List of XBOX homebrew emulators

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Title System(s) Author
Yabause CE XBOX This is the XBOX port by freakdave of Yabause (, an Open Source Sega Saturn emulator. freakdave
Virtual JaguarX XBOX Virtual JaguarX is an Atari Jaguar emulator for Xbox. It is a port of an old version of the Virtual Jaguar emulator (v1.0.5) with some improvements taken from later versions. hcf
RetroArch XBOX RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight and portable. Themaister, Squarepusher/Twin Aphex, Freakdave
Nestopiax Another update of NestopiaX by XtecuterX73. xport/XtecuterX73
MuchimeX: Multi Chinese Machine Emulator for Xbox MuchimeX emulates the SPG2XX family processors manufactured by Sunplus. hcf
MessoXtras A port of Mess 0.140 to the Xbox by HCF. hcf
Final Burn Consoles Xbox Final Burn Consoles is a build of Final Burn Legends thatcontains only drivers for the home console systems. + T +
DaphneX Xbox DaphneX is a port of Daphne, the laser disk emulator to Xbox. Kubik
3Dox 3dox is an Xbox port of 4DO by incrediclint. incrediclint
MessTrex MessTrex - A GCE Vectrex Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
MekaX MekaX - Sega Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000/SC-3000/SF-7000/MK3 Emulator for XBox xport/Madmab
AtariXLBox AtariXLBox Atari 800/5200/130/320/XL/XE Emulator xport/Madmab
Blissx Blissx Intellivision Emulator Port For Xbox xport/Madmab
AdamX AdamX Colecovision / Adam Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
OdysseyX OdysseyX Odyssey 2 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Surreal64CE Nintendo 64 Emulator port for Xbox weinerschnitzel
BlueMSXBox BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Atari7800x Atari7800x Atari 7800 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Neogenesis For Xbox NeoGenesis Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator for XBox v25.19b Madmab Ed (Hybrid) xport/Madmab
NeoGensPlusGX Emulates - Sega Genesis/Megadrive, 32X, SegaCD/MegaCD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, MK3 Emulator XtecuterX73/Madmab
MednafenX-PCE MednafenX-PCE - PCE/TG16 Emulator for XBox xport/Madmab
MednafenX-NES ednafenX-NES - NES Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
SNES9XBox SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Z26X Z26X - Atari 2600 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Pcsxbox Play Playstation 1 on Xbox xport/Madmab


Title System(s) Author
MADrigalX MADrigalX is a port to the xbox of a lot of "game and watch" handheld simulators developed by MADrigal. hcf
DesmumeX Nintendo DS emulator for xbox. HCF
VirtualBoyX VirtualBoyX - Virtual Boy Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
MednafenX-Lynx MednafenX-Lynx - Lynx Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
NeoPopX NeoPopX - NeoGeo Pocket Color Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
SoftVMUX SoftVMUX - Sega Dreamcast VMU Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
PokemonMiniX PokemonMiniX - Pokemon Mini Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
WonderSwanX WonderSwanX WonderSwan Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
SuperVisionX SuperVisionX - Watara Supervision Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
XBoyAdvance XBoyAdvance - GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator xport/Madmab


Title System(s) Author
xRaine XBOX Raine is a arcade emulator which emulates some games which use M68000 or M68020 CPUs. A600
xNeoRaine XBOX This is an Xbox port by A600 of NeoRaine, the best Neo Geo CD emulator out there, coded by Emmanuel Anne. A600
MAMEoXtras MAME on XBOX. destronger/gamezfan
Final Burn Legends Xbox This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. + T +


Title System(s) Author
ScummVM XBOX An all new update to the port of ScummVM, an implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. interpreter to Xbox by A600. A600/ScummVm Team
SamCoupeX SamCoupeX is an emulator of the "SAM Coupe" computer for Xbox. It is a port of the "Simcoupe" emulator. hcf
Neko Project2X Neko ProjectX is a PC-98 emulator for Xbox (it is a port of the emulator Neko Project II). hcf
DidntXSpectrum WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
WinUAE WinUAEX Lite and WinUAEX Amiga Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
Vice20X Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
X68000X X68000X X68000 Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Classic99x Classic99x - Texas Instruments 99 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
KEGS-X KEGS-X Apple IIgs/e/c/+ Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
WinSTonX WinSTonX Atari ST Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Chip8X Chip8X - CHIP8/SuperCHIP8 Emulator for Xbox xport/Madmab
ArnoldX ArnoldX Amstrad CPC Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
VicePETX VicePETX Commodore PET Emulator port for Xbox xport/Madmab
Vice64X Vice64X Commodore 64 Emulator port for Xbox xport