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{{Infobox PSP Homebrews
| title = Peldet
| title = Peldet
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| type = Other
| version = 0.8b (20 Apr 2006)
| version = 0.8b (20 Apr 2006)

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Version0.8b (20 Apr 2006)

Peldet (PSP Telnet) is a Telnet application for PSP by Ludovic Jacomme (aka Zx-81), the homebrew is rebuilt using PSPSDK and sources from Danzel.

User guide

Drop the folder onto your PSP like normal. Load it up, choose a WiFi to connect to.

Chose either a site from your favorites or enter in new details, following the line format and select Start. An example of favourite addresses can be found in the peldetfav.txt.

Line format examples: irc mynickname #somechan a descriptive string
  • This is an irc favorite for on port 6667.
  • With nickname "mynickname" and channel "#somechan" and the description "a descriptive string". telnetmud ROD MUD
  • This is a telnet favorite.
  • With the description "ROD MUD" that uses mud style input. telnet my telnet
  • This is a telnet favorite with the description "my telnet".
  • Uses real telnet style input.


  • Favorites.
  • Connect to IP/DNS.
  • Show the on screen keyboard (R shoulder to show/hide)
  • VT100 Telnet, IRC.

IRC Commands Supported:

  • /m nick hello joe - Same as /msg on a normal irc client.
  • /q bye everyone - Same as /quit.
  • /me shouts lol - Action, same as a normal client.

Tested and works on the servers/undernet efnet irc2toc. Other commands you enter starting with a "/" will be sent straight to the server.


  • Yellow - Server Message.
  • Blue - channel details messsage (Topic, whos in chan).
  • Green - Action.
  • Purple - Private Message.
  • Grey - Channel Message.


Now with 0.8 there is proper vt100 emulation and some limited telnet protocol negotiations, enough atleast to get onto a telnetd and use links, mplayer, vi, etc.

If an application you are running isn't working right, try running it with a different term environmental var (the default is xterm).

TERM=vt100 links; TERM=ansi links; TERM=linux links

If you are planning to use telnet, please refer to the P-Sprint Website.


R - Show/hide onscreen keyboard


Works with FW 2.x.

Known issues

Some telnet escape sequences arent supported, such as Blink, Underline, linewrap. Also IRC Colors, bold etc aren't supported.


v0.8b 2006/04/20 (by Zx-81)

  • Rebuild using PSPSDK and sources for FW 2.5.

v0.8b 2006/01/06 (by Danzel)

  • Did some additions to get connecting to cygwins telnetd working.
  • Some big changes to the renderer, now it is called directly instead of with message passing. This gives some big speed ups (libcaca mplayer is almost compeletely smooth at default speed). Was hoping to hold this for the next version, but as CVS server machine has died it has been included.
  • This may lead to a crash as it was not yet thread safed, but malloc/free is called much less, so there shouldnt be crashes related to that anymore.


  • Fixed the irc bug added in 0.8 (One whole line, the _only_ line that changed between 0.7 and 0.8).


  • Fixed some p_sprint bugs, 8/9 were backwards in the code, x is incorrect in the image.
  • Much better telnet support, implemented a vt100 emulator, currently it lacks a few features and seems to have some bugs, but it is good for most programs.
  • This means of course that you can connect to a telnetd and run all your favorite console linux apps.
  • Recommend links (OMG web browser on PSP OMG HAX) and BitchX (Much better IRC than in peldet currently).
  • There is a few bugs in the vt100 emulation, nano doesnt work with the default term, use TERM=vt100.
  • Had colors in nethack when telnetting to a debian sarge machine, but it doesn't have them on gentoo box. Will investiate how it's figuring out if to use them and fix it.
  • Its also quite difficult to play nethack at the moment, planning to make a custom keyboard setting for it to make it more playable.
  • There is currently some bugs when using Telnet: eventually it will crash to a blue screen, if you can send back the stack trace and an explanation of what you were doing it would be much appreciated.


  • The codebase has been really thrashed to get in multiple protocol support.
  • There is still a bit to do, but it can wait for the next version.
  • IRC support with some limitations.
  • When connecting to wifi it will keep trying untill it gets on.
  • Scrollable screen (Use the analog stick).
  • Lots more that have forgotten.
  • Background menu image by DuEy.


  • Render now uses the Gu Functions, so the flickery keyboard is gone and rendering is much Better.
  • Better seperation of code thanks to some cleanups.


  • DNS lookups.
  • The ip input format is now proper: and such.
  • Favorites format has changed to a more sane format.
  • Plenty more escape sequences added, Only tabs, color, 'scroll' to go.


  • Now uses a font hand drew from scratch.
  • Now it has an 80x24 console with full ascii art characters.
  • An initial Escape sequence has been added ( ^[H ) which is reset whole screen, this makes ascii starwars almost viewable.
  • Few bug fixes and additions because of the new rendering code.


  • Onscreen display of the keyboard (hit R to show/hide).
  • Error Messages are a bit more meaningful sometimes.
  • Actually updated the version string.


  • Few code Cleanups.
  • Got exit working correctly.
  • Made the text scrolling better.
  • Added favorites and ability to connect to ip.
  • User can chose the wifi connection to use (dhcp should work).


  • Connection details hardcoded to RoD (
  • Scrolling of text when screen gets full needs to get it sorted.
  • Always uses the first wifi connection.


Thanks to Arwin for P-sprint and to PSPPet for the initial WiFi code.

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