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PicrossDS has been with a couple of different names, such as griddlers, picto-crossword, CryptoPics, and the like. Of course, the version I came to know and love for the original GameBoy was known as Mario's Picross, with a SNES successor that never came States-side.


Picross is a puzzle based on a grid of black and white squares which form a picture.At the beginning the picture is hidden, leaving you with the task of reconstructing it from the clues(numbers on the side).

Lists of numbers representing the number of black squares are added to each row and column. Each number represents a group of black squares so, for example, "3 2" means that on this row there is a group of 3 black squares to the left of a group of 2 black squares, with one or more white squares in between. (There must be at least one white square between the groups, or the 3 and 2 would join up to become a 5). The numbers are always in order, so "3 2" means 3 black squares to the left of 2 black squares, and "2 3" means 2 to the left of 3.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Copy it to the root directory of the card

PicrossDS will run on iDeaS and Dualis, but the screen fades don't work correctly, and it'll probably run a little slower.


D-Pad - Move the cursor around the puzzle

A - Fill in a tile. When all the tiles have been correctly filled-in, you win.

B - X-out a tile. Use this to mark tiles that you know shouldn't be filled.

L and R - Scroll through the puzzle menu by 10

Start - Pause menu

Select - Press this on the pause menu to exit your game and back to title.



  • fixed the bug where puzzles 1-100 that ended in a 2 just loaded the previous puzzle
  • fixed the bug where puzzle times would not save past around #50 or so
  • added 25 more puzzles, so we now have 175


  • added 100 more puzzles, for a total of 150
  • added music. only one track so far, but I'll add more
  • fixed a bug where an array was overflowing, which would erase all your high scores
  • added the ability to scroll fast in the puzzle menu by using L and R
  • made a PicrossDS website =)


  • added 40 more puzzles for a total of 50
  • added a "best times" feature which records your progress
  • fixed a bug in the error-checking routine, so you can't just paint the whole screen black and solve the puzzle


  • test demo release


Thanks to arog, Chris Double, Mollusk, and Kleevah.