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OpenLara is an open-source engine of the Classic Tomb Raider series - Tomb Raider 1, inspired by OpenTomb.

The project has a link web build that allows you to see the latest changes with demo level; while the standalone version is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, Switch, Xbox, GBA, and more.


Note: You will need your own copy of the original 1996 game, works with the PC release, Sega Saturn or PSX. GOG, steam and PSX classic versions.

Copy OpenLara.3dsx file from archive into /3ds/ folder.

Copy the original game CD content into /3ds/OpenLara/ folder.

Run the game from homebrew menu.

How to get level files

Tomb Raider has differences between ports. The Steam and GOG version do not install the level files directly into the directory. In Console versions, these files are in the image file (read more).

First create an empty folder on your computer.

For original PC, PSX and Sega Saturn CD versions, simply copy data from your CD into the empty folder (to extract content from PSX CD images, use this tool).

For ported Android version, unzip data file /sdcard/obb/com.squareenix.tombraider1classic/ into the empty folder.

For Steam/GOG version (digital platforms), you will see GAME.GOG (game file), GAME.DAT, dosbox.exe and configuration file of dosbox inside the folder.

Open the dosbox.conf file with a text editing file. Scroll down to until [autoexec], add the following lines in this section it so will be performed at startup.

mount C .
        imgmount d ".\game.dat" -t iso -fs iso
        xcopy D:\DATA\ C:\DATA\
        xcopy D:\FMV\ C:\FMV\

Rename game.dat to game.gog if you are using GOG version, also it needs to be in the same folder as DOSBox (see comment in the video guide for more info).

Run dosbox.exe, after that you'll get level files in the new DATA folder. Copy them into the empty folder.

For advanced users, copy level and title screen files (PHD, PSX, PCX, PNG, RAW, SAT, SAD, SPR, SND, BIN) into [your_folder]/level/1/.

Copy audiotrack files (track_.ogg, track_.mp3) into [your_folder]/audio/1/.

See here if you encounter missing audio (may cause performance issue).


openlaea3ds3.png openlaea3ds4.png

openlaea3ds5.png openlaea3ds6.png

openlaea3ds7.png openlaea3ds8.png


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Known issues

Please see



Tutorial by CyanKing64.

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