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Last Updated2006/03/17
TypeOperating systems

PSP-OSS is an open source PSP shell (Operating System). It can run eboots, it also has a file browser (Browser). It loads like any other homebrew eboot.

It was submitted by Mondy for the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2006 (PSP Applications).


  • PMP files can be played from anywhere.
  • Rar support for skins.
  • MP3 Suffle Function and Able to change songs while browsing.
  • Custom Language support and Custom colour support.
  • PSP-OSS has a second games folder for those of you who don't like corrupt icons.
  • Wallpapers can be changed by holding select + L or R.
  • Shortcuts on the desktop are examples of the custom icon support. In ms0:/PSP-OSS/Desktop/there are .qli files. To make your own just rename one to png and open it in an image editor.
  • Many bugfixes as well.


Put you PSP in USB mode, then extract PSP-OSS_03.rar to the root of your Memory Stick.

Navigate to the Memory Stick icon under /PSP/GAME/, select PSP-OSS and press Cross.




Version 0.3 is preset for FW 1.5 only.


2006/03/17 R0.3

  • Release will still say it's a PSP-OSS 0.3 Dev. But it is a release.
  • If the path within shortcut file does not exist it will not try to launch the eboot.
  • MP3 player fixed will never crash on one MP3 being in the list.
  • Fixed wallpaper not being displayed if wallpaper doesn't exist by making PSP-OSS choose wallpaper.
  • PSP-OSS has a second games folder for those of you who don't like corrupt icons.
  • Folder is located at ms0:/PSP-OSS/GAMES/Only folders without a % symbol need to be put in here. It will not boot 1.0 eboots still need to be 1.5.


  • Keyboard bug fixed no more weird characters will appear.
  • When changing language, language changes on the fly.
  • When changing skin OSS checks that the latest skin is installed also updates to the latest font colors.
  • Check for skin and wallpaper both exits and are a current version.
  • Video folder added to the start menu. Folders will open inside the start menu too.
  • (Fixed) Language file can be changed in settings menu required a reboot to work.
  • Can change button combos for next and previous MP3 in the settings menu.
  • (Bugged) Images return to file browser.


  • Renaming the PSP Memorystick in windows will not crash the PSP-OSS anymore.
  • PSP-OSS will not crash on files without an extension anymore.
  • (Fixed) Bug with music shuffle will work only with mp3s in one folder.
  • Music folders automatically expanded in the start menu.
  • Start and select used for activating USB, x or o will close it.
  • Check if shortcut exists.
  • OSS is bugged it will start up at 333.
  • Loading bar setup at start.
  • Editing all text in PSP-OSS is possible to display custom text and custom colors but no custom fonts yet.
  • All shortcuts fixed and a shortcut to folders.
  • .PMP Files playable in OSS.
  • (Bugged) Mouse speed bugged for now so it's disabled.
  • MP3 player can now change songs with l and r while music is playing doesn't affect keyboard.
  • Shuffle Mode Added.


  • Custom icons on the desktop must be same name as *.ql or *.pol with the extension *.qli. Qli files are just png files renamed to qli. Look at the examples in the PSP-OSS/Desktop folder.
  • When creating a new link now you don't have the extension only the actual file name.
  • Item names on the desktop are limited to 6 chars so always shown though.
  • Start menu bug fixed where if there was a shortcut under the start menu. Short cut would be loaded.
  • Shortcuts work again.
  • Right Click works to Rename and open folders. Paste option also works but will not past into folders.
  • Highlight the battery icon and power is shown as a percentage and estimated time left.
  • Shortcuts to folders can now be created with the make QL in the right click menu.

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