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  • RinCheat (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    rinCheat None.png General Author Rinnegatamante Type Utility Version Beta 0.1 License Mixed Links Download Website Source
    3 KB (487 words) - 10:18, 20 October 2021
  • Battery Indicator (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    give any good intuition. Anyway, this brew shows the real percentage of your vita's battery, and it makes a nice waiting screen when charging. ​ Untill next
    773 bytes (66 words) - 09:56, 20 October 2021
  • Uo amphetamin (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    uo_amphetamin None.png General Author Rinnegatamante  Type Utility Version 0.1 License Mixed Links Download Website Source
    1 KB (137 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021
  • Lua Player Plus GUI (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    application written in C#. It allows you to make VPK applications from an LPP-Vita build folder. It includes the check for lower case title IDs (just like my
    889 bytes (84 words) - 10:06, 20 October 2021
  • Vita Activator (category Vita Homebrew utilities) (section Vita Activator)
    enabled PlayStation Vita Use this to get activation data on a HENkaku enabled PlayStation Vita libvita2d Either download latest vita-activator.vpk under
    1 KB (100 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021
  • VitaShell Theme Manager (category Vita Homebrew utilities) (section What is VitaShell Theme Manager?)
    VitaShell(not livearea ones) themes over at ux0:VitaShell/theme/ on your vita, then open VitaShell Theme Manager and press x to apply the wanted theme. Q: the brew
    1 KB (136 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021
  • MolecularShell Disguisers (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    original game or the homebrew will work. Also it should be noted that all you'd need to do to disguise pretty much any other homebrew is copy the param.sfo
    2 KB (241 words) - 10:08, 20 October 2021
  • AccountSwitcher (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    with your new credentials Activate the Vita (NOTE: since 3.61 you can't do that directly, you have to use either vita-activator or choose the Activate option
    2 KB (278 words) - 09:54, 20 October 2021
  • Lua Player Plus Vita (category Vita Homebrew utilities) (section Lua Player Plus Vita Description)
    Here are some PSVITA homebrews made using Lua Player Plus Vita: VitaSudoku 4Rows Flppy Bird Deathrun to Vita Super Hero Chronicles vitaWanted Labyrinth 3D
    3 KB (291 words) - 10:06, 20 October 2021
  • Better Amphetamin (category Vita Homebrew utilities)
    original plugin was meant to do was allow you to overclock the CPU of your Vita, but now with Henkaku R6 you can also slightly overclock your GPU to allow
    3 KB (371 words) - 09:56, 20 October 2021
  • VitaShell (category Vita Homebrew utilities) (section VitaShell themes and translations collection)
    PS Vita homebrew competition and won the first prize. HENkaku'smolecularShell is also based on VitaShell. You can customize those files: 'ux0:VitaShel
    11 KB (1,534 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021
  • Tactic Miner A Homebrew Game for the PS Vita / PSTV woore 4Rows - Connect4 Clone Homebrew Game - 4Roms - A connect 4 clone for the PS Vita / PSTV Rinnegatamante​
    6 KB (0 words) - 05:53, 19 September 2016
  • Vitadump (category Vita Homebrews)
    This homebrew can dump some PS Vita shared modules It was based in : https://github.com/xyzz/vita-modump/ Credits: xyzz - original vita-modump St4rk SMOKE
    557 bytes (47 words) - 17:40, 25 October 2021
  • Vita Save Manager (category Vita Homebrews)
    savemgr Play game. If you do something mess, please do these steps. Open VitaShell If you used this app for dumped or digital game, move to ux0:app/{TITLE_ID}
    3 KB (189 words) - 17:40, 25 October 2021
  • VitaBackup Vita (category Vita Homebrews) (section What is VitaBackup?)
    keeps on getting useful homebrew that makes life easier. This time around, Joel16, who made VITAident among other homebrew, created VitaBackup with Berion’s
    3 KB (365 words) - 17:40, 25 October 2021
  • PSTV Whitelister (category Vita Homebrews)
    This will remove the block on titles for the PSTV/Vita TV as well as the PS1 games blocked on the Vita. No need to fire up the FTP to re-enable to patch
    1 KB (207 words) - 10:13, 20 October 2021
  • Qcma (category Vita Homebrews)
    your PC without a Vita. Easy wireless pairing (show PIN to the user when a Vita is detected). Ability to restart the connection if the Vita is reconnected
    3 KB (298 words) - 10:17, 20 October 2021
  • FTP PSVita VPK Installer (category Vita PC utilities)
    wait until the application create the necessary data. On your PSVita open VitaShell, press Select and write your IP and Port on the application. Then press
    2 KB (214 words) - 10:01, 20 October 2021
  • VitaOrganizer (category Vita PC utilities)
    Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting
    2 KB (211 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021
  • VitaFTP (category Vita Homebrews)
    threw together for VitaFTP as I got tired of the ugly one with no icon0. Tested installed and working just fine. This is the native VitaFTP not the ePSP variant
    610 bytes (62 words) - 10:23, 20 October 2021

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