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|author=n00bey (leinad)
|author=n00bey (leinad)
|type=Other Apps

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ndsRo/eAthena Client
Authorn00bey (leinad)
Last Updated2008/05/16
TypeOther Apps

NDSRo is a client for eAthena servers. eAthena is a free and open source implementation of Aegis, which is the official server software for Ragnarok Online (MMORPG) to be used on private servers.


Copy the folder ndsro to the root of your card.

The compressed Field Pack file is for when you are adding own server (see below).

User guide

Implemented functions

  • Serverlist
  • Login
  • Server Select
  • Char-Select
  • Char-Creation
  • Display a map
  • Chat
  • Walking
  • Warping [Mapchanging]
  • "/" Commands
  • /where
  • /logount | /lo | /exit
  • /sit
  • /stand

Add a server to the list

Open server.cfg in an editor, insert the infos that

Server: Name : IP : Port ;

You must place the : / ; right. Do not remove the ##, since it tells the game to stop reading those lines.

Maps use the Openkore-Fields. Copy the maps (from the NDSRoFieldPack) into the ndsro folder, there is also a folder fields, please also replace it.


On Login:

A/B/X/Y - Change Keyboard color

On Map:

Select - Enable/disable Chat

Start - Options screen (Map update is disabled while in Option)

D-Pad - Walk



  • Character creation now works.
  • eAthena changed the position info on map-log on, fixed.
  • Now added a sclientinfo.xml containing one server for testing.
  • Fixed /stand & /sit text.
  • Fixed some selection bug in the charselection.


  • Initial release.


To Fear, for help learning C and to be there for every question.

To everyone who made PAlib.

Everyone who made the Fieldpack.

Everyone who made eAthena, since it would be much harder without some Sourcecode.

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