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Pspaint (French) is a drawing application created by developer Bombe-H. With PSPaint you can draw and save your images in PNG or JPEG.

Features - Varies tools and palette options. - Can create up to 3 layers. - Virtual keyboard. - Save function.

Installation Unzip the RAR file and copy the PSP folder to the root of the Memory Stick.

User guide Pspaint comes with the following tools: - Pencil & eraser (6 different thicknesses). - Lines. - Rectangles. - Circles. - Pipette. - Letter (Sony virtual keyboard).

Options are availalbe for the palettes: Circular color. Rectangular shade of gray. Color square.

New/Open/Save: 3 save and open folder (your choice). Sony virtual keyboard.

Layers: 3 layers that are superimposed on the backup.

Settings: Cursor speed. Choice of the sheet (transparency).

Controls D-Pad - Move cursor Cross - Paint Circle - Delete Start - Start Select - Help

Changelog v4.5 - Fixed a bug with circles. - Layers now work correctly. - Various fixes.

v4 - Added preview of lines, rectangles or circles, while creating them. - Now the insert text or picking the name of the image when saved, it uses the original keyboard of Sony. - The .jpeg format is added to save the drawing, in addition to the previous .png.

References Source, http://www.pspgen.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=129441