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Minicraft3DS by Enovale
AuthorElijahZAwesome (Enovale)
Last Updated2018/02/09

Minicraft3DS is a 3DS homebrew port of the PC game Minicraft originally made by Markus "Notch" Persson, as part of the Ludum dare 22 competition in 2011.

This port is a fork of Minicraft3DS - The Multiplayer Update by andre111, which is based off Davideesk's Minicraft: 3DS Homebrew Edition.


  • Multiplayer.
  • New Potion Maker. Now you can make special potions to give you buffs and other effects.
  • 4 Potions to go with the above.
  • Golden Apple. Basically just a pretty good healing item for end game.
  • Much easier to build from source.

User guide

The goal of the game is to kill the Air Wizard, who lives up in the sky.


To get access to the sky, you must find stairs to delve into the earth to find gems to make a gem pickaxe.

There are 3 levels in the underground. Each level has it's own level of ore; you can smelt the ores in the furnace to make Iron/Gold bars to make better weapons with the anvil.

  • First level - Iron ore.
  • Second level (water) - Gold ore.
  • Third level (lava) - Gem ore.

(Yes gold tools are better than iron tools in this game.)

It is advised to accumulate at-least 100 gems to make both a pickaxe and a sword. After that go back up to the surface and find the stairs that lead up to the clouds, then you will face off against the air-wizard.


D-Pad or Circle Pad - Move

A/B - Attack, Use items

X/Y - Open your inventory, Use a workbench


minicraft3dseno3.png minicraft3dseno4.png

minicraft3dseno5.png minicraft3dseno6.png

minicraft3dseno7.png minicraft3dseno8.png

Known issues

Sound lingers after exiting without pressing the proper exit menu item.



Andre111's Changes:

  • Real Multiplayer. Tested and working this time around, compatible with the updates in this fork.
  • Character editing. Customize your character.
  • "Stability".

Enovale's changes:

  • Sound works without ANYTHING needed on the SD card (aside from the 3dsx if your using that obviously) now, in all builds of the game. Easy install.
  • Github has each file downloadable individually, seeing as you don't need the resources folder, also I realized that the smdh file is embedded in the 3dsx, so thats not needed either.


  • Sound bugfix.


  • 2 New potions! Regen and Speed. Please tell me if the balancing is off, is it underpowered or overpowered.
  • New tutorial page to accommodate the potion update. It's a lil' rough but it works.
  • General organization.



  • New Potion Maker.
  • To go with this, a Strength Potion. It adds 8 more damage to hitting blocks and 5 for damage against enemies. tell me if this is underpowered or overpowered, its hard to balance since not wanting to play through the entire game right now lol.

Bug Fixes:

  • Golden Apple could be used infinitely.
  • (Hotfix) You could not use a potion a second time unless you hit a block or got hurt.
  • Forgot to change the version number last time.
  • These changes should not break any texture packs, but the new potion maker, strength potion, and golden apple will be invisible unless you update your pack.


  • Untested Multiplayer. This is adapted from the unreleased code from andre111. Can't test this.
  • Golden Apple. With an Enchanter you can make an apple that restores lots of health.
  • Toggle-able god mode. Mostly for self-use, but figured people like to cheat, so now you can enable "Beta Features" as well as god mode.


  • Made CIA build/3DS Build. The 3DS build does work with citra, no idea if it works on a real 3DS.

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