List of DS homebrew demos

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Applications used to demonstrate different functions of the DS.

Title Version Description Author Last updated
3D Demos v1.0 3D demo tools. AntonioND 2008/06/27
3D Editor DS v0.2 Able to make 3D-Models. King Dodongo 2011/04/17
3D Mech Demo 2009 3D demo. Sylus101 2009/11/01
BitBox 2009 Short demo music video. MsK`, Nurykabe, hitchhikr 2009/08/01
Castlevania Devilish Resemblance demo Remake of Castlevania. FROSTY CHAOTIX 2008/02/06
Christmas DS 2008 Music and snowfall Techdemo. Maximveron 2008/11/26
Counter Strike DS 11-02 2D version of Counter Strike for the PC. Jandujar 2005/11/02
Cream And Cheese demo Control Cream the Rabbit and Chao cheese, a Sonic fan game. Sam Kitsune 2010/07/02
Décomposeur de MD2 2008 3D Tools. Cobain 2008/07/22
DS Demos 2007 Contains several DS tech demos/intros showcase. FAST6191 2007/08/23
Environment Mapping 2007 3D sample for Libnds. Payk 2007/03/07
HappyCat 2006 Happy cat demo on DS. Dragonminded 2006/06/21
HighWay Run updated Engine for a racing game. AngelWire 2010/04/21
Jack Turtle alpha 0.15 A jump and Run platformer demo. Kiwsa 2007/10/23
Lack Of Disco 2009 A tech demo. Popsy Team 2009/10/16
MD2 Loader 2005 A simple 3D model viewer. Ethos 2005/08/10
MunchiToy v2.5 A Physics Demo. HakoByte 2011/06/06
Mx5 final 2D-effect that looks like 3D. Kleevahs 2006/01/14
NDS-MD2Loader 2007 Use for 3D models and animation. Payk 2007/05/06
Particles Demo 2007 Particle Demo. ETK 2007/02/18
Patater v6.3 A complete development manual for the DS, comes with source code examples. Jaeden Amero 2017/04/17
PhysicsME 2011 2D sprite physics engine. Discover 2011/01/28
Physics of Racing demo Car physics tech demo. JulianB / Jim 2011/01/11
Progres 3D 2008 A series of 3D textures and models. Cobain 2008/10/29
Project Legends DS-DSi v002 Full 3D Megaman game. T3-Games-Zero 2011/05/16
Project Ring DSi-Hybrid v002 Full 3D Sonic game. T3-Games-Zero 2011/12/17
Qix v0.1 Simple line animation based on the original Qix by Taito. RCK 2008/08/31
Rumble Demo 2012 A demonstration of using the rumble pak supplied with Metroid Pinball. Pepsiman 2012/12/13
RTT example 2008 Render To Texture example. AntonioND 2008/12/13
Snowfall Demo 2008 Simulate the accumulation of snowflakes on a window. Bogus 2008/01/05
Volumetric Shadow Demo v1.6.0 NDS Tech Demo, formerly know as the Stencil Shadow Demo. Rob 2013/01/16
Wave Effect 4 demo 0.1 A wave effect demo for the Nintendo DS. Infantile Paralysiser 2008/10/22
Lampe 2009 A 3D homebrew model. NachtaraChecker 2009/04/05
Street Fighter DS preview 3 Street Fighter preview build. RDilus 2009/09/23
PypeBros' NDS Game Engine Demo 2009 2-level platformer which demonstrate the use of game engine. PypeBros 2009/09/17
Platform 2.5D 2012 A 2.5D platformer demo. Relminator 2012/08/31
Snow Cipher v0.5 Platform game engine demo. ApplePiePod, BenAdamson 2008/10/19