Abstract Shoot

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Abstract Shoot
Version0.9 Beta

Inspired by the Abstract Sea Flash Game.

User guide

Find various power-ups and shoot everything that moves while avoiding projectiles.

Abstractshootds2.jpg Abstractshootds3.jpg


Stylus - aim and shoot

D-pad or ABXY - move cannon

L/R - change music (theme 1/theme2/Music off)

Start - pause


Tested on: Flashcard iTouchDS with firmware 3.8


Version 0.9 BETA 31/07/07

  • Added High-score system (requires DLDI patching to run).
  • Adding a menu.
  • The enemies have new paths that make the game harder and less monotonous (they are not automatically attracted by the barrel).
  • Changing the bonus 'bomb': now, the bomb is activated by a detonator placed relatively far from the bomb. The bonus is 'useful' now ... xD
  • Adding music and sound effects.

Version 0.8b BETA 19/07/07

  • Fixed bugs related to the score.
  • Decreased the difficulty

Version 0.8 BETA 18/07/07

  • Added 2 musical themes and sound effects.
  • Added power-ups (life, triple shooting and bomb).

Effects of explosions and light graphics changes.

  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.5 BETA 7/12/07

  • Added information on the top screen (time, score, bar life).
  • The enemies are of two different types (slow / fast with more or less life, and they throw projectiles).
  • The gun is now mobile.
  • gfx improved.

Version 0.1 BETA 07/07/07

  • First demo with gun-stationary (I put 2 days before we see that could move the barrel in Abstract Sea Azn) encoded in tears.