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Thenaya - TagMo

Thenaya is a homebrew app which can program Amiibo dump files into blank NTAG215, making brand new Amiibos. It's the little sister of the TagMo project.

A better explanation of what this does: Cralex said: The main thing this does is writing data from an Amiibo to a blank NFC tag, which is the thing inside an Amiibo that makes it work. (You can get packs of them online.) Got a backup of a golden Mario? Write it to a blank tag and boom, 3ds/WiiU/Switch will think the tag is a golden Mario. Forever. It'll function exactly the same as the real thing.

It can also dump (backup) an amiibo. This includes both what type of amiibo it is and game data, like Smash Bros fighter data. Want to use the same Amiibo on different games? Just keep a backup for each game and write it back to the Amiibo when you want to switch games.

The only thing it can't do is change an Amiibo/written tag from one type to another. That is a limitation of how these NFC tags work. You can't turn your golden Mario into a Peach. That would be weird. Currently I consider it to be a Beta version. But it works fine for a number of people.

Usage is simple: Copy the 3dsx/smdh files into 3ds folder. Createa folder called "amiibo" in the sd root and put any amiibo dump files into it. put the amiibo encryption key file to sd root with the name "amiibo_keys.bin" Launch the app from homebrew launcher. Press X, select the file, press A, place blan NTAG215 tag on 3ds wait until finished.

Has been tested on both New3DS and Old3DS.

v0.7 (2 Aug 2017): Fix for garbled text/progress. v0.6 (8 Jul 2017): Fixed: File picker stopped working if after browsing too many folders. Added support for DPAD Left and Right to go into and out of folders. Added suppot to Shoulder L/R buttons to page through the file list. v0.5 (8 Jul 2017): File browser can traverse directories Restore tag function.

Downloads/Source Code

Credits extend to everyone who made TagMo possible. Specially to @javiMaD and Yellows8 who appears to have put in the NFC api into libctru. Last edited by HiddenRambler, Aug 2, 2017 - Reason: 0.7 release