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Authordnasdw, enler
Last Updated2018/08/13
TypeOther Apps
LicenseMIT License

The ACG Shared Font Tool is a homebrew application that enables Korean 3DS and Chinese 3DS units to temporarily load the standard font sets found in the Japan, Europe and US Region 3DS units, or vice versa. This is primarily used to properly view Japanese text from Japanese games/applications on Korean and Chinese 3DS as both units do not have the Japanese font installed.


Copy the font folder to the root directory of the SD card.

Then use either one of the following:

  • CIA - Install the .cia with the CIA manager of your choice.
  • 3DSX - Use the .3dsx provided with the Homebrew Launcher.
  • 3DS - Copy .3ds to your SD card.

User guide

Run SharedFontTool, choose the font set for your game and wait until the application finishes loading the font set.

Once finished, press Start or the Home button to return to the Home Menu.

If you loaded the Standard font set from a Korean or Chinese (iQue) 3DS, you should see all text replaced with blocks of question marks. You will also notice that CIAs that do not are not Region Free-enabled will disappear from the Home Menu. This is normal, and can be reverted once you have restarted the device.

When you boot up a Japanese game (eg: Super Robot Taisen BX), the Japanese text should now display properly.

To restore the setting, open SharedFontTool and press Select.


D-Pad - Move cursor

A - Perform change font

Select - Restore font

Start or HOME - Exit





  • Fix START exit bug.

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