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Last Updated2007/08/20

DSMasterPlus is a Sega game Gear/Master System console emulator. It is compatible with the Motion kit/vibrator. The latest release has DLDI support for Slot 1 flashcards.

It was submitted for the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2007 (winner).


  • New interface.
  • New graphic engine for backgrounds.
  • Code optimization everywhere.
  • Pro Action Replay codes support.
  • No more German translation.
  • DS motion card support.


Note: To use this emulator, you must prepare compatible GG/SMS files.

Download and extract file.

DLDI patch the .nds file if your card needs it and copy it to the root directory of the flashcard /SD/MMC card.

Put .gg and/or .sms files where you want.

User guide

Compatibility List

You can find the compatibility list of Master System and Game Gear games for DSMasterPlus from the official site.


D-Pad or Motion card - Direction Pad

A - Fire #1 button

B - Fire #2 button

X - Fire #1 button

Y - Fire #2 button

R - Soft reset, Start Game Gear

L - Hard reset

Start - Start Master System button

Select - Pause button


dsmasterplus2.png dsmasterplus3.png

dsmasterplus4.png dsmasterplus5.png


V1.3 2007/08/20 NEOCOMPO EDITION

  • New interface (thanks again Lobo).
  • New graphic engine for backgrounds.
  • Code optimization everywhere.
  • Pro Action Replay codes support.
  • No more German translation (some sentences are missing).

V1.2 2007/04/12

  • Fixed bugs in the Z80 IRQs.
  • Long filenames scroll to be readable.
  • SRAM file save managed.
  • Savestates managed again (but it does not work every time).
  • Psycho Fox and clones work again.
  • Transbot, zaxxon3D work.
  • New design (A great thanks to Lobo about this design, tip: play after 11:00AM).
  • 1st column managed regarding vdp register (it is no longer allways black).

V1.1 2007/02/28

  • Add L & R to skip +/- 14 games.
  • Add B go out from the current directory.
  • Add directories in game selection list (DSMasterPlus begins it searchs from the root directory of the linker).
  • Add support for GG files executed in SMS mode (ex: Castle of illusion).
  • Change color for GG / SMS files in game selection list.
  • The choice is directly "Execute game" after selecting it.
  • Switch English/French regarding DS langage.
  • Add CodeMaster and Korean mapper (but the palette is not good for Dizzy).
  • Add TMS compatibility mode.
  • A little faster (really) because the cpu is now driven in assembler with DRZ80.
  • German translation (thanks Payk).
  • Add sending game compatibility via wifi.

V1.0 2007/01/18

  • Initial release.


Lobo for the V1.2/V1.3 design.

Payk for the German translation.

Lord Raptor for the idea of game compatibility via wifi.

SMSPlus and Meka authors, without them and informations released, this version would not be here.

Members of the forum for the help and the support.

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