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[v10 Download]

PSPInstaller is an application for the Playstation Portable games console that allows you to easily install homebrew, themes and more without the need of connecting your PSP to the computer.

Created by Richard Sparrow (aka Spike_132000 aka TheMeq), it is a portal for downloading PSP homebrew and has been going since October 2009, the homebrew no longer works however as the servers are closed.

It was participated in the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.

Note: PSPInstaller 10 was released as the final version for PSP (available in the provided link); a modified final version, Adrenaline Edition, was then published in 2019 that works on PSP as well as under Adrenaline.


Remove any previous installations of PSPInstaller from the GAME folder.

Copy PSPInstaller folder to your GAME or GAME5XX,6XX Folder.

If using PSPGo internal memory, ensure you change the media type to suit this.

User guide

Developers can upload their work to the application's servers where it can be easily downloaded by the masses and consumed.

Below are the lists of top 10 downloads of all time before the servers closed down (as of March 2019):

Top 10 Signed Download (File - Uploader)
MusicDownloader v3.0 - fernando
Lamecraft [r56] - TheMeq
Ultimite PSPtube 2.0 - Ammaar
PMP Mod v1.01 - Ammaar
PSPEXT - heMeq
Snes9xTYL - TheMeq
WiFi Controller - TheMeq
mariocart PSP - Ammaar
Wolfenstein 3D - TheMeq
PSPlorer - TheMeq
Top 10 Unsigned Dowload (File - Uploader)
PSP NetFront Browser V.7 - Emilioyo
Universal Theme Flasher - TheMeq
PSP Filer Ver.6.6 - keks24
Download Manager v1.0 - The-Chief-069
Homebrew Portal Launcher v1 - TheMeq
OpenTube 2.0 MOD - Ammaar
Ubuntu 12 PSP v1.8 - Joel16
GoTube 2014 - x0411821x
Unofficial gpSP Kai v.3.5 mod - 1234asd
cwcheat - assive




PSPInstaller Adrenaline Edition (Tech James)


Works on Phats, Slims, Brite's and Go's as well as under Adrenaline.


PSPInstaller 10 Final Version

  • Search is back.
  • Layout is similar to PSPInstaller 6.
  • In-App updating now works.
  • File size is shown.
  • Downloads are shown in Kbp/s.

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