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Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
Title Description Type Version Author(s) Last Updated
3in1 SRAM test Verify the SRAM memory of EZ 3in1. System Tools 2 Cory (cory1492) 2010/01/26
Check NDS Check the screen, touchscreen, buttons, speaker and microphone. System Tools 2 [email protected] 2006/07/19
Cng's Button Tester Check if all buttons are working. System Tools 1.0 Crazyninjaguy 2010/11/15
Comprobación de Botones Buttons tester for DS. System Tools Final cheleon15 2010/06/22
DiagnoDS DS console tester. System Tools 1.0 AlmamuPP 2010/09/01
Diagnose DS function tester. System Tools 2007 Spinal 2007/07/23
DS Battery Life Timer NDS application that shows battery life. System Tools 3.1 snailface 2011/05/03
LCD Test An application to check DS screens. System Tools 2007 KING CORN 2007/06/09
DS Test A test application. System Tools 1.0 Mcat12 2011/07/20
DS Diag Nintendo DS Diagnostics Tool. System Tools 2.1 TheOnlyEnglishRose (TD/teendev) 2007/08/27
DS Pixel Fix Fix dead pixel on DS. System Tools 2009 MADcat1990 (Darkchild) 2009/07/22
Dump NDS Backup GBA game saves with Slot-1 flashcart. System Tools 2008 UnplayedNamer 2008/12/10
Eepinator A basic EEPROM backup tool. System Tools 2007 davr 2007/03/31
FAS1 (FlashAdvance Slot-1) A tool to flash a FlashAdvance cartridge in Slot-2 from a Slot-1 device. System Tools 1.5 Smiths 2008/02/10
GBA Backup Tool SLOT-1 GBA back-up tool. System Tools 0.21 Rudolph (Emperor) 2008/10/26
GBALdr - EZ 3in1 3in1 loading tool. System Tools 0.1 Final cory1492 2007/04/27
gbaxxdumper A DS Download Play-compatible (flashme/haxxstation) GBA cart dumper over Wi-Fi. System Tools 0.66 RattletraPM 2021/05/06
GhostBuster Repair/correct the defects of ghosting that appears on DSi. System Tools 2010 Spinal 2010/12/11
LCD Tester Recover pixels vague. System Tools Final Kleevah 2005/08/15
LoveLite Change and permanantly save the brightness setting of your DS. System Tools 1.4 Beta Lick 2006/11/20
memtestARM Makes sure that your RAM pak is working fine. System Tools 0.03 tepples, Damian Yerrick, Rick Wong 2007/09/25
FTPd Backup retail saves from DS to PC over WiFi. System Tools 0.11 Rudolph (Emperor) 2009/11/25
NDS Backup Tool Slot2 DS rom/save dumper for DLDI supporting GBA slot flashcarts. System Tools 0.4 Rudolph 2009/07/04
NDS Backup Tool Wifi Backup/restore of SAVE data of NDS ROM using FTP of Wifi. System Tools 0.31f Rudolph 2008/06/18
NDS SAVES to SLOT-2 Make valid backups of Nintendo DS games' savedata and restore them. System Tools 1.0 marc_max 2011/09/10
Prueba de Botones Button tester on NDS. System Tools 0.8 0-00 (Mitec) 2008/08/24
Simple Diagnosis Use it to see if DS needs a new rubber pad or fixes. System Tools 1.0 Kiaku 2012/05/17
Simple GBA Dumper Reads a GBA cartridge and saves it to the Slot-1 flashcard via DLDI. System Tools 2009 leinad (n00bey) 2009/08/19
Slot-2 Tester Determines what is in the 2nd slot of the DS fat/lite. System Tools 2013 FUK-Team 2013/09/09
Super Cutre Botons Buttons tester. System Tools Beta 1.0 Salsaman 2008/09/27
Touch Test Find bad areas of NDS touch screen. System Tools Demo Unknown, posted by dovoto 2006/01/05
TouchTest DS Help diagnose the touchscreen. System Tools 1.2 briankealing (Brian Cyj) 2009/08/24
TTDSi Check TTi Genuine or Fake Check program (Only for TTi). System Tools 3.0 ndstt 2010/09/27
UpTime DS Test energy-consumption of different cards and batteries. System Tools 0.1 freeman 2006/03/19
WoodDumper Nintendo DS Dumping Tool. System Tools Slot2 r85/WiFi r72 Wood 2011/10/19
wooddumper4hiya Wooddumper 3DS ported to HiyaCFW for DSi. System Tools 2018 ahezard 2018/05/23

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