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{{Infobox DS Homebrews
{{Infobox DS Homebrews
| title       = NGPDS  
| image       = ngpds.png
| type        = Handheld
|description=NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Nintendo DS.
| version    = 0.5.0
|author=Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa)
| lastupdated = 2021/09/29
| license    = Mixed
| author      = Fredrik Ahlström (FluBBa)
| website    = https://gbatemp.net/download/ngpds.37181
| download    = https://dlhb.gamebrew.org/dshomebrew/ngpds.7z
| source     = https://github.com/FluBBaOfWard/NGPDS
This is a SNK Neogeo Pocket (Color) emulator for the Nintendo DS.
This is a SNK Neogeo Pocket (Color) emulator for the Nintendo DS.

Latest revision as of 04:35, 29 October 2021

AuthorFredrik Ahlström (FluBBa)
Last Updated2021/09/29

This is a SNK Neogeo Pocket (Color) emulator for the Nintendo DS.


  • Should play most games.
  • Can save flash ram.


Note: You will need a bios to be able to save in game.

DLDI patch the emulator for your flashcard.

Create a folder named ngpds in either the root of your flash card or in the data folder.

Then put game/bios files into a folder where you have roms.

User guide

Currently does not have save states yet.

Note that for NDS/NDS Lite, it can only load games up to 2MB. Also it doesn't run full speed.



  • Load Game - Choose a game to load.
  • Load State - Load a previously saved state for the currently running game.
  • Save State - Save a state for the current game.
  • Load Flash RAM - Load flash ram for the currently running game.
  • Save Flash RAM - Save flash ram for the currently running game.
  • Save Settings - Save the current settings.
  • Reset Game - Reset the currently running game.



  • Autofire - Select to enable autofire.
  • Controller - 2P start a 2 player game.
  • Swap A/B - Swap which NDS button is mapped to which arcade button.


  • Mono Palette - You can select the palette for B & W games.
  • Gamma - Adjust the gamma/brightness.
  • Disable Foreground - Turn on/off foreground rendering.
  • Disable Background - Turn on/off background rendering.
  • Disable Sprites - Turn on/off sprite rendering.

Machine Settings:

  • Language - Select between Japanese and English.
  • Machine - Select the emulated machine.
  • Half cpu speed - This halves the emulated cpu speed. Can make games faster.
  • Change Batteries - Change to new main batteries (AA/LR6).
  • Change Sub Battery - Change to a new sub battery (CR2032).
  • Cpu speed hacks - Allow speed hacks.
  • Half cpu speed - This is not really recommended.
  • Bios Settings - Load a real NGP Bios.


  • Speed - Switch between speed modes.
    • Normal - Game runs at it's normal speed.
    • 200% - Game runs at double speed.
    • Max - Game runs at 4 times normal speed (might change in the future).
    • 50% - Game runs at half speed.
  • Autoload State - Toggle Savestate autoloading.
  • Autosave Settings - Save settings when leaving menu if any changes are made.
  • Autopause Game - Toggle if the game should pause when opening the menu.
  • Powersave 2nd Screen - If graphics/light should be turned off for the GUI screen when menu is not active.
  • Emulator on Bottom - Select if top or bottom screen should be used for emulator, when menu is active emulator screen is always on top.
  • Debug Output - Show an FPS meter for now.
  • Autosleep - Does not work.



L+R or Touchscreen - Open up menu

D-Pad or Touchscreen - Navigate menus

A or Double tap - Select an option

B or Top of the screen - Go back

R/L or Touchscreen - Switch between tabs

In game:

B - NGP A button

A - NGP B button

Y/Select - Power button

X/Start - Start button


ngpds2.png ngpds3.png


Tested on iDeaS emulator.


V0.5.0 2021/09/29

  • Fixed sound mute handling.

V0.4.9 2021/09/28

  • Better flash emulation/saving/loading.
  • Fixed save/load state.

V0.4.8 2021/09/11

  • Added stereo sound.
  • Added speed hacks.
  • Optimized VRAM transfers a bit.
  • Optimized memory accesses a bit.

V0.4.7 2021/08/29

  • Various cpu fixes.
  • Fixed auto power on/off.

V0.4.6 2021/08/22

  • Added a new border on game screen.
  • Added new setting to lower emulated cpu speed.
  • Tweaked cpu register usage.
  • Fixed MULA opcode.

V0.4.5 2021/06/28

  • CPU working.
  • Memory working.
  • Graphics working.
  • Sound working.

V0.4.0 2021/05/18

  • Started port to Nintendo DS.

V0.3.0 2008/10/01

  • Fixed copy protection in "Metal Slug 2" (SNK logo in VRAM).
  • Fixed control problem in "Rockman Battle & Fighters" (MIRR opcode).
  • Fixed background glitch in "Memories of Pure" (HCount register).
  • Fixed problems with DMA probably affecting many games.

V0.2.0 2008/09/04

  • Added speedhacks for a lot of games.
  • Added emulation of batteries & sub battery.
  • Added RTC alarm.
  • Added power button (SELECT).
  • Added D button (R) (check "Doko Demo Mahjong").
  • Fixed a couple of cpu bugs affecting "Metal Slug 1" and a couple of other games.

V0.1.0 2008/07/04

  • Initial GBA release (NGPAdvance).

V0.0.0 2008/04/02

  • Started Coding.


Huge thanks to Loopy for the incredible PocketNES, without it this emu would probably never have been made.

Thanks to:

  • Flavor & Koyote for NGP info.
  • Dwedit for help and inspiration with a lot of things.

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