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Goodboy Galaxy: Chapter Zero
AuthorRik Nicol, Jeremy Clarke
Last Updated2022/05/15
LicenseMIT License

Goodboy Galaxy is a game in development for Game Boy Advance, PC and Nintendo Switch. It is an exploration focused platform game, similar to Metroid or Cave Story. It was originally made for the Ludum Dare 43, and the full game is expected to be released on real cartridges, as well as digitally for GBA and modern platforms.

This demo is released as Chapter Zero, which is not planned to be part of the main game. It is available in Japanese, English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.


Available in CIA format.

Copy .cia to your SD card and install it with the CIA manager of your choice.

User guide

For the most dedicated secret-hunting players, your mission is to find Azure, a secret crossover character from the upcoming indie platformer Orange Island.

Note that the game will appear blurry due to being upscaled to fit the 2DS/3DS screen.

To avoid this, you can play in original GBA resolution by holding down Start+Select on the black screen while the game is starting up.


D-Pad - Walk, Aim

L - Look

R - Charge blast (when unlocked)

A - Fire

B - Jump

Start - Enter (menu), Pause, Friend cards (when collected)

Start+Select (while booting the game) - Play in original GBA resolution


goodboygalaxydemo3.png goodboygalaxydemo4.png goodboygalaxydemo5.png


Goodboy Galaxy - Kickstarter live now! (GBA, PC, Switch) (Goodboy Galaxy)


v1.0.7 2022/05/15

  • Added German translation.
  • Fixed a typo in the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Fixed some bits of unloaded ship being visible when fading in.
  • Fixed being unable to exit the waterfall room under certain conditions.
  • Fixed yaomo (rhino) being able to damage the player when stunned.
  • Fixed ensis (walker) occasionally recoiling the wrong way when shot.
  • Removed Kickstarter banner from the credits.

v1.0.6 2021/12/19

  • Fixed a crash when running in gpSP on MIPS hardware.
  • Fixed a softlock that could happen if you found a way to die after getting your item back.
  • Added some slope tiles in the bomb crater.
  • Fixed a missing Chinese character.

v1.0.5 2021/09/22

  • Fixed being able to stand on acid by hugging the wall.
  • Fixed getting hurt by spikes when landing half on the ground.
  • Small tweaks in Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Small tweak to Azure's dialogue.

v1.0.4 2021/09/20

  • Added Arabic translation.
  • Added a way to annoy Bomsae.
  • Added missing languages to the PC version launcher.
  • Fixed bullets going through spikes.
  • Fixed bullets moving slowly after ricochet.
  • Fixed graphical bug on the "unable to save" screen after a soft-reset.

v1.0.3 2021/09/12

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Enabled SuperCard SD/MiniSD compatibility.
  • Fixed some typos in the Chinese translation.

v1.0.2 2021/09/02

  • Added version number to results screen.
  • Added save point shortly after boss fight.
  • Added standard shortcut (A+B+Select+Start) to soft-reset the game.
  • Fixed some typos in the Spanish translation (thanks Andrés).
  • Fixed a rare crash on the no-shield route.
  • Fixed bug where you could free Cropett without breaking the rocks.
  • Fixed yaomo (rhino/hippo enemy) not turning around when bumping into spikes.
  • Fixed yaomo facing the wrong way for 1 frame.

v1.0.1 2021/08/27

  • Initial public release.


Goodboy Galaxy Demo:


  • 日本語 - 小川公貴 (Kimitaka Ogawa).
  • Español - Rafael Cano Malagón, Emi Monserrate.
  • 中文 - Lyndon Ang.
  • Português do Brasil - Matheus Barreiros, Fabi Behling.
  • Français - Gregory Parisi.
  • العربية - Mansour Sorosoro, Adam Saeed.


  • 'Bomsae' character design copyright of and appearing courtesy of ㅍㅅㅇㄱ (Byungkyu Lee).
  • 'Azure' character design, Orange Island music ('Blue Skies') and Orange Island level tiles copyright of and appearing courtesy of Theodore Sterchi / Birthdayboy.

Additional credits:

Special thanks to:

  • Antonio Vivace, Peter Lemon, Gustavo Valiente, Antonio Niño Díaz, João Baptista & all the GBAdev community - For your passion and support.
  • Dania Rifki, Ben Johnson, Adrian Siekierka, Andy Bayer, Timothée Pallot, skiscratcher - For trying out & giving feedback on Natu, our GBA game toolkit.
  • Gericom - For the LocalMapGen tile reduction tool.
  • Aurora Nockert - For helping with the entity system design.
  • Rafael Baptista - For the article Gameboy Advance Resource Management which is full of great ideas.
  • Dennis Hilhorst - For the fast RLE decompression routine.
  • Ico Doornekamp - For the Nim coroutine code.
  • Nim community & contributors.
  • Lennard Haase - QA, publishing advice.

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