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AuthorTall Fatman
Last Updated2008/04/18

This is an NES emulator for Nintendo DS. It is modified upon nesterDS. The mapper is implemented with reference to nesterJ, NNNesterJ, VirtuaNES, etc.


  • DLDI compatible (ROM, SAVE).
  • Changed screen reduction to Flickr display instead of simple thinning.
  • Many mappers added.
  • Changed the key settings of the A and B buttons from A, B to B and Y (same as nesDS).
  • Define an icon (nester icon is displayed in the menu of the magic computer).
  • Sprite unlimited mode.
  • Slightly faster.
  • Display of the number of frame skips.


Note: In order to use this emulator, you will need to prepare the disk system BIOS (DISKSYS.ROM).

DLDI patch .nds file for your flash device.

Put the .nds file and disk system BIOS (DISKSYS.ROM) to the root directory.

Place the ROM image (.nes) or DISK image (.fds) to the flash card. It does not support Japanese file names or characters contain second byte of Shift JIS code.

User guide

Note: Please make sure you back up important data or save files, in case of encountering any errors or corrupted save files.

SAVE data is written only when X+A and X+START are pressed.

Make sure you press X+A and see the message Save SRAM OK (SAVE is complete when OK is displayed).


D-Pad - Select rom/disk

A/B - Load rom/disk

In game:

A/B/Y - Same as NES A/B button (switchable)

X+A - Save

X+B - Swap top and bottom screen

X+Y - Minimize screen (OFF/ON)

X+Left/Right - Adjust the vertical offset

X+Up - Sound (on/off)

X+Down - Display sprite mode (on/off)

X+L/R - Frame skip setting (AUTO/0/1/2/...)

X+Select - Switch A/B button to B/Y

X+Start - Load rom

R - Forward

L - Disk change (1-A→1-B→2-A→2-B→EJECT)

Note: In Crazy Climber mode, use the L button instead of X.


nesterdsplus4.png nesterdsplus5.png

nesterdsplus2.png nesterdsplus3.png

Known issues

Processing and heavy (It may sound becomes strange) that APU is not reset when loading the ROM.

Unsupported disc sound system.

Mapper untested.


v0.3.9 2008/04/18

  • .Fam can also be selected in the file list.
  • Changed the maximum number of files to be displayed from 256 to 5000.
  • Enhanced error message.
  • Fixed the problem that the display is broken when the CRC is 1294AB5A in the ROM of Megami Tensei 2.
  • Change icon.
  • Suppresses screen flicker (display is double buffered).
  • Change the default offset value when screen reduction is OFF.
  • Fixed a problem that the display of alphabets and numbers flickers in MOTHER.
  • Fixed a bug that the scroll start line is strange in Super Mario 2.
  • Fixed a problem that some displays are strange with Metal Max.

v0.3.8 2008/04/08

  • Compatible with disk system (added mapper 20).
  • Changed the directory to be at the top of the file list.
  • Recreate the ROM load process.
  • Countermeasures for problems that become strange when ROM is repeatedly loaded.
  • Fixed some error messages to be displayed correctly.

v0.3.7 2008/04/06

  • Fixed a problem that characters (alphabet) display is garbled in MOTHER.
  • Added mapper (225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 243, 245, 246, 248, 255).
  • Fixed Mapper 83 (based on VirtuaNES).
  • Fixed a problem that BG does not support monochrome mode.

v0.3.6 2008/04/04

  • Slightly faster BG drawing.
  • Fixed a bug that the display collapses in some games.
  • Fixed mappers 113 and 114 (based on VirtuaNES).
  • The maximum number of skips for automatic frame skip adjustment has been increased to 10.
  • Fixed problems when frame skip automatic adjustment is too fast.
  • Crazy Climber controller compatible (automatic switching).
  • Change L / R key operation to X + ← / →.
  • Added fast forward function (R button).
  • Abolished switching of speed hack.
  • Added the function to switch the assignment of A and B buttons (A, B / B, Y).

v0.3.5 2008/04/03

  • Measures against problems with automatic frame rate adjustment.
  • Added display of frame skip count.
  • Fixed a problem that the color of BG is strange in Super Mario.
  • Speed up sprite drawing process (less effective).
  • Change the key operation on the ROM selection screen (A, B to confirm, X to return to the upper directory).
  • Added mapper (62, 74, 80, 82, 83, 85, 89, 90, 91, 92, 96, 100, 105, 112, 113, 114, 115, 117, 118, 119, 140, 151, 160, 182, 183, 187, 188, 189).

v0.3.4 2008/04/01

  • First public release.

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