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AuthorTora Software
Last Updated2010/03/25
TypeOther Apps
VersionEOS 0.01beta/TT 1.0/YS 2.0
EOS & TT & YS Download

SkinSelecter is a NDS homebrew application that allows you to swap between multi-skins loaded on DS (for DSTT and YS menu).


Download and extract file.

Put on the root of your card.

In ttmenu folder, open skins folder then drag and drop folders (with skins in them) next to the default folder.

User guide

It is recommended to make a backup of your Original Skin as that's the only place the skins are found by the .nds file. In the /SKINS/ folder, create another folder with your own theme using the same name as the default files.

Scroll through the games to locate the program, run the program and select the preferred skins to load.


A - Run application, Select skins

Up/Down - Find skin

Known issues

There is a small bug in homebrew, when selecting the Skin, it may show the wrong size.

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