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A math game based on MathOp but where the principle is to eliminate operations that accumulate on the top screen before they reach the top of the tower.


Make the most points.

User guide

For each 1000 points, the speed increases. the score is calculated based on:

Multiplication: 10 pts
Subtraction: 6 pts
Addition: 3 pts

A combo, we add the points for different operations, and multiplied by the number of transactions deleted.

Example: (10 +10 +3 +6) * 4 = 116 -> a combo with 2 Propagating 4 operations (10), subtraction (6) and addition (3)

Return the result of the operation of the top screen, in any order, confirm with OK, High or X (for lefties) and that it will delete itself.

In the manner of a tetris, delete a line revealed the line above. you should know that results corresponding to several operations will result in the deletion of all related operations, so with the appearance of combos in the game system.


Added 14/06

  • New beta version includes handwriting recognition, the link is given below.
  • Top validate a written or X, Down with the delete or B.

Adding previous

  • A bonus (which may be combined) is given every 750pts and can, within the limits of available stock, to clear the screen of all operations. Handy when you are in trouble in the higher levels. The bonus meter is above the entered number (bottom left). Use a bonus brought down the multiplier to 1
  • A Splash Screen and a game over screen came
  • Complete overhaul of code with your hands because it was encoded with the feet. The game does not freeze over Japi Thank you again for teaching me how to clean code
  • Redesign of the system with a score multiplier, see below


Japi quality for the tower and the keyboard as well as tons of ideas

Thank you also for tembargo these crazy ideas on irc