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Bob's Game
AuthorRobert Pelloni
Last Updated2009/04/03

Bob's game is a homebrew adventure game in 2D with the focus on story, puzzles, items, and communication. It's programmed in straight C- originally for the GameBoy Advance in mid 2003.

To run this game on M3 Real you need use DSOrganize.

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Gameplay is similar to classic RPGs created by Nintendo. Many characters have deep personalities that evolve and many events depend on the in-game time and day.


Bob's game is a work of satire about gaming and the game industry, where the main character Yuu plays games inside the game to find the greatest game ever made - the legendary Bob's game.

This virtual Bob's game inside of Bob's game is created by the in-game end boss character Bob, the author's alter-ego.

Bob is a villainous, egomaniacal mad-genius developer who believes he has uncovered a vast conspiracy in the game industry to hold back great games.

Believing himself on a quest to save the game industry, Bob holds an interdimensional Bob's game tournament - in order to gather every brainwashed gamer worldwide together at once and break the evil spell of shovelware.

If Yuu wants the industry to survive - Yuu must beat Bob at his own game... and Yuu might just reveal the real truth.


Stylus or D-pad - Movement

Buttons - Press the required button when displayed on game screen


bobsgame2.png bobsgame3.png


Tested on M3 Real (Sakura firmware 1.34).

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