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This is an adaption of the Acromage card game on the DS. Arcomage is a Heroic Fantasy type card game, which made its first appearance in the PC role-playing game Might & Magic VII, as a side game/quest that was played in the various taverns of the game. Subsequently, 3DO and Ubi Soft made it a full-fledged PC game, in the form of Shareware.

It was ranked 3rd in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2006.

User guide

There are several online guides for Arcomage if you are lost, but since the DS version is slightly different, here’s how to play:

  • You start, you and your enemy, with a Castle of a certain Height and a Wall, protecting it.
  • Your goal is to destroy enemy's Castle before he destroy yours, or reach a value of 100 for your Castle.

For this you've got 3 types of resources, each grows according to resources generators you own:

  • Temple - Mana.
  • Quarries - Stone.
  • Gold Mines - Gold.

For example, if you own 2 Temples, 3 Quarries and 1 Gold Mine, you'll get 2 Mana, 3 Stones and 1 Gold each turn.

To reach your goal, you've got a hand of 6 cards, which have different effects. Each card need a certain amount of resources to be played:

  • If you have enough resources, play your chosen card (or select the cart with the stylus and tap on it to play it). Otherwise, the card can't be played.
  • If you can't play a card or don't want a card, you can discard it.
  • Once you've played a card (or discarded it), it's computer turn.
  • After each turn, you get a new card to play.

And so on, until you win, or lose?


Stylus or A - Play selected card

X - Discard card

Change Log

Version 0.99 Sunday 28 January 2007

  • Added 2 player hotseat mode.
  • Fixed various remaining bugs.
  • Main menu changes.
  • New game background.
  • New "premium" card.

Version 0.95 Sunday 20 August 2006

  • Added the ability to zoom in on the map played by the opponent.
  • Adding stylus management, select the card from your hand then click on the large image to play it.
  • Fixed a bug with the victory and defeat sounds.
  • Other minor things.

Version 0.9 Wednesday 2 August 2006