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{{Infobox DS Homebrews
{{Infobox DS Homebrews
| title      = Lost Marbles
| title      = Lost Marbles
| image      = https://dlhb.gamebrew.org/dshomebrew/lostmarbles.png
| image      = lostmarbles.png
| type        = Puzzle
| type        = Puzzle
| version    = 0.2
| version    = 0.2

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Lost Marbles
[0.1 Download]

Lost Marbles is a DS homebrew puzzle game based on Lose Your Marbles game developed by SegaSoft and released for Microsoft Windows. It offers 3 levels of difficulty.

Note: Link is for v0.1 only (latest release is v0.2).

User guide

You must align 3 or more balls of the same color in the middle white column, thus obtaining points.

Make combos to gaining more points to win the AI ​​or CPU. 3 difficulty levels include Easy, Medium and Hard.



Y - Change difficulty

Start - Start the game

In game:

Left/Right - Move row to right/left

Up/Down - Change the row to top/bottom

Start - Pause, Return to the main screen (at the end of a game)


lostmarbles2.png lostmarbles3.png


Tested on R4i-SDHC (firmware 1.09b).


V.0.2 2010/04/28

  • Improved graphics.
  • Improved playability.
  • The game now features a pretty decent AI (including Ultra Hard level).
  • Selectable timer.
  • "Pause" feature: pressing START when playing.
  • Features Bonus Ball: for each line of the bonus ball, adds 1 to the counter! Unleash the bonus ball by making a line of 5 balls and the opponent will take the amount of balls unleashed.

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