Street Fighter DS

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Street Fighter DS
Last Updated2009/09/23
VersionPreview 3

Street Fighter preview build. The project is not completed.

User guide

Right now only flick through the menu and character select screens are available.

You can enter Training Mode now and select Characters to view the backgrounds of the Characters.


Preview 3 2009/09/23

  • Added Training mode (you can enter the room and see the Characters touch them etc).
  • Added 20 Characters (this 20 characters gonna be playable not playable yet).
  • Added Characters Icons.
  • Added Characters Backgrounds.
  • Deleted Menu Music (cant compile after adding those things above music will be back soon).

Preview 2 2009/09/22

  • Added Splash Screen.
  • Added Start Screen.
  • Added Strart Screen Sound (When you touch screen).
  • Added Menu (you cant do nothing yet).
  • Added Menu Music.
  • Deleted Ken Sprites (buggy).
  • Deleted Ken Moves Set (buggy).
  • Deleted Move List.
  • Info: You basicly cant do nothing now only listen to the nice music and see the nice interface.

Preview 1

  • Added Ken Sprites (buggy).
  • Added Ken Moves Set (buggy).
  • Added Bachground.
  • Added Move List.
  • Info: You can try the moves and see animations of Ken (buggy).

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