Game Hacks 2021 peroxidex 2021/02/05
Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Plugin Zelda OoT Cheats Plugin. Plugins 3.3 Nanquitas 2018/04/03

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