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| license    = Mixed
| license    = Mixed
| author      = Christian Auby (DesktopMan)
| author      = Christian Auby (DesktopMan)
| lastupdated = 2005/08/09
| website    =
| website    =
| download    =
| download    =

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Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris
AuthorChristian Auby (DesktopMan)
Last Updated2005/08/09

Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris is a package of 3 remake classic games on NDS.

It was an entry to the NEO Flash Competition 2005.


Two version are provided:

  • .nds - For WiFi and emulators.
  • .ds.gba - For Neoflash/flashcarts.

User guide


  • Enhanced remake of the old qbasic classic.
  • Monkeys that shoot bananas.


  • Enhanced remake of the old qbias classic number two.
  • Worm eats fruit. There are Fun mode and Two player mode.


  • Tetris for DS.
  • Playing using drop gives more points due to the nature of the standard tetris specific way of calculating score.


Start - Restart after finishing a game


Up/down - Adjust power slowly

Left/Right - Adjust angle slowly

Stylus - Choose angle and power

Press in the middle of the circle or A - Launch banana

L+R - Reboot


R - Change level up (Fun mode)

L - Change level down (Fun mode)

Stylus - Player 1 moves worm

D-Pad - Player 2 moves apple


Select - Restart any time


gnt2.png gnt3.png

gnt4.png gnt5.png

gnt6.png gnt7.png



1.1 Neoflash version

  • Bugfixes.
  • New ipc.
  • Built with devkitARM r15.
  • Libnds compatible.

1.0 gbax version, initial release

  • Reworked arm7 code, more accurate touch.
  • Settings are saved, can coexist with Tetris and Nibbles save.
  • Round based.
  • Menu with options.
  • Wifi icon and description.
  • Buildings collapse.
  • Sound, positioned depending on screen location.
  • Uses internal clock to choose between day and night graphics.
  • More lights are off during night than day.
  • Wind changes dynamically each round.
  • Building heights are adjusted to ease playing.
  • Dual controls, use touchscreen and buttons.


1.3 Neoflash version

  • Bugfixes
  • New ipc
  • Built with devkitARM r15
  • Libnds compatible

1.2 (gbax version)

  • Added: Fun mode:
    • You can't die on the pen or yourself.
    • Press R to change level up.
    • Press L to change level down.
  • Added: Two player mode:
    • Player one moves worm with touchscreen.
    • Player two moves apple with + pad.
  • Added: settings are saved, can coexist with gorilla and tetris save.
  • Added: menu with options.
  • Added: sound, positioned depending on screen location.
  • Added: Wifi multiboot icon and description.
  • Added: more fruit, again.


1.3 (Neoflash version)

  • Bugfixes.
  • New ipc.
  • Built with devkitARM r15.
  • Libnds compatible.

1.2 (gbax version)

  • Added: pieces can be rotated so parts go above the playfield.
  • Added: choose start level.
  • Added: Giant mode for single player.
  • Added: settings are saved, can coexist with gorilla and nibbles save.
  • Added: retro sound effects (hardware mixed, positioned depending on screen location).
  • Added: pause for singleplayer.
  • Added: restart during game.
  • Added: Icon and description for wifi multiboot.
  • Added: drop/fast option.
  • Added: key repeat option.
  • Fixed: scoring in two-player.
  • Fixed: proper sram detection, works even if there is no cart.

Developer Changes:

  • Changed: uses the new versions of dsbuild and ndstool.
  • Changed: new loader.
  • Changed: new ipc-location, thus new arm7 binary.
  • Changed: use of binary files to comply with new rules.


  • Added: single player is default, hold A during boot for two-player.
  • Added: after play, press start to restart game.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: uses ndslib, entirely selfcontained otherwise.
  • Now contains .nds for emu/loader, .ds.gba for regular passme.


  • Initial release.


Dovoto, Joat, Natrium42, dslynx, WinterMute.

Graphics by Whacko.

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