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A text-based card library for the card game Magic: the Assembly.

User guide

It allows to quickly oracle texts (ie, official texts) of all existing cards (except cards banned in tournaments) and includes a search engine to search for maps following certain criteria (for the moment only the colors, converted mana cost, and types).

Search function: For the moment, only "mana", "type", "text" are available in this menu function.

Mana tab:

Part "with": If you uncheck a color cards with this color no longer appear unless they have a different color, it is checked.
Part "without" of a color is selected, cards with at least the color will no longer appear.
Part "converted mana cost" is the simple, appear only cards with a ccm between the two values ​​(to get a ccm equal to a value, just put the min and max to the same values ​​by clicking equal to)
For the rest: a map corresponding to a criterion not appear unchecked. (Eg if you uncheck colorless, colorless cards (artifacts, land, ...) no longer appear.

Type tab:

For the types of maps and surtypes, it works the same way (and if you check artifact creature, it will show the creatures and artifacts. Creatures that the artifact.)
For-subtypes, use the keyboard. if there is none, all sub-types will be accepted. if you typed something, only cards with the word typed in their type line appear (you can also put surtypes or types in the text field.)

Text tab:

Select name or type following text before you search for a name or text.
If you type a name in text and / or text, the search will look for cards with these characters in the name and / or the text box on the map.
To-mana symbols in text mode, click the green mana symbol (red to disable this mode.)



Main screen:

Stylus - scroll through list, select card (for text appears on top)
Up/Down - forward/backward in the list of half a page
A - advance in the list until the first map beginning with the next letter
L - declines in the list until the first map beginning with the letter earlier
X - "research" (also on the top right corner of screen)


Stylus - select/unselect
X - OK


Version 0.25 17 August 2008

  • Use of EFS-lib (lyo finished file to install)

Version 0.24 (17 July 2008

  • Tab "text" in the search

Version 0.23 April 2008

  • To take account of new symbols Shadowmoor (Untap symbol and hybrids monocolored)
  • Slight change tab mana (to better integrate hybrid symbols monocolored)

Version 0.22

  • Addition of a menu (even brief) on the side. (Slider not yet operational)

Version 0.21

  • Filter "type" functionality

Version 0.2

  • Oracle on file external (DLDI)