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YATA+, also known as Yet Another Theme Application PLUS, is a 3DS theme editor that aims to be the complete solution for creating custom themes for 3DS. This application is a mod of Reisyukaku's YATA, with some new features and bug fixes.

Note: This application is not being supported anymore. You might also want to check out the online version of this tool.


  • WAV to CWAV without relying on copyrighted software.
  • Theme simulator with every UI element.
  • Requires .NET 4.5.
  • Guide on how to make themes with YATA+.







Version 1.8

  • Added scrollbars in the theme settings window for PCs with small screens, now that window can be resized as someone asked.
  • Fixed loading themes with Cwav = null.

Version 1.7

  • Faster startup: the update check is now done in background.
  • Added size checks for the CWAV chunk (sometimes if the section is too big the CWAVs won't play).
  • Theme sender now sends the themes via FTP in the themes folder (or another one) in the sd without using zip files, so it doesn't require anymore the YATA+ theme installer.
  • Some other minor fixes in the simulator and the main window.

Version 1.6

  • Fixed a overflow bug when editing the colors in a theme.
  • Replaced Windows Media Player with an embedded player.
  • Now you can disable the player and use your default player like YATA+ lite.
  • Added option to send themes to CHMM2 by Rinnegatamante.
  • Added tooltips in the theme settings windows.
  • Added support for "custom colors" in the color dialog for the theme settings window.
  • Now the top and bottom images are aligned in the theme preview.

Version 1.5 & 1.5 LITE

  • This version doesn't add any new feature, but fixes many bugs, also, YATA+ should not have more than one instance opened at the same time or you may have problems with conflicting temp files.

Version 1.4 & 1.4 LITE

  • Released "YATA+ Lite" which doesn't require windows media player.
  • Fixed support for back arrow, thanks everyone on gbatemp who figured out how those bytes works.
  • New basic theme templates.
  • Now YATA supports file associations (bin, brstm, bcstm, cwav).
  • Added cursor in the theme simulator.
  • Now drag and drop supports importing images too (only PNGs).
  • Multi-languages support.
  • Realtime color preview in the theme settings.
  • WAV -> CWAV conversion now works properly (still need SDK tool).
  • WAV optimization (channel, frequency, bits) before converting to CWAV can be edited or disabled.
  • Remote theme installing via FTP (download the homebrews pack from this thread).
  • Export/import colors in the theme settings (this also will allow to set every color to one, export, hex edit the exported file and reimport).
  • Some other little features and fixes.
  • Notice that YATA+ LITE is a separated branch from YATA+, so the LITE version won't receive the minor updates the .1 ones, but will always have the same features as the normal YATA+ (except the media player).

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed a bug with the theme simulator.
  • Now the no background option for "Solid w/ Texture squares" themes is supported.
  • Other fixes.

Version 1.2

  • WAV -> CWAV and CWAV -> WAV conversions now support spaces.
  • WAV -> CWAV and CWAV -> WAV conversions now support multiple files at once.
  • Implemented drag and drop.
  • Auto "optimization" WAV files to 8-bit, 8000hz, mono before converting to CWAVS.
  • Fixes in the CWAV importing.
  • Fixes in the CWAV dumper.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Version 1.1

  • Auto check for updates.
  • Added an embedded player for playng CWAVs/BCSTMs.
  • Converting CWAVs, BCWAVs and other formats (check the spoiler at the end of the post) to WAVs.
  • Added option to choice the position of the buttons in the theme settings screen (For pc with larger fonts).
  • Fixed some bugs with the CWAVs dumper.
  • Full support for "simple themes", such as "simple orange" and "mood matrix".
  • Now vgmstream and his DLLs aren't deleted anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that makes YATA read the wrong colors from an image.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Version 1.0

Features added:

  • "new" key in the File menu.
  • Loading uncompressed themes.
  • Auto open image in a photo editor.
  • Gui for the WAV -> CWAV converter of the leaked SDK.
  • Generating CWAV chunks (Replace SFX in the theme).
  • Dumping and playing CWAVs.
  • User preferences.
  • Generating theme previews for CHMM.

Known bugs fixed:

  • Changing scroll types.
  • Other bugs relative to saving the theme (When writing a theme the offsets for images, colors etc weren't updated so sometimes the theme generated would be invalid).
  • close button and bottom buttons swapping when saving the theme's settings.


Thanks to:

  • Reisyukaku for the original application.
  • Team Fail for the source of 3DS .CWAV dumper
  • Xextil for the source of "Custom Theme Cwavs".
  • HCS for vgmstream.
  • And everyone who contributed indirectly from GBAtemp and 3dbrew.org.

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