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PassMe2 SRAM Writer
Last Updated2005/10/01
TypeOther Apps

PassMe2 requires the SRAM of the GBA cart to contain code specific to the game being used. These programs will write the SRAM, just select game from the list.

Note: PassMe is obsoleted, a NoPass device as it will run on ALL Nintendo DSs and work all media devices available on the market. Also, there are Slot-1 solutions available now that do not require a Slot-2 media device. For more information please see here.


It contains 3 versions:

  • passme2_mb.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, does nothing in NDS mode.
  • passme2flashme.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, runs FlashMe V7 (with DSLite support) in NDS mode.
  • passme2flashme_stealth.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, runs FlashMe Stealth V7 (with DSLite support) in NDS mode.

Write the program to GBA cart (or CF/SD card), boot DS in GBA mode, select game, press A, insert passme2 in DS, turn off DS, turn on DS.

If using the FlashMe versions, you need to disable the loader/menu in your flash software.

The FlashMe versions do not run FlashMe on M3 or Supercard.

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