Loonies 8192 PSP

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Loonies 8192 PSP
AuthorThomas Perl (thp)
Last Updated2021/07/09
r66 & Sound Pack Download

Loonies 8192 is a Mini Retro Puzzle for DOS, PSP, 3DS, GBA, PSX, Android, NDS, Win32, N800, N9, PocketCHIP, iOS and Vita.

This simple puzzle game at some point fit into 8 KiB, hence the name. Since then, the focus has shifted to porting and support for various audio synths.


Copy EBOOT.PBP and PARAM.SFO to /PSP/GAME/Loonies8192/ on your memory stick.

Create the folders they do not exist (both files are needed).

User guide

There are 2x2-blocks falling down the top, with two different colors. The objective is to rotate and align the falling groups of blocks to create squares of the same block color once the blocks have landed.

A vertical line, known as the time line, sweeps through the playing field from left to right, erasing any completed single-color groups of blocks that it touches (typically 2×2 squares).

Sound Pack

By default, Loonies 8192 has synthesized sound built in, but it's possible to also use CD-quality audio files.

Simply extract the Loonies 8192 Sound Pack, and put the WAV files in the game folders for PSP to upgrade your sound experience to fully sampled 16-bit audio.


There's in-game help now on how to play the game. You can configure the language, soundtrack and difficulty level in the options menu.

In addition to the default English language, Loonies 8192 is now localized into German and French (thanks, Angie) -- configurable in the options.


There are now local leaderboards (best 3 highscores) as well as global leaderboards (using QR codes).

When you achieve a local high score, you can submit the score online by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone and a QR code reader app (some phones have it built into the camera app).


Left/Right - Move puzzle

Up - Rotate puzzle

Cross - Accept, Drop

Start - Exit, Abort





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